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Durham NC



Tyson Animal Hospital


7am-6pm Monday - Friday

8am-12pm 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.



5415 NC Hwy 55

Durham, NC 27713


Phone: (919)544-8297

Fax: (919)361-5464


Dr. Tyson is the best, she is very Greyhound savvy, in fact, when she explains test results to me, she will say often times:" And that is perfectly normal for a Greyhound".


I've been taking my dogs to her for over 4 years, and this week she really out did herself. Spud needed daily checks and bandage changes, she offered I could just drop him in the morning, and pick him up after work. She sometimes "forgets" to charge me, or the charge is zero, I get a discount, not sure why, she doesn't charge me for leaving him there all day, they claim they love to have him. And, the kicker, since he needs daily attention over the weekend, she offered to meet me at the office Saturday and Sunday to re-bandage him, she apologized that she would have three crazy kids with her. Are you kidding me? This morning I ran into her while dropping Spud off, she carried a small yappie under each arm. Obviously she has her hands full, yet she comes in for my dog, because he needs it, and she didn't want me to have to pay e-vet rates. Price are really reasonable, the staff is very friendly, and when I had to sent Darla to the bridge a few years ago, they were so very compassionate. She does have a bunch of cats running around, I think she took them in or they were dropped off, so when I take Karma in, I have her on a very short leash. Apparently she also does acupuncture, though we haven't had to try that....


Ivon, Spud, Karma & Sasha

Missing Darla (05-22-96 03-01-2010)

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Guest Doreybelle

I see there are only a couple vets in Alberta and I was wondering if any grey owners on here living in Alberta, know of any vets in Calgary that are maybe specific to Grey's?! Or have one veterinarian that knows their stuff about them?!


I'd love to hear from anyone!

Thanks so much!!

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Guest ausmsx2be

I'm hoping to add to the Greytalk Vet List if it isn't too late...


Name of vet practice - Charleston Veterinary Referral Center
Name of vet - Jennifer Au, DVM, DACVS, CCRT
Street address of office - 3484 Shelby Ray Ct
City, State, Zip - Charleston, SC 29414
Telephone number 843-614-8387
Office hours and emergency - 24/7


I don't want to be accused of self promoting or inappropriate use of the list but I saw that Dr. Kellogg (DocKellogg) had posted on the list previsouly (Hi Christine). I just left OSU and miss all the GHounds I was seeing and putting back together thanks to the great work by the track vets (Dr. Lori Bohenko - hello), rescue groups and the OSU Ghound Goup (Hi Cristina and Amanda - miss you). I thought I would at least put the info out there and let you all decide.



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Guest dockellogg

Hello - I'd like to make a couple of corrections to your list, and hopefully make an addition.


Under 'Virginia', Great Falls Animal Hospital - I am no longer at this practice (Dr Christine Kellogg).

Under 'Ohio', Ohio State - Dr Couto no longer practices there. Dr Dyce is still there (and is an outstanding orthopedist).


I am at the following 2 practices in the Atlanta area:


State - Georgia


Name of vet practice - Animal Hospital of East Cobb
Name of vet - Christine Kellogg
Street address of office - 3770 Lower Roswell Rd
City, State, Zip - Marietta, GA 30068
Telephone number - 770-578-8522
Office hours and emergency - Tues/Thurs, 9-6


Name of vet practice - Lake City Animal Hospital
Name of vet - Christine Kellogg
Street address of office - 3671 Cobb Parkway NW
City, State, Zip - Acworth, GA 30101
Telephone number - 770-974-3536
Office hours and emergency - Some Saturdays, 9-2.


Thanks, and Happy New Year to y'all!


Christine Kellogg, MS, DVM

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Guest Doggone

In Austin, Texas:


Autumn and I have been very pleased with:


Firehouse Animal Health Center (www.firehouseaustin.com)

3801 N.Capital of Texas Highway

Ste. F-100

Austin, TX 78746


M-F 7:30-6

Sat. 8-12


Dr. Faught (and his staff) are warm and caring towards the animals, and yet completely professional. The facility is lovely and is kept exceptionally clean.

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As of 1/1/14, Dr. Carol Macherey at Grassmere Animal Hospital (Nashville, TN) has retired. The three other vets at the practice are also grey-savvy, however. I'd especially recommend Dr. Walter Clark, who co-owns the hospital with Dr. Macherey.


Rachel with Sweep and kitties Olive and Momo.
Always missing my boys Mud and

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Guest antiqueal

My regular Vet is -

Thomas J. Bihl, Jr.

Volunteer Veterinary Hospital

3039 Alcoa Highway

Knoxville, TN 37920




For serious problems -

University of Tennessee

Small Animal Clinic


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Guest Green_Monkey

We're moving from the southwest suburbs of Miami soon, but we've been very happy with our vet of the past ~7 years, Dr. Bill Winchester, who doggedly (haha) worked through things with one of our dogs that had a whole constellation of strange maladies over the years, many of which stumped various specialists. His clinic isn't the sleekest (you know you're walking into a veterinarian's office--there's no mistaking it for an Apple store like some others I've seen...) or the fanciest or filled with all the latest and greatest technology, but he won't rest until he solves a problem (and if he can't crack the nut, he's not too proud to refer you to a specialist); he's very open, detailed, and helpful for the humans; and it's very clear that he genuinely loves his patients.


His information is:


Name of vet practice - Eureka Animal Clinic
Name of vet - Bill Winchester, DVM
Street address of office - 11326 SW 184th St.
City, State, Zip - Miami, FL 33157
Telephone number 305 253 6754
Office hours and emergency - Don't recall the exact hours, but in addition to normal business hours, they're open until 7:00 one or two days a week and on Saturday mornings. They do not offer 24 hour emergency care.

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Guest FinnsMama



Veterinary Associates

CHristine Kunzwyler, DVM

6925 S 69th E Ave

Tulsa, OK

(918) 492-4200


She went above and beyond to save my greyhound, Solo, when he was only three and had a platelet count of 1/10th os what it should have been. She called all over the country to find how to help my seemingly healthy boy who could have bled out with only a small cut. She finally correctly diagnosed him with Babesia and a chronic case of Rocky Mtn Spitted Tick fever and after treatment he lived happy and healthy for another 7 years to the age of 10.

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For Illinois- Avenue Animal Hospital Dr. James Wahl and Dr. Young

16736 Oak Park Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477 708-532-3866

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8AM-7PM

Wed & Friday 8AM-6PM

Saturday 8AM-1PM

He is the vet of choice for Regap of IL. Has probably seen just about every hound that has come to our group. Very greyhound savy.

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Pennsylvania, McKean Veterinary Hospital


9570 Edinboro Rd

McKean PA 16426

814 476-7671



I love all of these vets--they are so kind with our animals and really work with you as a partner in your pets care. They have all been good with our greyhound, Dr. Degrande is actually an OSU grad and did all the palliative care with our Sam in his golden years.


There hospital is just south of Erie PA in NW PA.

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Tamara Mengine, DVM,
DABVP (canine / feline practice)
Dr. Tam Mengine received her DVM degree from the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003, and then completed a one-year rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Texas A&M University. Following her internship, she moved to Philadelphia, where she worked as an emergency clinician at VSEC, and then as a general practitioner at Ardmore Animal Hospital. During that she time developed a passion for the unique challenges presented by the older patient. In 2010 she became a founding member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, and is currently a member of their Education Committee. She developed a Companion Animal Quality of Life Scale, in 2011, which she has shared with other veterinarians via the IAAHPC's continuing education program. In 2014, she became one of the few veterinarians in the area to achieve board-certification in Canine and Feline Practice, from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.

Missing KC Kitty 2000-2016

Missing Myka and part of my heart 2006-2020

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Guest GoingGrey

Great idea!


4 Greyhounds Veterinary Service

Jennifer Barker


28510 Fowlers Bay Dr.

Waterford, WI 53185

email: 4greyvet@gmail.com


Dr. Barker has 14+ years greyhound experience as the Sr. Vet at (now closed) Dairyland Racetrack! She now consults part-time with adoption groups and owners, helping them work with their local vets.


Would list her for Illinois also; I and other Chicago folks drive up to see her and/or consult remotely. Plus she's held fantastic greyhound health seminars in Chicago.


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Guest asaccamora

This is a great resource!


Two vets and both of them are terrific with our us and Buffy.

They know greyhounds very very well


Dr. Christopher Ulrich,

Huron Veterinary Hospital,

70 Beacon St, Somerville, MA



Dr. Girish Kumar

Burbank Pet Hospital

1819 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA


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Nashville Vet Specialists (referral only)

2971 Sidco Dr

Nashville, TN 37204

(615) 386-0107


We have seen and can personally recommend:

Trey Calfee, DVM, MS, DACVS (board-certified surgeon)

Heather Streppa, DVM, MS, DACVS


For acupuncture/chiropractic:

Richland Animal Clinic

Dr. Terry Brockman

6109 Charlotte Pike

Nashville, TN 37209

(615) 356-6534


Dr. Brockman is an IVAS certified veterinary acupuncturist and offers a number of holistic and alternative therapies in addition to traditional medicine. Dr. Alex Vear is an AVCA certified veterinary chiropractor who works out of the clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Rachel with Sweep and kitties Olive and Momo.
Always missing my boys Mud and

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South Carolina

Name of vet practice: Poinsett Animal Hospital
Name of vets: Dr. Marshall, Dr. Felder, Dr. Haueisen

Street address of office: 2606 Poinsett Highway
City, State, Zip: Greenville, SC 29609
Telephone number: 864-233-6903
Office hours and emergency: M-F 7:30 - 6, Sat 8:30-12


They are fantastic and go above and beyond for the well-being of the dog. They are very sighthound savvy and I have trusted them for years with my Greyhounds, Galgo Espanol, and Ibizan Hounds.

Edited by GreytHoundPoet
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Guest LittleLouLou

Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Facility

at NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption Program)

All wonderful staff, however Dr. Seymour is the best!
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 9:00am - 8:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Most Saturdays & Sundays: 10:00am-2:00pm
10901 Dutton Road (Rear Entrance)
Philadelphia, PA 19154
(Ph) 215-331-2968
(Fx) 1-888-688-8416

They are great. Affordable, care about the animals and VERY grey savvy, they are partnered with a greyhound adoption center.

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Guest greybengal



Does anyone know of any greyhound (I actually have a gaglo now) knowledgeable vets in the Los Angeles area? I see the one in N. Hollywood but I was wondering if there are any in the south bay/westside area.

I just moved back to the LA area recently, after 12 years away. As someone had mentioned here, I was taking my previous greyhounds (and this galgo) to Dr. Kumar at Burbank Pet Hospital in San Jose when I lived there...so there's another vote for him! :nod

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Guest DarkHorse

Name of vet practice: Baden Vet Hospital
Name of vet: Rebecca Ricker or Leticia Mueller
Street address of office: 50 Foundry St
City, State, Zip: Baden, Ontario, Canada, N3A 2P6
Telephone number: 519-634-8880
Office hours and emergency: MWF 8-5:30, TTH 8-7:30, SA: 8-12, Closed Sun, no emerg


We absolutely love Baden. They're knowledgeable about greyhounds and always willing to learn more. As a small practice, they really get to know you and your pets. They're very supportive of making whatever choice works for you. Both vets are fantastic, so no need to request one or the other.

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