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Thanks, Burpdog!! Hope they are able to go back at least 4-5 generations, if possible. I know one side of our Grey's pedigree is blank.

It's a LOT of work but can definitely help when trying to track genetic issues.

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Guest 3greys

Burpdog -



Is it too late to submit a survey? If not we will fill out the form once we get some more information.

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Guest greymomof2

I am new to Greytalk. I am blessed with two wonderful greyhounds (both girls). This week my 9 year old suddenly fell sick. One night while I was making their dinner, my Cassidy let out a yelp that scared the heck out of me! Sometimes she can be a bit of a "drama queen" as greyhounds usually are, but this was different. She seemed to have pain in her neck. My vet put her on Tramadol for the pain and Zubrin for the inflamation. That same night after we got home from the vet, Cassidy developed a "turkey neck". The following day, the right side of her face was very swollen. I thought perhaps she had a bad tooth and got an infection from that. Off to the ER we went! Turns out that my girl has fluid in the sack around her heart. Ultra sounds were done and they saw a mass at the base of her heart. We have an appt to see the Cardiologist this week to get an ECK and find out if we have to deal with cancer or something else. The medical diagnosis is as follows: Enlarged Medial Retropharyngeal Lymph Node, Pericardial Effusion, possible right atrial mass, Peritoneal Effusion.

This came on sooo sudden. Cassidy has not shown any symptons of a problem until the pain in the neck then sudden swelling.


I wanted to post our problem to see if anyone else has experienced this. I didn't think greyhounds were prone to heart problems. Obviously I was wrong. If you have any experience or knowledge of our problem, I would be greytful to hear from you.


Thank you for listening.

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Guest EmbersDad

my vet has been in contact with Dr Vilar at OSU and Ember will be participating in their study in order to get the chemo drugs supplied. we are just waiting for the pathology report which is due in a day or 2 and then they are insisting the first round of chemo will not happen until her stitches come out in a week and a half. i am assuming this relevant info will be supplied by my vet?

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I would imagine, Tom.


Polli had her 1st round the day after amp. The next one will be Nov. 3 supplied by OSU. My vet is the go between and giving all the info needed.


They need to give the clinical info which we don't have.



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Greyhound Angels Adoption (GAA) The Lexus Project

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Guest Bethf03
Dr. Couto is now ready for me to complete the spreadsheet.


If you have not filled it out -- please do so! The more greys included,

the better the study. Let's help our past, present and future greys.


I am gathering information for Dr. Couto (Ohio State University) that

will be used in a study he will begin in approximately 4 months. I

have set up an email account specifically for the information to be

submitted. I will have access as will Dr. Couto. The information is

to be used ONLY for this study or research as decided on by Dr. Couto.


Please -- let's get him as much information as we can on as many

greyhounds as we can. If you know someone who does not have internet

access, print out the form for them and have them snail mail to:


Cancer In Greys, c/o BBC, P. O. Box 721465, Houston, TX 77272


If you want the form in a word document, email me at Burpdog@msn.com


The email for the study is:



Cancer In Greyhounds



Owner’s Name & Address__Beth & Jerry Flores__168 Wellington Way, Atoka, TN


Email address________ngodwetrust03@bigriver.net

Greyhound’s Name_Coldwater Sexton Tattoos __69C-___82138________


How many races did this greyhound race__116__


If there are no tattoos is a pedigree available ? Yes____No_____ If the answer is yes, please submit the pedigree.


Greyhound’s age at adoption___4yr 7 mo___


Veterinarians’ name(s), address__Dr Beckman, Munford Animal Hospital, Rte 51, Munford TN 38058

Phone number___901-837-0101___email address__NA________


Age of greyhound when diagnosed__9_________

Symptoms___weight loss, lump on forhead, yelping_____


Location of cancer__top of head-rte side, behind ear, __spine, ribs, belly____

Date of diagnosis___August 2008_____

Method of diagnosis__xrays, biopsy_____

(xray, MRI, biopsy, etc. – list all that apply)


Include the name of the lab and the path accession number for the biopsy__Med Vet, Cordova TN____

Treatment(s)___ramyal, tryamadal__________________________________________________________________________


(amputation, chemo, radiation, meds, alternative, etc. – list all that apply and names of medications if known; if no treatment please list “none”)


Length of survival after diagnosis and/or treatment___4 mos__________


Vaccination History_____yrly shots, mo heartworm_____________________


Heartworm preventative used, yes or no, and what kind_______Yes Ivermectin____________________________________


Topical flea/tick treatment used, yes or no, and what kind_____Hartz (from store) the kind put on there neck area___


Prescription medications used in the year prior to illness___only antibiotics when when prescribed after surgery when he was attacked by another dog

Supplements used in the year prior to illness___fish oil, vit e, palmetto (only the last few years)__________







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Guest bigorangedog
Is this study still on-going? We were just diagnosed yesterday and had an amputation as well.


I am happy to submit info if it will help Ranger or any dogs in the future!!


I'd also like to know if it is still ongoing. We have a biopsy scheduled for Monday for our sweet, beautiful 13-yr-old boy Tanner.

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Guest preciouspaws1

Sorry to bother you but just wanted to ask really if the information you need is about only greyhounds or is it about all breeds, as luckily my greyhounds are healthy and have not been touched by cancer yet! (i hope they never have to) but i had an English Springer spaniel who died of cancer in 2006 and it was the worse time of our lives, :weep i am real glad the doctor is looking in to this terrible disease as it is taking far too many animals now and it needs to be investigated to prevent any more of our special little babies from being taken from us by this horrible disease,


Thank you very much for your time :gh_bow


I really hope i can help you with your investigation, :unsure

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Guest bigorangedog

Yes! I will be completing a new spread sheet in the next few weeks, so get those forms in!


With all the cancer in our house lately, I'm wondering whether this is still going on? If it is, I'll send in some forms on our most recent diagnoses..

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Guest handpicked

Hello, Diane!! Shelley Lake here and I would be more than happy to fill out your questionnaire about cancer in greys if you still need more info for Dr. Couto. My email is handpicked@embarqmail.com. Thanks for all you are doing!!!

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