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Ivan The Parakeet


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My darling Ivan Vorpatril the parakeet was euthanized yesterday. He had been a teeny bit "under the weather" for a month, but I had assumed it was literally the weather. The changes of the seasons did affect his behavior, but that's not what it was. Yesterday his abdomen was all swollen and he was obviously suffering. I've had enough birds to know that it was too late to do anything even if there ever had been that could have been done. I do feel bad that I didn't realise much sooner that there was really something wrong. I've never been able to keep a parakeet alive into a nice old age, so I'm not geting another one. I feel like a jinx even though I buy the special fresh seed from the local pet bird experts, make sure to provide vitamins and fresh fruits and vegies, and entertainment, and absolutely everything to keep my birdie boys healthy.

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:( I am so sorry. Fly free sweetheart. :grouphug:f_white


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