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I know this is a grey only site but we are going

to have to put our cat Suzzette to sleep tonight.

She is 16 yrs. old, blind,deaf, has kidney disease.

She hasn't been eating for 2wks, we've been giving her fluids, hand feeding her but no success.

It is a hard decision for us, but we know she will

not be suffering anymore.


This is the part of pet ownership we hate. But we would get more pets again in a heartbeat.




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I'm very sorry to hear your news about Suzzette. :( I'll ask my Bridgekid kitties to watch out for her and show her the ropes. She'll soon be whole again, and at peace. May your happy memories of her bring you comfort. :)

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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Sorry to hear your news Tom :( I'll get my bridgekitties to help iluvgreys' bridgekitties and Suzzette will have many friends to pass the time with while she waits to be reunited with you.

Deerhounds Darcy, Duffy, Grace & Wellington, Mutts Sprout & Buddy, Lurchers Ned & Jake plus Ella the Westie + cats. Remembering Del, Jessie, Maddison, Flo, Sally, Stanley, Wallace, Radar, Mokka, Oki cat, Tetley, Poppy & Striker.


Please visit our web store at http://www.dogsndubs.com for our own range of Greyhound related clothing for humans!

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I'm sorry to hear your news :cry1:grouphug

Major & Black Jack are the BEST Doggies in the WORLD

A Major Presence - MAJOR - March 10, 1999 - January 13, 2011

Little Joe - BLACK JACK - July 31, 1998 - February 8, 2011


"If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. " - Randy Pausch

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I'm so sorry. Suzzette is loved.

Missing our Raisin: 9/9/94 - 7/20/08, our Super Bea: 2003 - 12/16/09, our Howie: 9/17/97 - 4/9/11, our Bull: 8/7/00 - 1/17/13, our Wyatt Earp: 11/22/06 - 12/16/15, and our Cyclone 8/26/05 - 9/12/16

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I am very sorry for your loss. We lost our beloved sheltie, Darwin, to kidney disease last year. We also lost our 15 year old kittie last year as well. Losing your 4-legged companions is very difficult but you will never lose their memories. Hugs to you all.


Willow & Trace

Butch (11/94 - 7/16/08) Hayley (11/96 - 1/13/09) Merlin (11/12/95 - 5/29/09)

GPA - Central New Hampshire

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I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts during this hard time. Suzette is no longer in pain.

Daisy & Eli, the crazy hounds, and Bella & Zoe, the curly kitties,
and Jed (10.30.98 - 11.28.08) & Ripple (3.25.99 - 8.20.09) together again at the bridge
with Cleo-Kitty (10.8.1988 - 7.26.2007) always in my heart.

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