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Found 9 results

  1. Mazie is 5. I've had her 2 yrs. It took her 2 months to go past the end of my driveway, but eventually decided it was safe and has loved her walks in the park areas throughout our neighborhood...until about 2 months ago. She has always been freaked by the spurting noise the sprinklers make when they start up, but would calm down after a few seconds and let me lead her past them. (It's the start up noise, not the water, that scares her. She isn't afraid of the hose when I use it.) However, 2 months ago she was sniffing a bush when a sprinkler went off right in her face! Since then she refuses to go for a walk. I've tried walking in the opposite direction from the park, up past houses with no sprinklers. Sometimes she'll walk a little ways, but then stops, and turns to go home. I've tried coaxing her with treats...it works for a few steps but she's too smart and just freezes! I've tried walking her with her poodle friend who she usually trusts to lead the way, and she'll maybe go a block, but then turns to go home. I've tried driving her to locations in the neighborhood with no sprinklers and she'll walk for maybe 15 minutes but then turns to go back to the car. (About 2 weeks ago she actually walked 2 blocks but I can't get her to do it again.) I swear she can hear sprinklers a mile away! Any ideas? btw, I live in Arizona. Sprinklers year round!
  2. Our recently retired greyhound has been with us for a couple days now. The first day he was great with walks, the second day a loud, fast car came by a quiet street and scared him. Now he is so so so reluctant to go outside and once he’s out there he doesn’t move at all. How can I help?
  3. Hello, Were new and have just rehomed a 4.5 year old black and white Boy called Senner. Hes recently retired. Weve brought him into a 4 bed detached home with a small to medium garden. No other pets or kids, just me and my partner. We knew he was a bit shy when we first adopted him but were just hoping for some advice. He has taken to his bed in the kitchen immediately, this is his safe space, and its very difficult to get him away from there. He doesnt seem to recognise his name, making any training difficult. When we first got him 2 weeks ago you could put his lead on and this would get him up and hed Go for 2 walks a day, theyd be occasional freezes but he seemed to enjoy them. However now he refuses to get up for his collar. If we put it on when hes already outside to go to the loo then hell freeze at the end of our culdesac and refuse to go any further, you cant walk in corcles, hes not food motivated and we end up turning round and he marches home. We also could get him up from the bed and gently lead him into the lounge on an evening when we were in there arching TV, close the door, and hed settle. Now he wont be led anywhere and we cant seem to Tempt him In with treats. Were using a pet remedy diffuser in the lounge and hes wearing a bandana with it sprayed on to help but it just feels like were taking some Many steps backward. Any ideas/words of wisdom? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hi All: I posted this in a related thread, but am really curious for any input you all might have... Regarding Freezing/Statuing: Does anyone have thoughts about "waiting it out" vs "letting the dog know whose boss"? With ours, if we wait it out, we've learned it could be a looooong wait, and we just don't always have time for that in our hectic schedules. With the harness, I've begun to immediately lift her up and forward when she statues (it may take two or three times, but it tends to get her going). Sometimes I worry it is too forceful, but it doesn't seem to bother her and I feel she is beginning to show signs of self-correction when she starts to statue, as if she knows it's not going to stop the walk from proceeding. When she does get going I give her lots of praise and I try to be very consistent with an encouraging "let's go" whenever I lift the harness up. It really beats picking her up and carrying her. Any thoughts on this approach as opposed to waiting it out?
  5. Hi, Philly and I live near New Haven, CT. Looking for monthly walks near us to socialize with. A potential dog sitter made a comment about seeing a bunch of greyhounds walking on West Haven beach; I've searched online for a group that does that to no avail. The adoption group I got Philly from does monthly walks but it's too far for us. Anybody out there near us? Thanks!!!
  6. Winnie and I get up around 5-5:15am most mornings. She usually starts shifting around before this, but not always. The minute I turn on the TV she jumps up for some cuddles/petting followed by her breakfast (which she gladly eats!) We walk at 6am, so after she eats she usually settles into her bed while I get ready for work. But recently, I've had to pitch treats for her to even want to get up to go for a walk! And even then, they've got to be smelly treats, none of our usual freeze dried chicken treats. This morning, she ate the treats, I put on her collar and she went right back to her bed. Little twerp. I physically picked her up to go outside. We live in an apartment, so she has to go out before I go to work so she can do her business. And she's perfectly fine and willing to walk once we get out the door (even at the door)! In the afternoons, she will get up to go out when I say, "Wanna go for a walk?" Mornings I get no response to the same inquiry. Our walks on average during the week are 30-40 minutes depending on how much we stop and sniff. Weekends we'll walk for an hour sometimes. She gets walked by me 2x a day and the dog walker around lunchtime M-F. Is she just acting like a princess or is there a better solution for me to get her to walk in the mornings? I really need to leave the house around 6:45am to get to work on time (7am meetings are a killer, for sure.)
  7. Hi, this is my first time posting and we need some help. My dog refuses to go outside, even to potty. We got our grey, Shelby, Sept 2012, when she was 2 1/2 years old. For the first couple of months she loved going for walks. Then, suddenly, she had to be coaxed to go for a walk, although she LOVED to run around in fenced yard and would pee and poop out there. We hadn't trained her at that point, and only my husband was able to get her to go out for a walk. Long story short, we hired a very good but VERY expensive trainer for about 4 months in mid-2013. She showed us how to lead Shelby, get her to focus, and we were able to walk her again. Fast forward to about 8 months ago. Shelby started refusing to go for a walk in the morning. My husband leaves for work very early, and sometimes she would come downstairs and he'd let her in backyard to potty. But when I tried to takeher out again around 8:30, she refused to even come downstairs. I tried EVERYTHING to get her down (treats, going outside, starting my car and coming back in with garage door opening/closing) with only rare success. That meant that she wouldn't go out again until around 3:00 pm!!!! She only had 1 accident in the house. Otherwise, she'd go out with husband when he came home from work around 3. She didn't seem sick and had normal poops and pee. We'd take her out at night before bed without any problem, and she was fine then too. However, she wouldn't touch her morning meal - probably because she didn't want to have to poop again??? About 3 months ago, she started refusing to go out at all, even at night. We'd get her leash and she'd run to her bed in the den, or the couch. However, once we were able to get her outside (morning or night) she was fine. Then, about a month ago....it started again, whether on or off leash. On the rare occasions I am able to get her out, she goes down the driveway, pees, and then stops. Maybe I can get her halfway down the block, but after that - she digs in her heels and I cannot and will not drag her down the street. I try the techniques the trainer taught us (that once worked before) but now nothing works! She won't even poop. And worse - she won't even go outside. She won't even go out when out neighbors try to walk her, and she loves them. She used to go for walks with them without any problem. She is afraid of certain loud noises - school bus, "booms", and others - but even when there is no discernible noise she won't go. I do not know what to do! She's a little better with my husband, who has established himself as the alpha, but she won't budge with me. We have a vet appt in a couple of weeks for her yearly, but I don't know how much help he'll be. I'm really worried about her physical/digestive health, in addition to mental health. We cannot afford another trainer or a dog walker. This is not normal behavior. I feel like such a bad parent!!!
  8. Looking to get some good tips on how to get Biggie to "happily" leave the house for walks with my parents. Biggie and I stay with my parents 2-3 days a week a few times a month and I have a longer work trip coming up where I would like to leave him with my parents (better a place he is kind of familiar with than a kennel). After lots of adjustment pains - Biggie and my parents (especially my Dad) have become more comfortable with each other. Once he gets outside with them - he has a lovely walk. The problem is actually GETTING him outside. If I'm not home Biggie refuses to leave his bed to go on a walk with any of my family members. he will leave the bed for treats in any other part of the house - but the second it is around his normal walk time he shuts down. He stared for an hour at a line of hot dog/tuna fish chunks (that he normally goes nuts for) from his bed to the front door - refusing to even sniff them or move his head! Trying to put the leash on when when he is in his bed is not an option - he is still pretty protective of his space when he is laying down. The only times my parents have been able to walk Biggie are if they catch him by the door and put the leash on quickly. Then he is pretty reluctant to leave the house still (statue in the door way) - but once he is bribed/tugged through the door he'll get moving. Biggie loves walks with my SO and I now - and my parents would love to walk him as well since he is lovely on the leash once he is out of the house. I'd just like it to be able have him go willingly out of the house with them - instead of waiting for me to get home!
  9. Olivia loves, loves, loves her walkies! She dances and prances when I show her the leash, she trots merrily along our routes. She equally loves our sniffy walks and our "walk" walks. Either way, she loves walks. This is my girl who is calm and quiet inside the house, isn't a bit toy nut, and generally isn't energetic otherwise. Chloe is my nutso dog who plays with toys with frantic energy, runs around the backyard several times a day, enjoys being outside in the backyard, and gets anyone she can to chase her - Olivia, me, my husband, she'll even ask The Cat to in a pinch. (Cat always says "no!" - smart cat.) Happy happy happy smiley - that's her. But put her leash on her and take her outside and she gets these big put-upon eyes and she drags her feet. She walks along and doesn't ever refuse to come, but she acts like she is so tired and is about to die. Does she just not enjoy walks? This does not fit her personality in any other way. She doesn't stop to sniff very often or to take in the view - this is the girl who is otherwise curious about everything! She doesn't have favorite places she likes to visit the way Olivia does. Is there a way I can help "teach" her to enjoy walks? I just find it surprising that she acts so put upon when she is always going and excited about so many other things. She's well behaved. Never had a bad experience that I know of. Could it be that it is less pleasant for her because she and Olivia have such different paces/speeds and interests and Olivia sets the pace? (Olivia walks at a pretty steady "trot" and Chloe does a drag, drag, gotta-catch up, drag, drag, drag, gotta-catch up). Can I teach her to like it more?
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