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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All I’d really appreciate advice or to hear from your experience. I’ve got a rescue greyhound (the lovely Wonder). I’ve had him for 3.5 months now and I still can’t get him out of the house on a lead for a walk. On day one I took him for a walk and unfortunately the neighbours dog was off lead and ran up to him and licked him on the face 🤦‍♀️. Then I couldn’t get him out of the door on day two, on day three whilst out in the back garden waiting for him to go to the toilet some let off fireworks a few streets away (no idea why in March), after the fireworks Wonder wouldn’t even go in the garden, however this was quickly corrected with the help of a behaviourist, however 3.5 months on I still can’t take him on a walk. On a loose lead I can get him about 10m max away from my front door. Off lead he’ll happily walk around 2/3 of the road in front of my house. I’ve trained Wonder to jump into the car so I can take him to the nearby cemetery (luckily it’s a 30second drive away) and he’ll walk around there to a mixed level of success, however getting him home is difficult as he won’t go back in the car...to cut a long story short, he’s now resisting going into the car which means I can’t take him for a proper walk. I’ve managed to get him to the cemetery about 10 times in total. He’s 40kg so at 5.3ft it’s tricky to lift him into the car, I do have a lodger that I keep bothering to ask him to lift him in, as I can’t get him back in the car afterwards it’s tricky to go anywhere other than the cemetery. I’ve used a behaviourist, an adaptil collar, Dorwest herbal tablets, other greyhounds have come over (this helped Wonder leave the house without a lead on but no luck when a lead was on him). I appreciate it will take time but I was hoping I’d be a lot further ahead than I am now, it’s pretty upsetting for me as it feels like constant failure. I should add, he knows how to walk well on the lead as we practice in the garden and on a good day in the cemetery he’ll walk nicely. He’ll also happily jump in the car when he knows I’m far enough away that I can’t close the door. Any tips would be very welcomed Many thanks Laura
  2. Hello everyone, I brought my 1yr old greyhound boy Monte home 3 weeks ago yesterday. He has adapted pretty well to apartment life, although he's still quite aloof. But outside is a separate story. He is very slow on walks, freezes often and will not go to the bathroom on the leash. As a result, I have had to take him to the dog park where he can go off leash every time we go out. He also has crazy control over his bladder - I've taken him out on the leash for 2.5 hours and he will hold it until I cave and take him to the park. Any tips?
  3. Hi guys, newbie here. I adopted just three days ago, and finding help with this issue has been darn near impossible online. I don't think the verbal advice has been the greatest from the adoption agency or fosters either, so here's what's going on: I have an 8-year-old former racer. I rent a basement right now, and use the walkout slider to go in and out with her. Backyard is fully-privacy fenced. She definitely knows where the gate is. The problem is that when we are done with our walk she just freezes in the driveway and wont return to the back yard. A couple times I've gotten her 10 feet from the gate and she just wont go further. I don't want to push her the rest of the way anymore for obvious reasons, and I'm not thrilled about having to carry her to the gate from the driveway. Is there any way I can fast-track her adjustment to this new situation? Not sure she has fully realized where "home" is. Thanks so much Elliot K P.S. One recommendation was to get a harness and to lift her using the straps on it so I have control over the front of her body. Still, I'd rather she just be comfortable going through the gate. Other doors are not an option as we have crazy stairs leading to my living area. P.S.S. I am the rookiest of all rookie dogs owners. Going bold with the racer as the first one.
  4. Hi, I've had my greyhound for about a year now; he just turned 4. When I first got him he was terrible walking on a lead -- he would jump up and even back out of his martingale collar. After he managed to do this once, I put him in a harness and he's been safe ever since. With his leg that was broken, it took him months to learn how to walk up the stairs without being rewarded with treats at every step, and weeks to learn how to walk on a lead without constantly trying to get off of it. While now he is pretty good on walks and on the stairs, I would like to work with him more on his behavior and manners on a lead. I've been practicing walking with him, and randomly stopping, giving him a command "Stop" and then wait for him to come back to my side, and then reward him with a treat. He's gotten pretty good with this, as we've only been practicing a few days, but he still pulls ahead, and won't stop and come back to me until I ask. Is there a better method of teaching? I would like him to stay at my side, and stop with me when I stop. I'm worried that I'm not being consistent, because when he's going outside for bathroom purposes, I generally let him lead the way by sniffing and determining where he wants to go. How do I teach him to stay at my side during walks, but also allow him the freedom during his bathroom breaks? Also, the past month or so, he's been very stubborn on the stairs. Sometimes he will run right up. Other times, he will just look at me and stand at the bottom. I don't think anything scared him. Rather, I think sometimes it's his way of telling me he doesn't want to go inside yet (the stairs are outside and lead to my 4th floor apartment). Does this sound right? I think it might be him wanting to play outside more, but her in DC, it's gotten pretty cold and I worry about him staying warm and his paws (I haven't been successful with putting anything on his feet for warmth/protection). Lastly, we walk in generally the same area every day -- the walking path around the apartment. Sometimes he lags behind and then will randomly statue, and not come for anything. I've tried walking him in circles, using treats, calling him... The only thing that will get him going is if I walk in the direction he wants to go to, which is always opposite of where I want to go to. The problem is, sometimes he wants to walk in areas that are unsafe, or go towards other dogs and things like that. So he will just stop walking with me and absolutely freeze, and if I give him any lead, he will use it to go in the direction he wants and pull away from me. I feel like it is just him being stubborn, and trying to get me to follow him around rather than following me. Any insight or advice on this behavior? Thanks so much. Sorry for the long post! Lindsey
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