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Guest GreyZoi

It is odd that I came here to post about a loss, and then I find this most appropriate topic. Jeff, this was a perfect idea. Thank you.


Back in April of 1999, GTux and I got our first foster from the Ark for Greyhounds. We had been doing Greyhound Promotion for several months under the name Last Lap Greyhound Connection. We never intended to foster, but at the events that we would conduct our awareness PR, many people would ask us if we had dogs who were up for adoption with us. They often wanted to adopt our OWN dogs!


So we made the decision to foster for a group, and Vivian Snyder of the Ark for Greyhounds, was willing to place a dog with us. This was Lucas McCain. He looked like a small COW! He had the quirkiest idiosyncrasy of laying on the back of our couch like a cat! He really was very loving, and so confident in himself!


We got a spot on our local public access TV station, and Lucas was in the spotlight for 15 minutes, while we talked about the rewards of Greyhound Adoption. His destined adopter soon called us, and Lucas stole their hearts in seconds. 6 months later he was joined by a brother, Call It Done, who we all renamed CID. Cid will miss his "brother."


So even though Lucas really was an Ark for Greyhounds dog, he was our FIRST foster, and we've always considered him to be the catalyst for Greyhound Adoption in southern MD. He will always have that title, and will always be in our hearts. Now that we've ceased our rescue efforts, we have learned that you never really stop rescuing. Years later adopters can give you a phone call that will either elate you, or bring you to tears. All rescuers give a piece of themselves when they send dogs into new homes. That is the way it should be.


Lucas suffered a stroke about two weeks ago. His adopters took him to several specialists, and with some meds and therepy, he was almost back to good health within a few days. Then, sadly, he was running in the back yard, chasing a stray cat, no less, and his leg broke beneath him. This is a familiar story, and most often ends with the word, lymphosarcoma. Sure enough, that was Lucas' diagnosis. Amputation only would have brought him a few more months. His stroke had left him weakened as it was, and the cancer had already spread rapidly. He crossed the bridge this past weekend.


Lucas will see Marv, and Donner, and Flash... also Lap Lap Fosters who have crossed.


I just wanted to tell you all about Lucas. His family does not frequent the internet, and were never very active in the Greyhound Community. Still, they are a wonderful, loving, Greyhound Home. Their loss is eased knowing that Lucas had a purpose... to bring Greyhounds to Southern MD... and he did.


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Greyt idea Jeff to honor all these Greys who touched so many lives.

Lucas started the ball rolling in Southern Maryland and many other Grey's have been given wonderful homes here since. I like to think Lucas started it all! He will never be forgotten. It is the hard part of being emotionally attached and having a photographic memory of them all. Every passing breaks the heart. :(

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Godspeed, Lucas.


My condolences to all who's lives he touched.

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th_Chancepool.jpgmissing my Angel, Chance ~ 1/23/99 - 1/24/08 (Fortified Heart)

"...for every joy that passes, something beautiful remains"

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:grouphug sorry about Lucas :(

Major & Black Jack are the BEST Doggies in the WORLD

A Major Presence - MAJOR - March 10, 1999 - January 13, 2011

Little Joe - BLACK JACK - July 31, 1998 - February 8, 2011


"If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. " - Randy Pausch

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