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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Im a somewhat new greyhound owner (my husband and I adopted six months ago). She was smaller than the others, even for a female and was the most calm. She had some dry skin issues but at he time I just thought she was dirty. We knew she would need time to adjust but its already been six months and Im concerned theres something going on. She is on anxiety medicine because of her separation anxiety but she still gets upset when we leave and tears up her crate and anything she can get to while in it. This week was the worst. She bent her crate, slid the bottom part out, and was wet everywhere with what we can only guess was urine. She had only been left a few hours. I tried leaving her out of her crate while I was gone briefly and it went well but when my husband and I tried it again we could hear her yelping and pawing at the window and were worried so he just stayed home with her. Would it be better for us to leave her out or crate her? She is still pretty timid and does not wag her tail much or show a lot of affection. Should we look into upping her medication?
  2. Hi, I'm new to greytalk. I'm not new to greyhound owning but I need some help. I got my first greyhound Kif almost 2 years ago, and another one, Dexter, a month after that. Cat and bunny friendly. Yes you read that. I've had a great experience overall with learning greyhound body language and training and enjoying the companionship of the first two. First (Kif) was about 1.5 yrs when adopted after 2 weeks in a foster home, was shy for a long time, but he came out of his shell. He's still reserved overall but he's a content confident guy and a happy dog. Second one was 2.5 yrs when adopted, just 2 days off the track, and was/is a happy boy, more dog-like from the start. Neither are barkers, neither really play with toys except to carry one around now and then and give it a shake. All soft toys still intact since the start. They are now 3 and 4 years old. Not big chewers. Good companions and cuddlers and listen very well but I can't really remember how things went at the start, I'm a little hazy. Agh I'm too young to have a memory this bad! I started using a bark buster trainer within the first few weeks of getting Kif and also hired her for Dexter. I can't remember how long I let them get acclimated before starting training. She only had to come over a few times and my husband and I took it from there (well mostly me...). Both are very well adjusted, sweet, mellow dogs. Well trained. They listen well and behave politely. (No sitting though, I don't bother and I don't care - they do everything else I've taught them and they lie down on command.) Kif just took a while to stop averting his gaze and be confident. Dexter can still be a little stubborn and act like a nitwit if he knows he did something naughty but that's incredibly rare (basically digging in the backyard is the thing and only happens a few times a year). Both of them are tail wagging, head up, look you in the face, happy, confident, and sweet. Both were house trained or got it right away. I really didn't have to DO much of anything. Dexter doesn't give much indication but he will hold it unless it's diarrhea (don't blame him) and I didn't know it, but that's only happened two times in two years. Kif's only problem was poo eating, but I determined that was only if either of them ate anything peanut butter flavor anything so all peanut butter is off limits. I started the process of getting them registered as therapy dogs but found we had a chronic hook infestation and that's just.... ongoing. Just found a less expensive treatment and I'm going to just try to get a negative sample and then start up again with it. That's not the point of this post, anyway! Introduce third greyhound Sisko. Adopted from the same rescue as the first two. Over 1.5 years old, even bigger than the first two (first 2 are just shy of 80 lb and healthy weight -- this one was 80 lb and severely undernourished, will prob top out around 90lb). So, he's incredibly thin. Like hip bones stuck up an inch at first and between foster mom and me they're only 1/2 inch tall now but he's still very thin. They all eat the same high quality food and he was eating it at foster moms so no food adjustment there. Foster mom was a barkbuster trainer. I am hoping to take what I learned from the first 2 and not have to hire the trainer for this one, since I had to spend a lot of extra money on Hurricane Irma prep and house/fence repair. Sisko's last race was 8/31, he was with his foster family at least 2 weeks, and I adopted him 1 week ago. He has -0- confidence, and when we saw him online and contacted the rescue to adopt it turned out he needed to be with other greys anyway - super separation anxiety to the point he would not eat if not around other dogs. Tested cat and bun friendly. (Not testing more bun stuff here at home until he gets better settled in and he leaves the bun alone in his cage.) . Also hook positive and he had 1 round of treatment and is about to start round 2 but his stools are relatively solid only a little soft. Could also be attributed to anxiety. He is more puppyish, he chews on squeaker toys. He almost NEVER wags his tail, his head is always down, he almost always averts his gaze, and he's still learning everything from his name, to being a house pet, to some basic manners by copying the other dogs when I give commands (stay, come, go to bed, time to eat, outside, and go potty, and heeling on walks are the basic ones I'm starting with). I have someone else walk the first 2 dogs and I train Sisko alongside or behind them to be a good walker. So anyway - I brought him home, short walk to eliminate, then he met my boys (accepted immediately), did the house explore, took out back for a yard explore, etc. The foster mom told me he hates getting his paws wet in grass and pooped on her pool deck sometimes. I don't have a pool deck. She suggested giving him 45 minutes to do his business outside. He will only pee outside thankfully, but poop is another story. He paces when he wants out, but most the time goes to the back door now. But then.... sometimes he will poop within about 10 minutes but if not 10 minutes then not at all, not 30 and not 45 minutes. So, the first few nights he pooped early in the AM (5, 6) in the house, but he whined or barked and I got up and let them out and he recently did 1 morning poop indoors again. Most of the time in the morning I'd say it's good now. However if we go away even for 45 minutes he will poop in the house, even if I give ample time to relieve himself before we leave. We removed crates before the third came home, and foster mom said Sisko was not crated at all the last week of fostering. She would leave in AM for work, come home at lunch to let him and the other dogs out, back to work and home late afternoon I'm assuming? No indoor accidents. Just pool deck accidents. So far he has had an indoor poop accident 100% of the time we left, which is anywhere from 45 mins to 2.5 hours. We only heard him bark a little when we left and then he stopped. I put on a specific playlist of music when I leave so he learns mom leaves when this music plays but she always comes back (it worked for my first two boys). Foster mom said when he was crated, he never went in his crate. We pulled out a crate again. I'm going to try using it overnight tonight and keep my boys in a big room with their usual beds/water bowls with some gates. I don't know how this will go. I'm also trying not to be harsh and just be very positive. He's much more treat motivated than my first two. I'm trying to reward him with LOTS of praise when he goes out and goes potty especially. I have not done much one-on-one training with him since it's been one week and he's just learning the ropes of being a pet. I'd love some helpful advice. I'll answer any questions. My husband works 9-5. Usually I would be working three 12's overnight but I'm on medical leave and now full-time grad school which is all online for the first year so I'm here all the time except errands, gym, or to go out for a brief evening. But the poop thing... ugh. I do eliminate temptations (trash/chewable items within reach/bathroom doors/toilet lids closed etc.) so that we can work on being positive and rewarding positive behavior. The only thing I corrected for "bad" behavior until today was really counter sniffing (sniffing equals thinking equals stealing). I don't make a big deal out of leaving OR returning home. I read some of the other posts about people's new greyhound behavior problems to get an idea. I'd love some advice. Also previously all I did was show him his poo and sternly NO or Bahh (it's a barkbuster thing for your correction). P.S. I like and respect barkbusters a lot. Their methods are humane and worked well for my other greys and my adoption agency highly recommended them for greyhounds. I do not try to teach him stuff if he's in frozen mode because I know he's not learning when that happens. Sorry for the novel. Thanks everybody! Sarah
  3. Hi guys, As some knows, I've been posting lots of questions here, and thank for all the answers that I got, having a first rescue dog is really challenging. Sorry for long post. I adopted a sweet petit girl and now have her for almost 3 months, she is spooked. She is 3 years old. Last time we were looking for a trainer and called the rescue to have some tips, we still have troubles to take her for a walk. We live in downtown area, very noisy, crowded, lot of construction sites, etc and she still trembles and get really nervous. We also try get her used to some parks and she just doesn't sit and enjoy she is always scared. The rescue told us that we can't change it and probably she is terrified and would be better to send her back and try another dog. Truthfully, I felt offended by this recommendation.Because she made such a huge change, everyday we can see some progress, her personality is showing up little by little. I've been reading some books about fearful dogs, trying to use some techniques, luckily she is very food motivated and now we can lure her to walk with some treats before and after, but sometimes she growls, barks, cries and of course trembles like a Pinscher. We tried adaptil collars as well, no effect. I know that to her every walk must be a big deal, but the problem is taking her to outside, once she is outside her tail goes more up and she gets ok doing her path. I'm trying to make the walks longer little by little so she can get used to, but if we change sides or streets, she knows and gets really annoyed. We told the rescue that sometimes we have to literally drag her to go outside and have a walk, and they told us that we have to wait her come with us, never force anything, but if we don't do it, or try to lure her with food, she would just stay at home and pee and poop in the whole apartment. Despite that, the huge progress is at home, where she is totally comfortable, she loves cuddling, kisses, hugs, she really shows so much affection. She is very obedient and knows some commands in English and Portuguese like getting off our bed, time to eat, wait for cleaning her paws, brush teeth time, etc. I'm very impressed with her intelligence, she is good with mind games for dogs, finding hiding treats, etc. She doesn't complain when she has to take a bath, she loves massage with some oil for her dandruff, she had really bad dandruff and now she is a gorgeous black shining dog, everybody make compliments about her coat. So the question is, Am I being selfish and torturing my dog trying her to get used to walks? Is true that they have to come with us always, forcing them to go out, is it so bad? Should I get her returned? I feel that returning her is so bad, dogs shouldn't be treated like products that you just return and try another one, and we love her so much and feel she is already our family. I've been told and know that a spooked greyhound takes time to build their confidence, maybe 6 months, 1 to even 4 years, sometimes they never change and I am not willing to change her in a magical time, we love her the way she is, I am just worried cause the rescue seemed to be so sure that we should have her returned that it made me think if I am that wrong insisting in a dog that to me is so special.
  4. Hi All! After months of reading, researching and attending some Meet and Greets my husband and I adopted our first grey, a 7 year old female, in September, 5 months ago. After a few nights in our/her new home Tilly settled in quite nicely. She quickly became our Velcro dog; wanted to be wherever we were, inside or outside. She's been a good eater, no potty issues, has been around extended family members and friends who visit us in our home, has travelled in the car, and even attended two grey events in our community, all with great success. She loves her walks, is great on a leash and is really sweet to those we meet on our neighborhood walks. Suddenly, three weeks ago, this all changed. We first became concerned when she suddenly didn't want to eat, she was drinking, but had no interest in food. At one point she went and entire 2 days without eating anything. At this point I contacted the vet - a vet used and respected by many members of our rescue group - they graciously saw her the next day and I will share that information shortly. Our concern grew because Tilly now seemed to want nothing to do with us. She is distant. Before, when we came home from work she greeted us with howls, front paws down, wiggly booty and great excitement, that is no longer the case. She loved being with us, relaxing on her bed in the living room, in front of the fireplace, playing with her stuffed animals, flipping them about, that is no longer the case. She loved going out for a run in the backyard and then flying on to the deck for pets and praises from us, but that is no longer the case, Now, she is distant, She has chosen 1 bed; a bed of hers in our dining room, next to the sliding glass doors, and that's where she stays. She won't relax with us in the living room, she just hangs out in the dining room and seems so reserved - and sad. Sometimes she'll peek her head around the corner and just whine. I've tried to bring her into the living room but it just seems to stress her - she pants excessively, her nose drips and she paces constantly, We finally caved and let her just hang out in the dining room. It breaks my heart because I don't know how to comfort her. Now, when we let her out to potty, she won't come back, she tends to stay in the back of the yard, near the fence. We call her, she gets close, but as soon as we get close to her, she bolts. Some times we have to trick her to come inside. Funny thing - she's great with bedtime and happily follows us to her bed in our room for the night and sleeps peacefully. Finally, she has become so timid, everything seems to scare her, a broom that fell, a rustling garbage bag - she just bolts and then retreats. Please help us help her. I'm sad because I feel like she's sad and we're not providing her a forever happy home that she deserves, and we don't know what to do. Would she be better in a different home? As for her vet visit? The vet did a complete lab work up and in her words - "her labs came back stellar". We are truly at a loss and we are looking to your expertise, We are so grateful that we found this forum and hope that some of you may be able to provide advice based on your experiences, We love our Tilly girl and just want the best for her. We look forward to hearing from you and we're thankful for this forum. Thanks!
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