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My Bridge Kitties


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I hope you all don't mind but I wanted to put a little bit here in remembrance about my three cats who are all at the Bridge now.


Meshach and Shadrach




My fluffy boys were both pedigree Persians. We first met them when DH and I lodged in their owners house for a year and we looked after her cats and dogs as she worked very long hours. We adopted one of her dogs when we moved out and after a year she contacted us to ask if we would like to rent her new house for six months as she had been offered a job in Canada, it also meant that she didn't have to find homes for the cats so we accepted and ended up living there for nine years as she stayed on in Canada.


Meshach took it upon himself to become a "therapy cat" as he would visit our elderly neighbours Ron and Mary every day and they loved his company, he would go out after breakfast, spend the day with them and come come in time for his dinner. He hated being groomed, which was not easy with that long fur, but he just about tolerated it :rolleyes: We sadly lost him to kidney failure at the age of 13. :(


Shadrach was a real character, he really should have been a witches cat! He used to lurk in the bushes at the edge of the footpath that ran alongside our house and jump out on unsuspecting dogs and scare the poop out of them :blush He would lay in the bushes all day long and then come inside for his dinner and slugs, worms and woodlice would crawl out from under his fur :blink: He had a really loud voice and would yowl loudly if he wanted something. He also knew when we had visitors who didn't much like cats as he would always make a beeline for them :lol He had a pedigree as long as your arm full of champions and grand champions but he was rejected for showing by his breeder when he was a kitten because the fashion for breeding Persians with very flat faces had passed, and he looked like he'd been whacked in the face with a frying pan :P Their loss was definitley our gain :) He lived to the grand old age of 18 1/2 but he started to lose the use of his hind legs, we decided it was time. He got one final laugh though, after he had been pts at the vets, I wrapped him in a blanket and took him back out to the car, placed him on my lap and he peed all over my lap :lol:lol I just said "That's my Boy" :rolleyes:






Dear little Spotty puss was another real character, he was always catching things, and once brought a snake home :blink: he would catch mice alive and release them indoors, I got really good at catching mice myself. One time when DH and I were trying to catch one of his mice it ran up DH's trouser leg, I was trying to get it out by putting my hand down his trousers but I was laughing so much it was nearly impossible, it's a good thing the vicar didn't call round that time :lol He liked to talk to us too, he would do a little "Prrrp" sound which was so sweet.


We sadly lost our little Spotty puss when he had an autoimmune response to a Feline Leukemia vaccination, he was only 8 years old :(

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I suspect they're sleeping at the Bridge with all my Bridge kitties. The kitties of my childhood were two Persians, one very "cottony" and one very "silky".


Thanks for sharing them!



Patsy and DH with the Humane Society specials, Linus & Jazz, in North Dakota

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Guest jettcricket

I enjoyed reading about your bridge kitties......sounds like they were very much loved and very much missed. I miss my kitties too, I've lost 3 in the last 6 months. Two to them were expected (not that it makes it easier).....ages 16 and 17, one to congestive heart failure and one to kidney disease, but when I lost my last kitty it was very devastating. Zoe was only 9. She seized on my kitchen floor and was gone within seconds. Zoe was my heart kitty - she was my baby..... :(

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Guest greymouse

I just love kitties! Thank you for sharing yours. I don't have any right now, but have lost several and I know how hard it is. It is nice to have the memories, though.

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Chase those butterflies at the Bridge sweeties. I am sure that your babes have met up with my Miss Fluffy...she left us at age 23. :(:grouphug:f_white:f_pinkf_yellow


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