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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All: I posted this in a related thread, but am really curious for any input you all might have... Regarding Freezing/Statuing: Does anyone have thoughts about "waiting it out" vs "letting the dog know whose boss"? With ours, if we wait it out, we've learned it could be a looooong wait, and we just don't always have time for that in our hectic schedules. With the harness, I've begun to immediately lift her up and forward when she statues (it may take two or three times, but it tends to get her going). Sometimes I worry it is too forceful, but it doesn't seem to bother her and I feel she is beginning to show signs of self-correction when she starts to statue, as if she knows it's not going to stop the walk from proceeding. When she does get going I give her lots of praise and I try to be very consistent with an encouraging "let's go" whenever I lift the harness up. It really beats picking her up and carrying her. Any thoughts on this approach as opposed to waiting it out?
  2. Let me start by saying, that we have dreamed of having our grey for over 20 years. My family and I recently adopted a greyhound a little over a month ago. He was only for 2 weeks with a foster family (after retiring from racing) before he came home with us; and we learned that although lovely people, the foster parents, were very disorganized and didn't do anything to help him transition to family life. We have been very blessed and lucky that a gentleman who assisted with qualifying us for the adoption lives nearby and has been helping us through our training struggles. We haven't had pets in decades, and it is the first time we own a greyhound. After helping us for 3 weeks straight, with his separation issues, Ami, our boy, is now with us full time. He doesn't take as long to get over whining and barking when one of us leave, which is a huge improvement as we live in a building and can't have that. But we have yet to all leave him alone, god knows what would happen then. Ami used to occasionally statue when going for a walk, but lately has become truly difficult. All the tricks we've tried work only a few times and then don't. We go to different areas as he likes variety, we were doing very good, we even had him jogging while we run, he always smiled when we did that. We were doing ok on walks for weeks and suddenly he went back to his old way, stopped dead on his tracks and statue, no pulling or going on circles to reset him worked; i refused to give him a treat to get him to walk as that would reward bad behavior. Then he would pull in the direction of going back home. I checked on him and he was shaking, his tail tense and tucked in. We have bothered our friend so much we are embarrassed to ask him what's wrong with Ami? What can we do? We had to change his diet cold turkey 2 days ago because the Purina food the foster parent was giving him was horrible and had moths. So we took a chance to switch him to much healthier food which he loves it. We know that his behavior might be a little difficult due to adjustment but walking was not really an issue. He couldn't have a more loving and caring family. We've done all the steps suggested by the person helping him train but this is truly heart braking. We are beyond frustrated. The level of inconsistency with him is extreme. We love him so much and he is part of this family, but want a normal pet. We had read that this breed make amazing pets, and very well behaved, and Ami has been anything but that. We have pushed past the many times we have thought of giving him back, but we love him so much we are still trying. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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