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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! So my husband and I adopted our girl, Alice, almost two weeks ago now- and up until yesterday, had been doing wonderfully with potty-training! We already have a senior smaller dog, and Alice seemed to have gotten the message that the back yard is where she's supposed to 'go'. Well, that changed rather suddenly two nights ago. 2:30am, I awoke to an ominous 'water' noise... which was Alice peeing on our bedroom floor. She had been taken out right before we made our way to bed around 10:30pm that night. I immediately leaped out of bed, sternly told her 'NO' (while she was still peeing) and then lead her outside. She happily went number two, and then marked a few spots by piddling on her way back inside. Yesterday I got out of the shower to discover she had peed again on our upstairs landing, just outside our master bedroom door. She had been taken outside to relieve herself not 30 minutes prior- but she had refused to 'go'. Then, that evening my husband was doing laundry and 'chatting' with her (we talk to our dogs....) when she got up, locked eyes with him, and peed on our upstairs landing AGAIN. He of course told her 'NO' and lead her outside, where she again went number 2. And then AGAIN, last night, also at 2:30am I was awoken by the sound of water hitting the floor... where we repeated the same story of the night before... scold, lead outside, poop outside. I work from home most days and am taking her outside every 2-3 hours to go potty, where I praise her every time she relieves herself- but before both daytime incidents, she declined to actually go potty. She has only urinated upstairs, in a slightly similar area each time. But why the sudden change of demeanor? A few nights before all this started, she had even taken to lightly pawing at the door as a cue that she needed to go... now is she simply relieving herself upstairs for the convenience? She's had zero issues going down stairs, and she's finally grasped the mechanics of going upstairs and knowing where to put her feet. I don't think it's a stair thing, unless it's out of sheer laziness. Her urine smells SO strong! please help; I'd hate for our entire upstairs to become her toilet. Thank you for your advice in advance~ Liz
  2. Hi there, This is my first post here. I am a new greyhound owner...since June. Our beautiful boy is having some urinary issues (since about 3 weeks after we got him). He has days of excessive thirst and then cannot hold his bladder and will pee in his crate even if in there for a short time. It seems to fluctuate...he will be good for 4 days (drinking normal amounts, peeing shorter amounts and more yellow, and able to hold) and then he will have a couple bad days. His blood work is normal and unrine test normal....except that his urine was not very concentrated at one of his urine test times...he had drank a lot that afternoon before the test. When he had it tested in the morning it was normal. Was wondering if anyone has encountered the same issues and/or has any ideas to help us get to the bottom of this. Otherwise, he seems completely fine, energetic, no other problems. He is 2 years old. Thanks!
  3. So.... I think it's cute that our new retired racer Mercury squats instead of lifting his leg but... he has a tendency to pee on one of his front paws. Ick! (although I didn't know if this belonged under behavior or "cute and funny things") He's very tall and squats very far to pee "cleanly". He tends to hit his front leg when he's close to done and has risen up a bit. The issue is a bigger problem now that he hurt a paw pad at the dog park yesterday and has a small bandage on a front paw. I'm trying to keep everything clean and dry. What's a grey mom to do? (if anything)
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