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Found 10 results

  1. The girls are hard at work today being retired greyhounds. Classes are available for those needing instruction. Foster Kate - Champion Roacher Petunia - Party Hostess Trolley - Manning the office today. Snickers - "Who says the guest bed is only Trolley's?"
  2. Trolley is visiting for a night or three. I grabbed fast food for dinner tonight and Petunia has become as fry-obsessed as Rocket was. Trolley turned them down at first because Petunia was trying to horn-in on every fry instead of sharing. Eventually, Trolley came over for some fries. Note the stinkeye from Petunia who is no longer at the front of the line.
  3. We are having our traditional 4th of July greyhound party but putting a new spin on it this year. In the past, Rocket hosted this party for his friends and those friends who couldn't handle the noise of fireworks. With Rocket's passing in October and the arrival of Petunia this year, we are instead having a birthday party for the Golden Girls, all of whom have birthdays in July. Our friends who usually come here to avoid fireworks can't be here today, but we are thinking about them and missing them, wishing they were able to be here too. (Conner and Val we miss you) So, the first picture is a teaser with more to come later. From left to right - Trolley who turned 12, Petunia who will be 11, and our friend Bella who will also be 11. To quote Petunia - "I ain't wearing no stinking tiara......oh hell no...." More to come later tonight.
  4. Petunia is excited for the big game! (It's a gray, rainy day in Phoenix) Trolley is adjusting her antennas to make sure we have a clear picture.
  5. The girls are all here this morning while their moms help setup the local GPA picnic. It's just the girls and Petunia's Daddyman having their own wild party this morning. Snickers Petunia Trolley driving the guest bed in the guest room - "You woke me up to take a picture? The nerve..." More wild times to come.....
  6. Trolley has spent the last few nights with us while her Mom is traveling. Obviously being the guest is exhausting. She must have decided that she needed to protect us since Rocket left, as we have now woken up twice and found her sleeping next to our bed which she has never done before. She has stayed here many, many times and has never wanted to sleep in our room before. She usually prefers the guest bed which has an 8 inch thick memory foam mattress. I just looked up from my chair and saw this: Taken on our walk yesterday morning: A pic taken the night she arrived: Last night sitting next to me and getting some ear rubs: (sorry for the blur)
  7. Trolley's Mom doesn't have a photo host setup, so I will go ahead and post the little blue girl's birthday. Trolley is 11 today! Happy Birthday, Trolley! Here she is sunbathing in our back yard with the outside temp being about 110 degrees. She was not happy when I told her to come inside. Watch for more Trolley pics on Wednesday from Rocket's traditional "No Firewerks 4th of July Party."
  8. Rocket has company today including his very own mini-me. Meet Cricket. She is a GPA AZ Foster who is visiting us today. She is a pint-sized version of Rocket, and is actually a cousin on his Gable Dodge side of the family. (No - she isn't staying permanently. Rocket is less than amused.) Cricket, Rocket and Trolley doing what greyhounds do.
  9. For all of the Trolley fans out there. She is spending the weekend with us. It took about 2 minutes for her to head to the guest bed.
  10. Some of you asked for more Trolley pics. Here ya go.... Continuing to enjoy her private room with the queen memory foam bed. On our walk this morning. Trying to snack in peace.... Enough with the flashy box, human. So, Trolley. You gonna eat that Milk Bone?
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