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Found 11 results

  1. So I used my usual flea and tick spot on stuff and i was absolutely dreading it. My dog absolutely hates the stuff being on him and refuses to sleep when it's on. He just moves to different areas every 5 minutes and its impossible to sleep. I also feel bad because obviously he loves his sleep! I think it's the smell that gets him the most but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a product that doesnt make him act weird? I'm pretty sure it's the smell because he does try to itch it and his skin looks fine but I think he is trying to run away from the weird smell that's following him! Anyway I appreciate your replies! Rhianan
  2. my grey had a small rash on her that has since faded but she has this dark lump on her stomach. is this a tick?? or any ideas on what it is? i tried to remove but no luck. she doesn’t seem bothered by it.
  3. Hi amazing forum folks, hoping you can help me out with some tick advice. I've had a Seresto collar on Pauli since August 1, shortly after adopting her, and she hasn't taken it off/been bathed/gone swimming at any point since then. At first it seemed to be working well, as I was finding a number of dead ticks on her bed--unpleasant, but if they're dead the collar is doing its job! I noticed more dead ticks seemed to appear when we walked in a certain area, so started avoiding that area, and things were going well. Starting in mid-September, however, things started getting much worse. I check her for ticks daily, and since then, I've been finding about 2-3 attached ticks per week. I've also found fully engorged dead ticks in the corners while vacuuming (suggesting ones I've missed have been able to remain attached to her for quite some time), and on three separate occasions I have now found very alive ticks crawling around my apartment (which is so horrifying I cannot even put it into words). I know it's the worst season for them right now, but this is too much, right??? I should mention that we live in Washington, DC, so although it's a part of the country with a high tick problem, we're in the city, and not regularly spending time in the woods or in parks--most days are just long walks through the neighborhood. I keep her away from the long grass and piles of leaves, but she has to pee somewhere! None of my other friends with dogs in DC report any tick problems (just an occasional tick if they go into the woods). I tried tightening her Seresto collar a few days ago (it was snug but now it's snug higher on her neck?), but since then I have found one more attached tick and one more tick loose in my house, so that doesn't seem to be helping. I sent an email to my (not especially greyhound savvy) vet and she said she likes Nexgard for ticks, but it is SO much more expensive and from research it seems like a lot of people have better results with the Seresto collar, so wanted to hear some other folks' experiences. HELP! Is this just a normal number of ticks for a greyhound and I'm going to have to get over my horror of them? Thoughts on Seresto vs. Nexgard? Ways to prevent her from carrying ticks into my apartment? Therapy so I stop jumping six feet in the air every time my leg itches?? Any advice much appreciated.
  4. https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/08/us-invaded-by-savage-tick-that-sucks-animals-dry-spawns-without-mating/ Posted as an FYI. No known diseases in the US from them yet according to the article, but they are known to carry numerous diseases where they originated overseas.
  5. Any advice on flea & tick prevention? We're as holistic as possible and use a natural spray + essences to strengthen their immune system. The ticks persist. I don't trust that the Seresto collar is not toxic. Has anyone used the Mercola collar and products successfully? Thx!
  6. Cooper has dug herself a nice trench under a tree and enjoys laying in it on hot days. She is on Heartgard and Seresto but do these protect against whatever little buggers that could be lurking in the soil?
  7. Merck announced that they've received FDA approval for their oral tick and flea medicine, BRAVECTO. From the press release: "Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of BRAVECTO™ (fluralaner) chewable tablets for dogs (112.5 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, 1400 mg). BRAVECTO is the first and only treatment that has been shown to quickly and effectively kill fleas and multiple tick species for 12 weeks in a single dose. BRAVECTO also is effective for eight weeks against Amblyomma americanum ticks. ... BRAVECTO comes in a convenient, single-dose chewable tablet and offers: * Immediate and persistent flea (Ctenocephalides felis) killing activity for 12 weeks * Immediate and persistent tick killing activity for 12 weeks (Ixodes scapularis – black-legged tick, Dermacentor variabilis – American dog tick, and Rhipicephalus sanguineus – brown dog tick) * Immediate and persistent tick killing activity for 8 weeks (Amblyomma americanum – lone star tick)" http://www.merck-animal-health-usa.com/news/2014-5-20.aspx It'll be interesting to see how it performs compared to Merial's Nexgard, which is given monthly. Nexgard has received approval from the FDA for the American dog tick and, more recently, the black-legged tick and the Lone Star tick.
  8. A few days ago I felt several small, pimple-like bumps on my dog's chest, under his leg-pits and a few other places. They look like bug bites. I carefully investigated, worried they might be ticks, but I don't see anything. The other night he was, for the first time, snuggling with me on the loveseat. As I made him move to get up, I saw a small, black spot move on his white fur. I tried to pinch it off, but it moved fast and buried into his fur. Then I went over him very carefully and either saw the same one or another one, which again I couldn't pinch. I took a comb and combed through his fur, but came up with nothing. Nothing in or near his ears (ticks' favorite spots). This was 12:30 at night and I was totally freaked out. I took CJ outside and dusted him down with diatomaceous earth. In 34 years living in Colorado and owning dogs all that time, I never knew anyone whose dog had fleas, and only once have I had to deal with ticks on my own dogs, that either came from field mice or a grooming place. After that night, I bought a flea comb and went over every inch of him for a long time but came up with nothing except some hair and a bit of white dandruff. If he had fleas or ticks, I'm pretty sure I would have seen some evidence with this kind of exam. Then I bathed him with baby shampoo, and again went over him with the flea comb. I cannot find anything, but he has these bites and bumps. I've washed all his bedding because the thought of bugs in the house is awful. I couldn't sleep years ago when my dogs had those few ticks. I'll get him to the vet but would appreciate anyone else's thoughts or experience with something like this. I was afraid to use flea/tick shampoo on him and will see what the vet suggest for monthly preventative. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone- I was at the beach with my Winnie last week and we both came back home carrying ticks on us! I got this new anti-tick treatment at my vet's and was wondering if anyone had used it before (I'm always nervous using new stuff on her). It's called Activyl Tick Plus. Thanks!
  10. As many of you know, I no longer have Greyhounds, but still have sighthounds (Borzoi and a Deerhound). Henley, the four year old Borzoi, had an exam recently, and was diagnosed with Lyme disease. He's on doxycycline, and doing fine. But this brings some questions to my mind: should I vaccinate the others (assuming they titer within tolerances)? What are the pros and cons of vaccinating? In researching, it seems that the vaccine is not always effective, and may cause a severe case of Lyme that is untreatable. But in discussing this with my vet today, he says this is old information, and the vaccines his clinic uses is newer, is a killed bacteria, and does not cause the disease. He does, however, suggest that if we decide against vaccinating, we should use a collar like Preventic brand, using Amitraz. My research on that indicates that it might not be safe for sighthounds, though it is very effective against ticks. We live in a semi-wooded area, and hike a lot in the woods. Lyme is a real concern in this area, but I don't want to waste my money on something useless, or worse, potentially harmful to our dogs. Can anyone with experience chime in? Thanks!
  11. So I just got my first foster this past week, yay! He is such a sweetheart but I feel so bad for him because it looks like he's has some pretty nasty fleas and ticks. So far what I've done is I have applied some frontline that the rescue group gave me, I've given him a bath, gave him a heartworm med that also kills fleas, and then when he kept itching I gave him a bath in dawn dishsoap so that I could try and kill more of the fleas. I think I've gotten the flea part almost under control now, and the itching hasn't been nearly as bad as day 1, but the ticks just have death grip on him. I have pulled off 12 ticks so far and I found some more ticks on him today. Is there a way to kill these things without having to pull every last one off? Every time I think I've gotten them all it just seems like I find more. I want them gone and I'm sure he'd love them gone as well! Oh and I should include a picture of the cute little guy as well I suppose, We've nicknamed him Loki.
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