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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! This beautiful creature is the newest member of my family, she is a 20 month old American Staghound, which is part Greyhound part Scottish Deerhound that I adopted from a rescue. I had every intention of adopting a retired racer and that is what I was looking for when I came across this girl and it was love at first sight! This is my first sighthound so I am sure I will have MANY questions and look forward to getting to know some of you. I was very pleased to hear that this community doesn't discriminate to "the fuzzies" as I really want to have a place to turn when I have questions!
  2. Came across these beautiful Staghounds that were rescued from a bad situation in Nebraska. Izzy would love to have one for a friend, sure wish I could!! I hope they find forever homes soon ! http://www.hua.org/adopt-a-friend they are listed under Scottish Deerhound The organization is Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, Nebraska
  3. Ok so Izzy got away yesterday morning around 11, there were no sightings of her the rest of the day, I was up at dawn today and out looking around 8 am I had my first sighting of her a couple miles from my house, at one point she was back in my yard, I even got her to take a hotdog out of my hand but then she bolted again, long story short it was after 5 pm before I finally got her. My question is, will she always be this way? It was so frustrating when she would get close and then switch directions again, we never chased, just watched with binoculars and followed from a distance, will she ever trust me enough to just come to me? I know I have not had her long enough to build that trust yet, just wondering if it will ever come. I'm just so relieved to have her back and there will be NO more retractable leashes in my house so no one can make that mistake again.
  4. After tracking her from 8am til a little after 5pm she is finally home. VERY long, frustrating day but it ended well. I finally got her using my schnauzer as a lure, she was about 3 miles from home, I took him and some hot dogs and literally laid in the muddy field so all she seen was him, as she got closer I started feeding the schnauzer bits of hot dogs (he was loving that), I stayed laid down with my back to her and inched my way closer, when I was close enough to outstretch my hand I started giving her little bits of hot dog, she started to relax, very exhausted, she still had a short bit of leash off to her side so distracted her with hotdogs in left hand and was able to grab leash with right. She didn't try to fight or pull away, thankfully, wasn't much left of that leash. She has some pretty good hair loss on her front chest and legs, I'm thinking this is where she must have gotten tangled and finally managed to break the leash, she has a small cut on front, foot where leash was tangled seems ok, shes resting now, can tell she is pretty sore doesn't want to get off the couch! Really glad no one was videoing me army crawling thru a muddy field!! Special thanks to Prairie Prof who drove 1 1/2 hours to come help a stranger!!!!!!
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