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Guest Winterwish

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Guest Winterwish

A beautiful,black,possibly greyhound/lab mix named Baby crossed the bridge yesterday evening.

She was loving,affectionate,only 2 years old,& desperate to get out of the shelter.


She was an owner surrender to Animal Care & Control because the person said they had no more time for her.


Baby was placed back on the bus when the adoptathon we had this weekend was over. She hadn't been adopted. She was crying, so were we. I can't explain it,but you could tell she was brokenhearted getting back on that van to the a.c.c.


Baby was slated to be put down Monday the 12th. The head of our group of volunteers,M.,was able to get a 7 day extension on that. And one of the volunteers said she would foster Baby if she's not adopted.

Things were definitely filled with hope for this sweet dog,but she had no way of knowing that.


The Home Reporter,the local paper was asked to, & is doing an article on Baby. The paper comes out on Thursdays-today. It's my understanding Baby will be on the front page. Things were definitely going Baby's way,and she would have been adopted in a matter of perhaps a day or two,or with an excellant foster mom.


The A.C.C. called M. this eve.,(wed.),to let her know something very sad happened. Baby had a heart attack and died. They don't know why,and she'll be sent to the Depart. of Health to find out what happened.


Our hearts are broken just as Baby's was and we'll all never forget her,and how special she was. :weep:weep She had such a good time at the adoptathon- watching squirrels,eating treats,and when we all had pizza,she had some too.

I wanted to honor her in Remembrance because of her story,and her sweet heart.

Maybe she died from a physical thing,but we feel she died of a broken heart. :weep

I wish so much there was a way Baby could have known that her life was about to change in a wonderful way, that she was going to be leaving there,and be in a home where they'd adore her.



Godspeed Sweet Baby ~ :angel:f_pink:f_pink:f_pink

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Guest Greymom

Oh no. :( Sweet Baby, hopefully you will know all the love in Heaven that you never had on earth. All of our bridge kids are there to spoil you and comfort you.



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Guest wmlcml6

:cry That so broke my heart to read. You can be happy at the Bridge, Baby. See if you can find Jack (Noa's Bad Dog) up there to play with. I'm sure he could use a friend.

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This is just so sad. :( I am so sorry. Run free at the Bridge sweet Baby...no more tears or broken hearts. You finally are forever home and in the arms of Angels...Don't worry...Our Bridge Kids will show you the way and love you forever. :f_white:f_pink:grouphug


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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Mary, I am just stunned and heart broken. I'm so glad you posted this so we can all send our love to this new sweet "angel." Yes, Baby will be an inspiration for many. My heartfelt sympathy to all involved. Another bridge angel to watch over from "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." My love to Dreamer too. :grouphug:grouphug:f_white:f_white:f_white:gh_lay

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