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Managing Your Attachments


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Managing your Attachments.



A few things to note.

There is a total combined storage limit for each member on Greytalk.


This total combined storage is completely separate from the per post size limit for attached files. Remember that they work completely independent of each other.

Think if it like this, and for this exercise use the following:


Refrigerator = total storage limit

Stomach = per post limit


Your refrigerator can hold 25 cubic feet of food, but your stomach can only hold ½ cubic foot. In this scenario you would fill your stomach 50 times on what is in the refrigerator.

Those numbers are fairly close to the Supporter assigned limit ~ 50 images, and half that for non supporters.


Now you go to the store, and we all know you should not go shopping on an empty stomach, but you did. :shakefinger You know your refrigerator had 24 cubic feet of food stored, but you had to get the large 2 gallon tub of ice cream. When you get home, no matter how hard you try to squeeze it in the freezer, there is no way to squish 26 cubic feet of food in a 25 cubic foot area. This is where your problem lies.

Even though your stomach (post) may have room for an attachment, you have no more refrigerator room to store it in.


When this happens you need to remove the old rotting/decaying leftovers from a month ago. This is where the “MANAGE YOUR FOOD ATTACHMENTS” option comes in handy.


In the picture below you can see this user has used 100% of their total storage space, they need to delete some of their old attachments before they can add more. You can also see they have a total of 53 attachments stored on the server, and there are shown on 4 pages that you can click through. Know that 1mb = 1000k.


You may also notice that they are over 1000k, that happened because before the forum upgrade, the software did not track attachment size correctly, now it does…


To get to this screen, click MY CONTROLS > MANAGE MY ATTACHMENTS




You can click the image name to display the image, and also a link directly to the post you used that attachment in. I recommend deleting attachments that are the oldest and the largest. You should open the thread to see if it is still active with new replies or not. Once you delete an attachment it is gone, and users will no longer be able to see it.


To delete attachments, put a check in the box to the right, and at the bottom click DELETE ATTACHMENTS


Note from time to time the GT Staff indirectly helps you along. If we do a forum cleanup and remove old posts, any deleted posts with YOUR attachments that are removed, you regain that storage space.


The storage space currently is as follows


GT Supporter total storage = 1000k

Non-supporter storage = 500k

Per post limit = 60k


GT Supporter Galleries = 10,000kb (10mb)


Per upload = 400kb

(galleries can hold 1000+ images, they automatically resize your images, and linking to them does not count against your per post limit. Using the gallery is the best way to attach images to your posts)


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  • 8 years later...

My last attachment management explanation was good enough for the last 8 years, and a lot has changed since then.


The principal remains the same, the locations and names have just changed to protect the innocent :colgate


As of today, this is how to get to the new attachment management area - - - See you in 2022


Watch it in full screen, click the box looking icon in the lower right of the video window.



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