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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All: I posted this in a related thread, but am really curious for any input you all might have... Regarding Freezing/Statuing: Does anyone have thoughts about "waiting it out" vs "letting the dog know whose boss"? With ours, if we wait it out, we've learned it could be a looooong wait, and we just don't always have time for that in our hectic schedules. With the harness, I've begun to immediately lift her up and forward when she statues (it may take two or three times, but it tends to get her going). Sometimes I worry it is too forceful, but it doesn't seem to bother her and I feel she is beginning to show signs of self-correction when she starts to statue, as if she knows it's not going to stop the walk from proceeding. When she does get going I give her lots of praise and I try to be very consistent with an encouraging "let's go" whenever I lift the harness up. It really beats picking her up and carrying her. Any thoughts on this approach as opposed to waiting it out?
  2. Hey Guys - I am hoping you all may have some advice for this new greyhound owner We have had our little lady for 1 month, and she has been settling into city life really well after her rescue from the farm. However, in the last few days she has decided to freeze up when we take her to the common dog area where the dogs of our unit complex can poop, pee and socialise. We have had here in this area since she arrived and knows the park well. She has had no bad experiences (in my eyes) in these areas that would spook her, but she had decided in the last three days to freeze on the way to the park and refuses to walk anywhere near them. It makes life a little hard as this is the main area where she can do her business. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce her anxiety on this? We have an adaptil collar on the way to assist with overall anxiety anyways, but this one just seemed a little strange Many thanks in advance! Sarah
  3. Hello, We have had our grey for about a week now. She has been great! She seemed like she wasn't afraid of anything, which was a relief because we live in the city. She heard garbage trucks, buses, horn honking, horse and carriages, people on segways, trains, boats, etc and did not even flinch. Yesterday afternoon on our way back from our walk, she heard a metal soda can rolling down the street was was terrified. She pulled me to the apartment and even nudged the door open herself. She had her tail between her legs and her ears back. We have walked her five times since then and she is spooking left and right. She is hyper aware of her surroundings and was terrified when she noticed a flag. We put her in a harness so she couldn't back out of her martingale, but she is still backing up and trying to take us back home. She is also doing the "statue" thing. A few times we didn't even see or hear anything out of the ordinary and she was afraid. She even got nervous around a fly. Does anyone have any advice about what we can do? We live in the city, so we can't let her out in a backyard and we can't make the noises go away. I don't want her to be anxious the entire walk... She doesn't even seem like she wants to go out anymore (we had to pull her out of the door) Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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