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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have had my greyhound for a year now. For the first 6-7 months he was having diarrhea and stomach upset almost every month and constant excessive gas. I changed his food to a prescription purina one - gastroenteric formula and I also add a probiotic. He's been on that food for about a month. It's helped with the excessive gas and his stools are much firmer. HOWEVER, he is still having a gurgling stomach every few weeks and HAS to go outside and eat grass. Every time we stay the night at my boyfriend's house (where we are frequently, so he should be used to it by now) he will wake me up in the night to go outside to eat grass or will pace up and down the hallway. My boyfriend gets understandably mad because he wakes him up to and it's very annoying. When we are at home he never does that unless he has diarrhea and needs to go outside, but he's doing it when we stay the night elsewhere even if he doesn't have to use the bathroom. I'm wondering if anyone else has similar stomach issues with their greyhound and if they found out what the problem was. He doesn't have worms. He used to have them and was treated and has had two negative tests since then. I don't know what else to do so I came on here.
  2. At around 7 p.m. Rudy suddenly began acting strangely, frantically licking the floors, walls, running outside (have dog door) and eating dead grass, basically unresponsive to me when I try to call him or distract him. I was deeply alarmed enough to call my vet and bring him in after hours. Oddly enough, before we left he seemed to turn into normal-dog and made me doubt myself, but I've had dogs now since 1987 and I know better than to brush something like this off. I brought him in and the vet took his temperature, which was normal. Then he asked if I would agree to an x-ray, which I did. During this whole time he was waggy and normal. We did the x-ray, which showed that his digestive tract is in quite a state. Lots of air bubbles, stool, and a large "thing" in his stomach that resembled an eaten dead squirrel or small rabbit. Stomach was a little distended. My vet felt it was quite a mess, but not severe enough for surgery. He gave him ondansetron injection, carpoprofen injection (Rimadyl), prescriptions for famoitidne and carpoprofen and instructions for no food for 24 hours. Rudy seemed calm, happy, and doing well and I hoped we'd come home and he'd crash and go to bed. He did at first. But around an hour later when I got up, he got up too. Could have kicked myself for causing him to wake, wishing I had just stayed in my chair if it meant he got some sleep and peace. Since then been licking floor, coughing, miserable. I put on his muzzle to try to curb would he could get in his mouth, but later he threw up some in his muzzle and I had to get it off. Rudy has only been with me 2 weeks and he was stressed and confused, so he growled at me when I tried to get his muzzle off, but with some gentle encouragement he settled more and I got it off. I blocked off the dog door. I'd rather he vomit or have poops inside than be out there scarfing grass. He's been going at it now almost nonstop and it's 12:30 a.m. Beside myself. I've tried gently talking to him and stroking him which has helped him really relax and get sleepy a few times, but the minute he lays down seems to get aggravated again, licking, hacking, burping. He has not vomited again since the muzzle incident. I feel completely and totally responsible. This boy depends on me and I have been lax and allowed all this to happen to him. I feel horrible. But most of all I just want him to get through this and be okay. I have some prescription pain and gastro meds for him and I am prepared to run him back to the vet first thing in the a.m. if he still seems distressed. I just can't sleep or relax or stop beating myself up. I think I also have moved too fast with various goodies and kibble transitions that could have exacerbated the issue. I just want him to be okay, to have another chance to do a better job with taking care of his digestive needs. Please forgive the exhausted and stressed ramblings, I just didn't know where else to turn.
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