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  1. Hi there, a friend on him who trains and races Olympic endurance horses. First of all I would like to say, weve spent a great sum of money on trying to get Gable Warjab comfortable. He gets what I call an episode every three months which requires us to go to the vet. Hes sensitive to medications, so weve taken him off all of them (except the Gabapentin for his nerve pain which causes sever muscle spasms occasionally). With natural products, he has improved sooooooo much!!!! Ive learned so much! My friend being around enlightened me. She says Gabe is exactly like a horse! From the
  2. Guest


    I posted this on the facebook GT last week, but thought I would try here as well since I only had one response. In a nutshell: one of my dogs was showing signs of CCD (doggie dementia). I'm not sure this is really what is going on and am working on ruling other physical issues out, but while doing some research, I discovered a supplement called cholodin that has rave reviews. People like it for the cognitive effects, as well as many other old dog type issues. Has anyone ever tried this and if so, I would love to hear the feedback. Thanks!
  3. One of the adoption people who did our home visit told us she uses a TBS per day of diatomaceous earth (food quality) in her dog's food every day. I read up on this and it sounds safe and has the potential to provide some great health benefits. Apparently people can take it, too (I did yesterday). I ordered some on Amazon and have been giving it to my dog for 3 days now. Actually, his breakfast this am was disgusting: grain-free kibble, a scoop of pumpkin, a TBS of this earth stuff, a TBS of salmon oil and some hot water. Good lord, did he love it! A frozen turkey neck this afternoon = one hap
  4. Hopper's neurologist suggested we add some natural supplementss to his regimen, so I'm looking for the best place to get them - cost-wise, and certified amounts. I'm looking for Taurine (to help the seizures), Sam-e, milk thistle, and vitamin E (for liver protection). There is a supplement I could get from the vet called Denamarin (sic), but for Hopper's size (80 lbs) and dosage the cost would be expensive. The vet himself said it would be cheaper to do it separately. Where do you get yours?
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