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Guest GiJenn51

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Guest GiJenn51

I received an e-mail from my Doggy Play Group, and I hope in my heart that Ken doesn't mind..


Susan, ElegantMommy passed away. Below is an excerpt from her husband Ken. I'm sure that he'd love to see support from local GTers if you can find the time... As you can see, they aren't looking for flowers-- but to help more greyhounds. I will be there at the wake tomorrow.



Susan passed away very suddenly and so unexpectedly on this past Sunday evening in our home in New Ipswich. My wife Susan was a truly remarkable human being whose love for all animals, but especially dogs was second to none I have ever known. Sadly I do not even know the names of the many nice people we had met over the past few years at Mines Falls Sunday's and at the Belevance Park location. We tended to spend most of our time with the Greyhound people as our Dogs, Elly and Oreo are Greyhounds and thats a common thing to do. I destinctly remember Jen, whose Dogs Cinder and Tigger were always mingling with ours and she and Susan often spoke at the park and I believe also on the Greytalk website.

I hope in time after all this sadness I am dealing with subsides to return to the park on a Sunday morning to allow my kids to run free and enjoy the social company which the Nashua Dog Park provides to them and to myself.

If anyone is interested, Susan Larry's wake will be this coming Thursday at the Tewksbury Funeral Home on Rte 38 in Tewksbury Mass from 4 till 7 pm and her funeral mass will begin at St. Williams Parish in Tewksbury Mass on Friday morning at 10 am.

I wished I had though about you folks sooner as I directed the Funeral home to send donations in lew of flowers to the New Hampshire Greyhound Placement facilities in Goffstown and Marlborough NH.

Pray for my Susan, she is so missed by everyone but so much more by myself.

Ken Burke


ETA a copy of her obituary



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So sorry for his loss...I just looked at her profile. She was so young.


Deepest sympathy to her family.

Donna and...Lucy and Chubb
Rascal H 10/1/91-5/22/04 My best friend and Bounty Boon 1/23/99-6/25/07 My boy with the biggest heart
Cody 7/28/99-8/1/13 My boy that always made me laugh and Dylan 5/12/04-12/29/2017 The sweetest boy ever

Miss Mollie 1/1/99-1/30/15 and Pixie :heart:heart-10/10/2017 Lincoln :heart-2/14/2021

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I'm very sorry to read this :(


Sincere condolences to all of Susans family and friends :f_red

Deerhounds Darcy, Duffy, Grace & Wellington, Mutts Sprout & Buddy, Lurchers Ned & Jake plus Ella the Westie + cats. Remembering Del, Jessie, Maddison, Flo, Sally, Stanley, Wallace, Radar, Mokka, Oki cat, Tetley, Poppy & Striker.


Please visit our web store at http://www.dogsndubs.com for our own range of Greyhound related clothing for humans!

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Susan sounds like she was a truly remarkable woman. May all of Kens' wonderful memories of her help comfort him. They will be in my prayers. I also read that Susan served our country. Lets remember her and all the others who have left us on this Memorial Day. :standard

Karen and Greyhound Amy Calibration Forever in my Heart

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Guest GiJenn51

Thank you Karen. You're right, she did serve our country. She will be remembered this weekend by many many people...

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:cry1 OMG I dont even know what to say.... Her family will be in my thoughts and prayers :grouphug:hope

Kim, mom to Reno (Slatex Reno), sister to Daffy (Bally's Flack), Ashley and Sue (racing names unknown), and Bridge kids Strider (7/28/94-4/16/05), RW's Dallas (12/17/98- 06/26/2010), Odd Taylor (aka Lizzie), JC's Curfew (4/6/2005- 4/22/2010), Winnie(Pooh Bear)my heart dog, and Rocky the beagle

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Psycho please give Ken a big hug and tell him that we are all thinking of him!! Susan helped me out when I had some Stella questions a long time ago and gave me some beautiful words of encouragement while I waited for Faith. You just know she will be loving on all of our bridge babies right now :grouphug


Take the time to stop and smell the flowers - appreciate your everyday ordinary miracles

Carolyn, Faith, Jeff Gordon (aka Jeffy) and Oscar the chilla. Desperately missing our Stella, we'll see you later sweet girl.

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I am so sad to read this! :(


Farewell Susan! You are missed by many!!!


Ken and the pups are in my thoughts. :hope

Jennifer and Beamish (an unnamed Irish-born Racer) DOB: October 30, 2011


Forever and always missing my "Vowels", Icarus, Atlas, Orion, Uber, and Miss Echo, and Mojito.

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Guest PDogs_Mom

I'm at a loss. Her posts here were always sweet, supportive and showed her love of these wonderful hounds.


Her family are in my thoughts and my condolensces go out to all who knew and loved her.




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:( I am so very sorry. :( My deepest sympathy to Susan's family. I know Susan is watching over all of our Angels at the Bridge. I am so...so sorry. :grouphug:f_pink


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

HOW SAD :( It seems that life is just to short

Sending my deepest sympathies to family and friends of Susan

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:f_pink:f_pink I am so shocked and saddened reading about Susan.

Missing my sweet girl Scout. My snuggler, my chow-hound, my kissy girl.
It never thunders at the Bridge, and your food bowl is ALWAYS filled.

So strange not living in Atty World. I was a love struck handmaiden to your every whim.

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