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  1. Hello, Maybe this one should be in the food forum, but I kinda suspect it's more of a behavioural issue.. I've had my grey Ghillie almost a year (and have had lots of help from this forum along the way!) and I feel like he's almost totally settled in now. One issue that has got a lot worse recently is his food obsession. When I got him, he was a little underweight and VERY food driven. After a few weeks he started to respect boundries a little more and learnt he can't snatch etc (still a thief if food was left within his reach, but I grew up with other counter-surfers so that's no big deal) I was clearly spoiling him as a new (and underweight) dog so he put on a little too much weight (only 1.5kg too much) so I upped his walking and cut down a little of his treats (but not his meals). He's now the 'correct' weight, but his thievery has become awful. He cries and tries to snatch every time anyone else is eating - it's really like he's starving. I know a lot of greys are super food orientated, but is it normal to see such a link between him being a little tubby and more relaxed vs being a normal retired (ie not racing) weight and behaving as if he's starving to death? I've read a lot about how bad it is for them to be overweight at all, so I guess I'm also asking how much attention people pay to the prescribed weight of their hound as well? He is a fairly average sized (??) 4 yr old and I'm told he needs to be 35kg. He wasn't sluggish or anything when he was heavier, but I did notice less rib-y than other greys we know. Is it better to let him be a little heavier and more relaxed about it? Is there such thing as a husky-grey?! He has Burgess Sensitive lamb biscuits (which are complete) and whole pilchards, plus cod liver oil (he has really dry sore skin, hence the heavy oil content) so there shouldn't be any nutritional issues. He has a super sensitive stomach, so I hope it's not a problem with his food as it's the only combo I've found that helps his skin and coat and doesn't make him poop gravy Any wisdom would be gratefully received His starving puppy dog eyes are giving me the worst guilt in the world!
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