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How Much Time Do Your Greys...

Daily Walks...  

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  1. 1. How much time do your Greys get walked daily?

    • 2 or more hours...
    • 1 - 2 hours
    • 30 minutes - 1 hour
    • 15 - 30 minutes
    • my Grey doesn't get daily walks
    • my Grey never gets walked
    • Other...

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Guest Waterdog66

Audrey gets a lot of exercise on a regular basis.


I snapped my Garmin on her collar one day and a typical day is 2-4 miles of walking.


On Weekends, we usually get a longer walk of 3-4 miles either on trails or the beach in addition to her normal walking schedule.


Not to mention she LOVES TO SWIM which I know from experience burns a ton of energy :D

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Guest maidmarcia

1-2 hours.


3-4 walks a day, usually with time spent at a nearby beach and/or dog park as well. We live in an apartment so we're forced to walk our dogs frequently.

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I'm a baddie here. Most of the time - my grey has almost unlimited outside access time in a fenced yard. I work days, DH works nights - so whenever she wants out for business or recreation - we open the door.


We also play outside with her at least once daily - throwing stuffies, etc.


But actual leash-walks - once a week maybe. I did better with leash-walks when we had 2 greys. And I ALWAYS did at least 1 per day when we had a foster in-house. Now with just Diana, I'm a slacker.


On the flip side - being an only dog - she goes a lot more places with us.

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I have a small backyard that the dogs only use for pottying before bedtime. I walk about 30-40 min. before work, a quick 5 minute lunchtime walk and an hour+ in the evening. We do this in all weather, although we cut it shorter in extreme heat or cold. We do a bare minimum of 3 miles per day, and have many different routes and hiking trails, so the dogs are always interested. :) My guys would go nuts if they never got walked.

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OK I'll weigh in.


Perhaps my Hester is the exercise champ. A two hour major adventure every morning, then a one hour walk before dinner, and we finish up with one hour before bed. If the weather is bad (which is rare) we will cut back a bit. Once or twice per week his morning adventure will include some hard running. For the amount of time we are out we cover massive distances as he is mostly off leash which enables me to walk as fast as I can. He is in effect forced to really hustle if he hopes to cover extra ground and get all his sniffing in and still keep up with me.


When he first arrived he could only handle about 30 minutes before fading. Now he is a machine. He also refuses to pee or poop in our yard because (I assume) in his mind if he does his business in the yard than he may not get his walk (completely false of course but it makes sense). As well he mostly refuses to walk with other members of the family unless I am not home. This is a real pain - I have created a bit of a monster. But he looks a lot better today at eight years of age than when he arrived at six years old.

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Rudy (and my lab mix) get around two 30-minute walks per day. Some weekends we do extra things like go to the nature preserve and walk longer or when there are Fun Runs Rudy goes to those to run with other hounds. My almost 15-year-old gets one 30-minute walk a day. She is arthritic, so I keep her exercise milder.


Going out for potty breaks is a nonissue here as I have a dog door to my fenced back yard.

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Guest lunasmom

I voted 1 to 2 hours. Luna gets two walks per day (plus potty walks) and they are typically 30 to 40 minutes. We tend to go 2-3 miles per day but we have done up to about 6 miles in a single hike.

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It varies for my Grey (Zoe) and I. We live in Arizona. For 6 months out of the year we go for 20-30 minute walks 5 to 7 times a week in the sun and play indoors and out in our enclosed yard. November through April is fantastic and great "go for a walk weather". We also enjoy the dog parks.


The other 6 months we stay indoors and just play and hide in the dark and the air conditioning.


May through October we don't walk. Summer here is well into the 100's! Zoe has no desire to go outside and the sun is beating. The "evenings" are cooler but I can't say much for the black top and the lack of street lights in the desert is no fun! Not a "wise choice" for a walk. The evenings only "cool down" to upper 90's at best when it has been 112 or more all day. Best time is 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. if you can get up that early! By then it's already 90 degrees and climbing and the sun is blazing not shining!


Right now on November 10th it is still 86 degrees but "pleasant" not like Summer! Feels more like Southern CA weather than AZ. Beautiful to walk and the dog enjoys it. I get her out as much as possible right now.


Currently she is "excited" for her walks and lets me know how long and far she wants to go before she gets "tired" and wants to go home. Summer she is a 3 dimensional area rug. She walks from the cool kitchen tile to the water bowl and back...I estimate that to be 40 seconds.

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We usually walk our boy 4 times throughout the day/evening in 15-30 minute increments. We live in an apartment complex so those double as his potty breaks also. One day on the weekend we try to do a longer, 45 minute walk around a pond and marsh that is across the street.


Padfoot the greyhound fr. Coach Venom, Joined his forever family: 10-1-13

Lupin the galgo, Joined his forever family: 7-18-14
And the reptiles: Bernie the Bearded Dragon and Tonks the Russian Tortoise

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Does anyone else have "extreme" heat/cold conditions for half or a large chunk of their year and how do they handle this issue?

Zoe will go out for potty breaks when it is in the 100's but runs back in quickly. Plus she has no desire to walk on scalding hot black top or in blazing sun. Can't say as I blame her---neither do I! :nod


We do active play sessions in the house two times a day. I try to interest her in 3. I also try to get her to run up and down the steps a few times in the house but since the house is 2 levels and warmer upstairs she doesn't want to come up until evenings. She rather lay on the tile downstairs. :nappy


She is used to being active.

She doesn't get "antsy" or destructive but just seems bored. It is like a kid on Summer vacation with nothing to do. I feel bad for her.


I try to buy her new toys at this time and throw out the really old beaten ones and give her more chewies so she's more "mentally stimulated" :bounce2 and to keep her from gaining weight? Usually the same pound or two she loses every Fall/Winter :sheep.


What do you guys do?

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I answered, other. I used to walk about a mile morning and night. Then I got sick and we walked what I was able. When I got better it took some time to recover but we still had short walks morning and night. As my dogs (and I) aged our walks got slower and shorter. I recently lost my two older pups and adopted a young dog less than 2 years old so we are trying to increase the walks and go for longer walks although not faster. Recently with all the horrible weather we have been experiencing there have been times we've gone weeks without a walk, but I do other things in the house to stimulate my dogs thinking.

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