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Feature - 11/95 To 9/06


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We had to let one of our foster dogs go tonight. Osteo.

He was a wonderful guy who was in his foster home for 2 years. Personally I think he liked it there so much he decided not to get adopted again :)

Feature was a big, happy, independent, sweet and funny boy.






He'll be missed by his foster family and his Rescued Racers family.


Run Free Feature. I know you had plenty of friends waiting for you.



Wingnut (DC Wingnut), Voo Doo (Voo Doo von Bonz), Barb (Myokie Barb) & Romey (Nose Stradamus)
at the bridge Molly (CM Blondie) 9/8/14, Maddy (Reuniting) 10/17/13, Rocky (Ranco Popeye) 1/7/12, Mimi (Flying Ringneck) 8/13/09 and RJ (RJ What For) 5/3/05

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Please let his family know how sorry I am for his passing...I'll bet he's having a big ole time on the other side of the bridge...lots of meadows to run in, clouds to sleep on, butterflies to chase & loads of treats to be eaten! No pain, no collars, no fleas, no diseases...nothing but happiness & snuggling!

Sincere condolences, Hilda



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Oh no - I hate the word osteo.


Feature is now running free and is smiling down upon his foster family thanking them for the time they had together.


Godspeed Feature.







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Guest Scouts_mom

Feature, you may have never gotten your official forever family but you were loved. Run free now, chasing the wind without any pain. Have fun playing with all the other bridge puppies.

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Guest VelvetEars

Goodbye, baby.... You knew what retired meant and had oodles of love during your time here. I know lots of hounds were there to greet you when you arrived, and I'm sure you're having a great time with Joker and the rest of them. We won't forget you, big guy.

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