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Two Years Ago

Guest Kipsmom

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Guest Kipsmom

Two years ago I lost my life. Two years later and I still can't seem to talk about her. Blue came to a young and inexperienced college girl. She had no idea about stairs but she was no stranger to a home life. Later in our lives, I met people and found out that she had been an owners favorite so she spent much of her time indoors with the owner. I can see why. Although it took work getting her comfortable on my couch, once she was there it was hard to get her off. however comfortable she was on the couch, she never was much of a bed hog. She wasn't what I would consider a cuddler. She let me hug on her and always wanted pets. She leaned and came gave me hugs by ducking her head into my chest. She was always by my side and when I was upset, she was there to listen.


Blue was thunderphobic, to put it mildly. :lol We almost lost her one night due to this fear. It wasn't supposed to storm that day. She was staying at my parents house and they had gone out to eat. It had stormed and they hurried home to take care of her but she had gotten scared and tried to find somewhere to hide. Her choice of hiding spots was behind my dad's desk. She had managed to get the front and back leg of her right side wedged between teh desk and the wall. Torn to pieces, by the time my parents got there she was in shock and almost gone. Luckily since they lived in a small town, the vet was always available and was able to save her. I had never been so scared in my life! After that, we never took storms lightly, we were always prepared and she came first whenever the possibilities of storms hit.


During the very short first year and 1/2 after I adopted Blue, a lot changed in my life. My boyfriend, HS sweetheart and love of my life and I broke up after 5 years and very shortly after that I was diagnosed with Cancer. Blue never faultered, she was there through all of my tears. She knew something was wrong. She knew that even though I couldn't walk her after surgery that I was still her mom and that she was the love of my life. She never left my side. When my parents maid found a lost greyhound, who I later found out was named Patty, in her neighborhood and brought her to us because she knew that we had greyhound experience, Blue was so patient. I remember that so well, it was the week of my last chemo treatment. Patty saved me that week and Blue seemed to know that I needed that. I was so tired and sick and didn't think I could make it through one more treatment but having a lost and scared greyhound need someone kept my mind off of everything. We worked hard to find Patty's family and with hard work and lots of phone calls, we did reunite her with her family. Blue was still my best friend even after my attentions were away from her during that time.


She went through college with me and boyfriends and coming out of her little shell to have the most wonderful, loving and human like personality that I never thought dogs were possible of possessing. Even though we had dogs growing up, Blue was my first experience of my own companion and I couldn't have asked for a better companion or friend. She was my heart and soul and I miss her SO much. I still tear up talking about her and looking at pictures. I imagine that it will always be like that...and that's ok. I never want to forget her.


The last year of her life was spent in and out of the hospital with pancreatitus, kidney failure and eventually what took her from us, a blood disorder that caused her body to stop producing platelets. her leg swelled up about twice the normal size with blood that wouldn't clot. She couldn't walk, we had to carry her out to potty and brought her food to her. I'll never forget the moment she told me she was ready to go and that she would be ok. I'll never be able to repay the animal communicator that talked to her for me and told me that she said she knew she was going soon and that she would not be the last one I loved. She brought me Kip a year later and she knew what she was doing.


I miss her so much it aches sometimes. I can hardly wait to see you again baby girl!!


The group I adopted her from put her on their memorial page this week. Blue memorial









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Guest jettcricket

Thank you for sharing your sweet baby girl with us....I know how hard it is. She was beautiful.....such expressive eyes.....so filled with love. I'm so sorry that she couldn't stay with you longer.... :grouphug:f_pink

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Such a beautiful tribute to your sweet baby girl...we know how much it hurts. :grouphug:grouphug


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