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Iruska Excalibur

Guest D_MansMommy

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Guest D_MansMommy

Iruska Excalibur was the father of my Donovan and IrskasMom's Irska.




This is an e-mail I received.


Teddy and Russ gave Cal his wings last night after a brief heroic

battle with osteosarcoma. Cal held his own very well until shortly

after his Momma left to escort 14 more Oklahoma greys to their new

lives. He had a bad night Thursday night and his brother Andrew was

constantly by his side trying to comfort him. He raised his head in

greeting when Teddy came thru the door and was then ready to fly.


But this sad paragraph is not Iruska Excalibur. He was a champion

racer and a top-notch stud. He excelled in all areas of racing. When

the Riggins decided to send him to a couch, they chose the Palmers.

There Cal immediately stole all hearts and took his position as

greeter to all comers. He made two very anticipated visits to his

kennel where his special stall awaited. The Riggins were SO excited

to have him back. He was beautiful, elegant and charming. He was a

star. He burned brightly dazzling everyone.


While he leaves an enormous vaccuum, no one can regret having been

graced by his presence. His life will be celebrated as much as his

leaving will be mourned. Run, Excalibur! We will watch for the

newest, brightest star in the sky!


Cal we will miss you :( Please say a prayer for everyone who loved this beautiful boy.





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Guest D_MansMommy
Run free sweet boy.


Did cal live with Teddy Palmer?  Our Andy's dad, Saddlebred, lives with Teddy and I know he is loved... Cal was a lucky boy.



Yes he did. Teddy adopted him in June 2004 ( I think that's right) after he retired from studding. She is a wonderful lady and I'm so sorry for her loss. I know she loved Cal very much.

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Oh how sad. :( I just wrote something about him last night when we were talking about surnames.


Godspeed Cal...

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Run free sweetheart. My deepest sympathy. :grouphug:f_red


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Wonderful Tribute!!!!

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Guest Broodmama

I was privileged to meet Cal in Abilene the weekend he went live with Teddy. He was a wonderful boy and I know he is sorely missed by those he touched.


Godpeed, Cal.


Hugs to Teddy and Russ.

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Guest dwolfe711

Hi - I was looking back through some old posts and saw this one - so sorry for your loss to the family of this beautiful boy. The name was familiar so I checked and Iruska Excalibur was the sire of our Ripley (Ripley Bandit 88542-50A), born May 16, 2000 - any chance anyone on GT has a littermate? Thanks for posting the pic of him - the similarities to our Rip are amazing - the stance and the face are identical, although Rip is white with a brindle saddle and ears. Rip is a big, tall boy - he weighs about 85 pounds right now and he is one of the tallest greys we have seen. He is quite a character - keeps our three seniors young with his playing and running and other antics. I'd love to find someone who has a littermate - we've never found a littermate for our six others - and three are now at the Bridge and the other three are seniors making finding a littermate harder because of their ages (Duncan 10, Lizzy 13, Allie 11). Would also be glad to meet someone who has a half-sister or half-brother. We made a very good friend when we discovered that our first little girl, Toby, was a half-sister (same sire) to Brock (Ed of BrockGus Dad fame!). It's amazing how these greyhounds can bring people together! Hope to hear from someone with an Iruska Excalibur pup -



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We placed a bunch of the half-sibs... NST Royal Lass and others... I can't remember for sure which off the top of my head. I'll try to remember to look when I get home and see where they all went.


GPA-Tallahassee/Southeastern Greyhound Adoption

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