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Miss You, Ammy Girl... :(


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Amaretto, it has been five years since that nasty lypoma took you. You were my first horse. Ok, pony. 14.1 hh. You were gorgeous, girl. a beautiful fleabitten grey coat, gorgeous silvery mane and tail with the occasional black hair. And boy were you swaybacked! and oh how you hated other horses... :lol You taught me how to ride, Am. I rode you every day and occasionally we'd go on trail rides. You were a pain to get away from the barn and even more trouble going through water, but once we got to that big hayfield you loved it. I'd let you go and you'd fly like the wind. Man do I miss those days. You took me through my first horse show, and it was the biggest show in Memphis. You weren't a hack class winner, and you were't an equitation pony either, but you were so cute over fences!


I remember that day at the barn. We were going to go on a trail ride with some friends. I was late finishing up with Charlie and everyone left without us. Little did they know they had just denied you your last trail ride. I didn't want to bother tacking you up so i just threw your bridle on and we went to the arena bareback. A few of my friends took turns riding you. They wanted to see just how bouncy you really were. :lol:wub: When we were done you went back to your stall, and we went home as usual.


That night we got a call from the barn manager. You were uncomfortable and rolling around in your stall. We drove up to the barn immediately. The vet was already there. That night was when I got my first true dose of equine veterinary medicine. You were a mess. The first time you coliced you dropped to the ground on the concrete while Phoebe was trying to walk you, and they were afraid you'd do it again. The Dr. had to tube you to draw out stomach fluids. Am, i've never seen so much blood. the stains are still there. You were on so many sedatives that you couldn't walk straight, and we were having to re-sedate you every 20 minutes. Phoebe called a trailer to take you to Mississippi State, three hours away.


Overnight they put you on fluids and did the best they could for you. Colic surgery wasn't an option. You were too old and had been through too much, and even if you survived it, your laminitis would come back. I'm sorry you didn't make it, Am, but I know you're at peace now, wherever you are.


I remember the next time I went to the barn. You had always dipped your hay in your water and got it all dirty. The first time I walked in your stall since you were gone, I saw the hay wasn't there, and your buckets were full and clean. I completely lost it.


Amaretto, I miss you. Run free, sweet girl.







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That was a beautiful tribute. It sounds like Amaretto was quite a horse.



Xavi the galgo and Peter the cat. Missing Iker the galgo ?-Feb.9/19, Treasure (USS Treasure) April 12/01-May 6/13, Phoenix (Hallo Top Son) Dec.14/99-June 4/11 and Loca (Reko Swahili) Oct.9/95 - June 1/09, Allen the boss cat, died late November, 2021, age 19.

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Sweetie...that was such a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing...those are beautiful pictures.

Ammy is up there with Mister, Bobby, Frissy and all the other ponies of the world who have trotted on. I too had horses so I know how you feel!


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