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Found 2 results

  1. I have discovered a miracle supplement for the battle of the soft stool! It's a digestive supplement by Honest Kitchen and it turned my dog's pudding poop into firm pick uppable by the third dose. He had to have surgery last month for foreign body obstruction (ate a cat toy, it was a terrible time) and since then I've had to hose down the yard constantly so I know you all will understand my elation and hope I can help others by sharing this. Wish I'd known about it when we first got him and took ages to sort out. They also make a powdered goat milk probiotic/digestive enzymes which I'm also giving and does help too, but the perfect form is a godsend. Have any of you tried these as well or have other helpful supplements to share?
  2. Luna's been having tummy troubles for the past few days, and I don't know what to do next (aside from a vet visit, which IMO isn't always super helpful). We have not had a super-recent change in foods (fully switched over to Costco's lamb & rice about 2-3 weeks ago). She is being weaned off Clomipramine currently, which I know can cause some diarrhea, but would not expect it to look like this. It started with about a day of liquid diarrhea, followed by two days of brown pudding poop, followed by a day (and now this morning) of small amounts of mushy, stringy, mucous-y, orange poop. I had the vet do a fecal float about 2 days ago (I had thought I saw thin, string-like formations in the poop which made me think worms), but it came back negative. I've been feeding her boiled chicken with a scoop of pumpkin, slippery elm bark powder, and 1/4 tsp of a probiotic powder. I ran out of chicken so had to go back to kibble with pumpkin and probiotic this morning (she pooped before she ate, though). Aside from these symptoms she's had a normal appetite and normal behavior. She has taken more time than usual to poop for the past day or so, and it was only on the first day that she had extreme urgency to go out for the Big D. I've read here that a negative fecal can be misleading, and that some of you have dosed with Panacur-C anyway. I also have a bottle of Tylan powder that I haven't used. What would you recommend I try before going to the vet (I can go as soon as Monday, just would like to see if I can nip this myself)? ETA: Luna has had poop issues since I got her 4 months ago, very infrequently having a hard stool, typically switching between soft (some sticking to the grass) and just hard enough to pick up, with some random pudding poops. Haven't seen a difference in stool with her on Earthborn Holistic grain-free or Kirkland lamb & rice.
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