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Found 4 results

  1. Help! Our 5.5 y.o. has started peeing in the house after being housebroken for a year and a half. He has been checked out by the vet w/no medical issues. He doesn't ever lift his leg when we're with him, but he seems to do it the minute we leave the house (even if we're just in the garage or yard). We know that the problem must be separation anxiety and we are working on that... but I find it so odd that he is lifting his leg after a year and a half of being totally housebroken. We have not had any lifestyle changes. Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts?
  2. Hello all, Ive had my boy Kota since last march. He is a wonderful grey, he barks and sings and is very social with people, not skittish at all. He has even taken to being a lapdog, and just in the last week he got a girlfriend, a large great dane from next door who he actually plays with! Its been a long time since I posted on this forum, so a bit of background. Im a 24 yr old male living in Atlanta. Last year he and I had some problems with aggression and guarding. He bit me and my girlfriend more than once, until she refused to stay with me because she was scared of him, and honestly I was too. I had a proffessional come over a few times to try and help me out, teach me how to help break him of those habits. He bit her as well, and she actually commended me for sticking with him. i guess most people would have given up and sent him back by then. It took 8 months to a year, and a lot of tough love (I think not giving him affection hurt me more than him,) but he is my best friend now and a wonderful, affectionate, well behaved hound. Now for my problem. Kota had recently taken to tearing things up. Nothing important like shoes or anything, mostly paper from the trash by my desk or something of the like. It started with him doing it every once in a while, but it has grown to the point where nearly every time I come home there is something torn up. Its unrealistic to think that I can keep everything out of his reach, and honestly I dont want to worry about whether there is a scrap of paper in my trashcan or a receipt on the counter every time I leave the house. He has also been urinating in the house recently, and once or twice defacated. He has always had problems peeing. What i mean by that is ever since I got him, when i take him out to pee he will pee for minutes straight. Ive timed it once and he peed for over three minutes. The stream is always weak as well, and sometimes an hour or less later we will go out again for a run or something and he stops and pees for just as long. What makes this more strange is that when he and I used to live alone, (I have a roommate now,) I would be at work for a full day, and he would be fine at home, not mess then house, not tear anything up, nothing, ever, regardless of my workout schedule or sports practice or anything. When he had to go out he would sing or bark and we would go out, and we never had a problem. I took him to the vet recently and they ran an ultrasound on him after he peed, and said it looked like his bladder wasnt emptying fully, but didnt make it seem like a big problem and gave him no treatment, just said keep taking him out. I know that the recent problems are manifested in stress. He has been barking and whining MUCH more often lately. He never barks unless he wants something, but I will be at my desk working and he will come up every couple of minutes and whine. I will take him out to pee and play a bit, five minutes later, same thing. I dont know how to help him or what he wants me to do for him. He is also so so tense. It has gotten to the point where he will be laying on his bed staring at me, and if I do so much as lean forward he will jump up and get right in my face barking. Most times we will go out, but every five minutes has a pretty big impact on my work or just general relaxation. My roommate also works from home, and apparently kota doesnt really do this to him, he will either lay up in my bed until I come home or on his bed without bothering Dan, unless he really has to go out and pee. But when Im home he is a basket case. It kills me because every time he jumps up at me his tail is wagging hard and I know he wants to go outside, and like I said I will take him out and play and let him run every day, but every five minutes is a bit much. Maybe i need to try tiring him out more? Run in the morning? I dont know. So the peeing in the house recently I know is my fault somehow. The only thing I can think is that sometimes when he comes over to me five minutes after I took him out I tell him no, and to go lay down. He goes and lays down, but will be very upset about it, and will cry, and it really upsets me because I love my dog very much. Then like i said if I so much as lean back from the computer, he springs up. So Ive had to tell him no more than a few times, and Im sure that somewhere in there I had told him no when he really had to pee, and I just couldnt differentiate because his body language is always the same. I think I messed up his understanding of what to do when he has to pee and maybe he thinks its a bad thing to do now? The tearing up of paper etc. has been really bad lately. He normally does it after I come home from work, take him out to run and play, then run to the gym for an hour. During that hour or anytime I leave the house is when he would normally tear things up, but today Dan called and said he went from the living room to the kitchen and when he got back he caught kota trying to nab a piece of paper off the coffee table. He hates being alone but unfortunately I cant be with him 24/7. Its stressful enough on me but I feel bad that my roommate, who works from home a lot of the time, is handling it on his own much of the day. I know this was long winded and I hope i gave enough detail. I also hope I dont sound like a terrible Dad because Ive told him no many times when he barks or whines, but like I said this is all a recent development, and my schedule hasnt changed much since we used to live alone. I cant take him out every ten minutes, neither can my roommate, and I cant never leave the house. I dont want to just go back to crating him because that doesnt solve the problem and will probably just make him more stressed. I love kota more than anything. Hes turned into the greatest, smartest, most well behaved and most affectionate dog Ive had in my life, and I hate that he is dealing with something that I dont necessarily know how to fix. If anyone has any advice or has dealt with something similar please help. And I would love some constructive criticism but save your breath if all you have is outright insults. Thanks, Tanner
  3. We have a beautiful 3 yr. old that we got 3 mos. ago directly from the track. Her name is Nosey. It seems that no matter how often we take her out, she still urinates on the rug occasionally. We take her to a Paw Park every other day and if we don't take her for a walk before and after her jaunt at the park, she has even urinated in my car, even tho she has be "sniffing and squirting" all over the park.She is not at all high strung and even the breeder told us that she is extremely layed back. The odd thing is that she has no trouble holding the urine from 9:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Does anyone have any suggestions for breaking this habit?
  4. So this started happening: Our nine-year-old girl, Lily (Gable Lillian), urinates in the car the moment we pull into our destination. She did it a couple weeks ago when my husband and I took her and our mini schnauzer to a 5k fun run and again today when she and I arrived at the dog park. We've been to the park once before, but we're not regulars, so it's still a pretty new place for her. It was also the first time she had been to the trail where they had the 5k. Our other car rides are usually to the vet for a check up or nail trim and she does fine with that. Any thoughts?
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