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Guest ShannonQ

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Guest ShannonQ

In memory of Casino, who we lost to cancer in October. I miss him very much.


Beautiful blue brindle boy

Soft to the touch

In all these years gone by

We’ve loved you very much


To you we opened our hearts and home

And taught you how to play

We gave you reason to feel special

Every single day


In return you put smiles on the faces

Of everyone you met

And you will live on in all our hearts

Too special to forget


Now we look up to the sky

And see you running free

Free from pain and full of joy

The way you should always be

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Guest TorynUs

That is a beautiful tribute to Casino. Thanks for sharing it with us.

When we lost our schnauzer this summer (to CHF), I did the same thing-- I wrote a poem to help me deal with the loss and missing her so much. It did help somehow, to put my thoughts on paper, and make a lasting tribute to her. Nice that you did that for Casino as it helps others to realize how special the pups are in our lives and how they really are a part of the family.

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He was a lucky boy to have you to love him so much. I wish every greyhound could feel the love that Casino felt from you and Mike. Deepest sympathies to you, Mike and Copie.





Fudgie 2/27/96 - 8/14/05 and Goods 2/27/96 - 3/12/08 ~~Together again~~

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wonderful and touching tribute...casino must have been a true angel in life as im sure he is now at the bridge.


Im so sorry he was taken away from you ((hugs)) :heart

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Guest CannonsMom

its amazing how dog lovers ...get tears in their eyes when reading about someone else's pain/loss.


my heart goes out to you.

what a beautiful poem

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