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Found 2 results

  1. My previous greyhound came to me at age 6 (when the owner got MS) and passed away recently at age 15+. Now I have adopted a 2.5 year old female fresh off the track. She was 3 weeks at the adoption center and has been with me less than 3 weeks. Tulip is absolutely great but I'm working on one problem. She will only wee or dump on familiar ground. This is either on one of the decks of my condo in Mission Beach or near the entrance of my shop on my property near Mexico. On rare occasions she will go on familiar territory near my condo (now in the alleys since the beach is closed due to the pandemic) or on one of the trails on my shop property. Of course I give her praise and a treat whenever she goes in the alley or on a walk away from the shop. The biggest problem with this is that as a fresh track dog, unless I see that she wants to get on the deck within 5 or 10 seconds, she goes on the floor. Yesterday I took her on a lengthy adventure, stopping to switch my car for my truck at a friends house, driving to Long Beach to a used car dealer, trading in my truck for a newer one including a trip to the bank for cash, back from Long Beach to San Diego switching the truck for the car and then home. We did walks at every stop, sometimes two if we were there for a while but it was "no go" in spite of being on the go over 7 hours. Once home, she went on the deck. Has anyone else experienced this, only going on familiar territory for a dog fresh from the track? Did your dog quickly outgrow it or was a lot of training needed? Thanks, Tom
  2. so, all has been well with Jonny and we've finalised the adoption by ending the trial period early. It's as though we've had him with us for years! Oddly, though, today specifically, every time Jonny falls asleep he does a wee. regardless of where he is. he did it last night (which i realised this morning) and I thought it might be just because he was obviously busting to go. I took him for a walk when I got up at 6:30 immediately and he did a huge wee. So he must have had a lot stored up. Poor dude. (we will remove the water bowl at night) but he has just done it again while sleeping on the outside couch.... not sure if anyone has any insight. My partner thinks it's because he has been missing me. We are trialling him upstairs with my partner while he is home from work for the next couple of days instead of in the office with me as per all of the last week. I'm just not sure about that, despite reading up on separation anxiety because: 1 - my partner is with him 2 - he did it while sleeping as opposed to consciously awake In saying that, he did accidentally go in the dining room last night because we were late taking him outside so he could go. Blamed ourselves for that one, but has that maybe started something?
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