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Found 10 results

  1. Peggy, now 11, is scheduled for some dental work on Monday provided that her bloodwork first thing in the morning shows she can handle it. I expect there will be some extractions. So I'm wondering, after the anesthetic wears off, what is the right kind of food to give her to eat and for how long? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I'm a new in to this world of greyhounds, I've read lot of topics about dental issues in here. My dog was adopted and had a dental cleaning in the rescue I think 2 months before be with me, but her teeth were in really bad shape when I got her. I know it's not recommended but I scaled her tartar and now her teeth are pretty white and perfect outside. Her vet also said her teeth are in really god shape now, for a Greyhound. I brush her teeth with C.E.T Virbac poultry paste everyday, give her some Virbac enzymatic chews (this ones can be really dangerous, I always give and watch her cause she swallowed the whole thing and almost choke - Any other option of similar product? ), some Greenies chews as well. Her teeth are marvelous outside, but the inner side is quite messy and it's hard to clean inside. She loves so much the paste that sometimes is hard to brush her teeth while she is trying to eat all the toothpaste. In this forum I read about Healthy Mouth liquid, a product that you add in their water, but on Amazon I've read some really bad reviews about allergies and cases that the product almost killed the dog. I also read in this forum about one homeopathic product that makes the tartar soft, but couldn't find it online. I would like to know what brands do you use/recommend for a healthy breath and teeth? P.S.:Thanks all you guys, this forum is awesome and always gives me good tips how to care my sweet Laila.
  3. We try to brush our Lucy's teeth every day. No problem there. She tolerates this well. We even have started using a battery operated brush and I think she likes it. We are gentle and praise her during the procedure......BUT.....we currently have a foster and he hates anyone getting into his mouth. We started with the finger brush and have moved up to the regular brush but he fights us all the way. Any other tips? Also, any advise or direction on home made toothpaste (baking soda, olive oil and parsley) versus commercial dog toothpaste?
  4. Our six-year-old male, Mika, has had terrible problems with his teeth since we adopted him two years ago. The main problem is along the gumline - constant pockets of infections and terrible horizontal bone loss. His roots are all exposed - especially on his large molars, where there is so much bone loss that you can see through the double root on the teeth. He's lost one tooth recently when it snapped off when he was chewing. (He had emergency surgery to remove the roots - and ended up with rhabdomyolysis, but that's another story...) We've done dentals every 6 months, and tried gels, brushing, etc. Brushing is particularly hard because it is painful for him and leads to extensive bleeding. Our vet is recommending removing all his teeth. Has anyone had this done due to advanced dental disease? Our adoption group's president had this done to her hound, and said it really improved the dog's quality of life. I'm worried both about the procedure but also about what his life will be like afterwards with no teeth. His main love in life is chewing - I'm hesitant to take that away from him. Though I'm also worried about the pain that he's experiencing and also the long-term impact of those infections on his health. Any experiences to share?
  5. I just wanted to know if anyone has been in this position and what they did about it. My grey has severe tooth infection (had two dentals and only seven teeth left including canines). She has a heart condition and just about every vet I have spoken to would not put her under again at age 14. My poor girl is suffering and not eating enough and is starting to lose some weight. She is on amoxicillin to try and keep the infection under control plus probiotics and other supplements. Does anyone have a solution to this as any input would be very much appreciated. I am very worried about her.
  6. Hey all, it has been forever since I've posted here! Life has just been so busy. (I have two greys, Lizzie aka Pulitzer aka The Spotted Dog and Brandy, Gigi crossed the bridge in 2011. We live in Albany NY. All my siggy info is prob wrong!) My poor Brandy's teeth are hurting. She's doing that thing where she's licking and chewing at the air, and I can tell it hurts to eat. Our vet appointment is Tuesday, yay for long weekends (I emailed them to see if there's any chance they can get us in tomorrow). We've had this problem before, she has such severe gingivitis. I do brush her teeth but these past few days there's been so much blood that it has been hard. I gave her one of those greenies (the chews) a few weeks ago and that seemed to really help, but that was a few weeks ago. Can anyone recommend something to ease the pain a bit to get us through to our appointment?
  7. I just made a dental appointment for Jasper and Dr. Emily. Neither have had a dental before. I love and trust our vet, but know of someone who lost a greyhound immediately after a dental (I believe the dog became hyperthermic when coming out of anesthesia and wasn't being properly monitored). I'm wondering what questions I need to ask to make sure J and Em will have as safe an experience as possible. They have a pre-dental appointment to have blood work done, and, in Jasper's case, x-rays, as he has a mild heart murmur that needs to be investigated, so I'll have a chance to chat with the vet before the day of the dental. We don't know yet if either will need any extractions, but we are assuming it's a possibility for Em since she has worn the enamel off of many of her teeth (though they don't seem to bother her). What do I need to know? What questions do I need to ask? Thanks in advance for any advice. I am a bit of a nervous mom
  8. Hi everyone, After 5 months, Sam finally started playing with toys, and has unfortunately taken an interest in biting other things... We have a pine wooden bookshelf and he took two good bites out of it! He seems like he wants to use his teeth more and more... Our worry now is that he does not know what he can and cannot bite, so what's next? Does anyone have any tips or how to train Sam on what to NOT eat? Also, any preventive measures we can take (for example, we only give him his bone twice a week for about 15 minutes at a time, how often do you let him have it)? Any tips are appreciated! Thanks in advance
  9. My wife found this product online. Has anyone used this product on there greyhounds? If so, how well does it work? It seems like a valid product, but I just don't know. I wanted to get some options. God knows brushing can be the biggest hassle of all. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey ya'll, I need your wisdom... Background: Had my 7 year old guy for about 2 years now. He growled at me once for trying to brush his teeth, and has been agressive (snarling/barking) towards my husband when he was startled. This was long ago when we first got him, but no major problems lately. We understand he'll always be very insecure and needs his space and we don't bother him when he's on his bed. Any grooming attempted has always been done by me, only. So forward to present: I used to volunteer to cut grey's nails for my group, and often owners would bring their dogs with very long nails to be cut, saying, "He/she won't let me" and I would always think, "You're the boss, you just cut them". Well now I've become one of "those people". He let's me brush his fur, although he doesn't love it. I still don't know what to do about his teeth - tried working with him slowly on them, same with his nails. My problem is - I'm scared, I'll admit it. I'm afraid he'll snap at me. I muzzle him when I've tried to do his nails but I'm also afraid he'll growl or snap because I pushed him too far, and made nail-cutting that much worse for him. When I do attempt to groom him, he droops his head waaaay down, nose starts dripping, and he jerks his feet back away from me as I'm holding them. I always give up after a couple of minutes. I feel like I could sloooowly approach nails and teeth again, but the blockage is all mental - how do I overcome my fear of him? I just can't believe I've gotten myself into this situation when all these years (with my prior grey) I advocated being the "leader" so much and now I feel like the biggest wuss. And why after being with us for 2 years is he still so afraid and untrusting of me? I used to get a lot of pleasure out of grooming my first grey, and it's upsetting to me that I can't take care of Xilo the way I want to. Maybe I should have posted this in Behavior....
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