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Found 4 results

  1. Just a note to say thanks for the great advice I found in here. It's been about six weeks since we brought home our Roman nosed, snaggle-toothed second grey, Atascocita Vain - rechristened Ivan by moving some letters around - and have had some issues that started at the adoption agency, namely him wetting his kennel. Tiring quickly of getting up between 3 - 4 am, I checked here for others with similar issues and found something so simple it was stunning. "Maybe he's tired of being in his kennel." Neither of our greys like to be kenneled when necessary, so my DW and I took the plunge, taught him to climb the stairs (with Dexy we waited until she was ready) and set up a dog bed near our bedroom. Presto! He slept in until just minutes before my alarm went off at 7. So thanks again. Glad you folks are here. Hope to be able to contribute something worthwhile in the future.
  2. Hello everyone, We've had Roxy the rescue grey for 20 months, she's 3. We've had no problems with her (apart from the usual grey traits) and she even settled with a Staffie house guest, who is her best friend. The Staffie and his owner moved across the road about 3 months ago, but we still have him during the day while his owner is at work. About a month ago Roxy started soiling downstairs, both wee and poo. It got to the stage where we were putting newspapers down on the laminate flooring cause it's starting to separate. Every time the area is scrubbed with deodoriser. Sometimes she would go on the paper but most of the time it was dry. I put training pads down but she didn't soil on those either, so I got complacent and didn't put anything down. My rug has been washed every morning since Monday this week So I'm getting a bit frustrated now. Rox goes out for a walk before we go to bed, usually about 10-10.30pm and I make sure she empties her bladder and bowels and her food and water is taken up around 8pm. She's also taken to having the bin over during the night too, so we've had to start taping it up again, we haven't had to do that for about 8 months. At first we thought Rox was missing her buddy overnight but I don't understand why the soiling didn't start as soon as he left. I'm sure many replies will be get her to the vets with a urine sample but she is showing no signs of being ill. She still can't get enough to eat, drinking normally, having her gallops daily as well as regular walks. Apart from the vets I think weve done everything we can do but I need to sort this out soon. Putting her in a crate is not an option, I couldn't do it to her and we don't have the room. Taking my gorgeous girl back to the shelter is not an option, she wasn't our first choice but once we met her we were hooked and now wouldn't be without her. Any advice would be greatly received, we've had dogs in the past but not a greyhound who, I'm finding out, is a breed way above all the others 😊 Becky
  3. I've been trying to manage this problem on my own by researching extensively through GT and using my adoption group. I've tried several things and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Any advice would be great. I recently adopted a retired racing greyhound named Buttons at the beginning of May. I work 3-4 times a week. The foster told me she does well crated for 7-8 hours. The foster has several other greyhounds and has a doggie door (which my girl learned how to use very quickly). My roommate has a dog (not a greyhound), so my girl is never completely alone. During the first week, I would take her on a 45 min-1 hour long walk in the morning, feed her, and take her out once more just in case. Then, in her crate, she goes! When I come home, I would find that she had soiled her crate (both pee and poo) and what's more is that she laid in it. She kept doing that the first few times I crated her. I watched her during Skype, and she would also be howling and barking the whole 8 hours. I attributed it to stress of a new environment. I bought an Adaptil plug-in to help out and started turning on the radio for her. She wasn't destructive, so I tried baby gating her to my room. Through Skype, I could tell that she was less anxious (less barking, less howling); she would actually lay down on and stay quiet for a while. In the meantime, I fed her in her crate, gave her treats in her crate, and made sure she loved her crate. After a couple of days with successful baby gating, she started scratching the baby gate and ultimately, scratching my doorway. I live in an apartment, so this was definitely a problem. I have tried correcting her through Skype, but since she can't see me, she just seems to ignore my voice. So, back to crating, we go! I started giving her Composure, and it helped a lot at the beginning. There was much less barking, and she seemed a lot happier! She stopped pooping in her crate. Last weekend, she stayed at her foster's while my apartment was being fumigated. Despite being a pro at the doggie door, she still managed to pee on the carpet. After she came back home, I noticed that she would also squat to pee, but no urine would come out. She would always pee on her second squate. Her urine was quite dark, and she would lick her vulva once a day. Anticipating a UTI, I took her to the vet. The vet found nothing on the urinanalysis, so we sent it out for a urine culture. In the meantime, she got put on antibiotics. So far, the antibiotics did not help. As a matter of fact, her symptoms got worse. She would pee less with more frequency. She would also pee in the house even though my roommate is in the same room. I don't think it's a house training issue because she will not pee in the house until I take her out. She does not soil the crate/house when I am present. She does well overnight Today, she needs to be crated for 8 hours because I have work. During lunch, I saw that she peed in her crate and laid in it a few minutes later... We are also taking an x-ray to make sure it isn't a bladder stone. If the x-ray is negative, my vet will check her blood work. But, beyond that, my frustration is spiking. I really love her. She has been the perfect dog when I am present. If she can only hold her pee for 4 hours, I'm fine with that. There's dog walkers for that (although I would rather not spend that money if I have to). However, what really bugs me is that her foster told me she can crate for 7-8 hours. I know she can do it! She just won't. She also doesn't really care for my roommate's dog. They miss each other when one is gone, but she hasn't figured out how to play like a dog yet. She doesn't get overly excited at Meet&Greets, so I don't think she cares much about companionship of another greyhound. I am reluctant to try letting her loose in the apartment to see if that will make her anxiety better. I don't want her to pee or poop in the house, especially since I live with another person. If it is behavioral urination, I'm hoping some Zylkene will help, but that doesn't arrive until the end of the week. I know adjustment takes time, but I wanted to hear any advice/support. Sorry for the long post.
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum but my husband and I are desperate for advice from a Greyhound Community who I know has loads more experience than us. We adopted Charlie the blue greyhound in June of this year from a family who could not keep him any longer. We are his third family after retiring from racing 3 years ago. Charlie Boy will turn 6 in January and he is our precious regal boy. The family who had him before us said he never had trouble with peeing indoors, and would only when left alone for an entire day (over eight hours). He was a dream the first week we had him but has been peeing in the house about once every three days since then. It is always at night when we cannot catch him in the act and charlie never fusses or barks to let us know anything. The previous owners suggested we lay down a child's potty training mat down (one that doesn't attract him to pee). He would pee on that at first, and he even pooed on it once, but now he pees anywhere and everywhere in the house even if the mat is down. I thought maybe he was sick but he has pooed in the house about 4 times in the past 5 months. We let him out at 10:30 every night and watch him every time to make sure he goes wee. He doesn't usually mark when he pees, he merely stretches/pees as though he is mad at us or just can't hold it. I am 95% certain this is behavioral. I know we should always give him access to water but he gets at least two pints of water in his food during the day and will still occasionally drink throughout the day. We took away access to the water at night only and he still does it. Charlie gets three 20-minute walks per day and is let out to wee at 7 am and 10:30 pm every day in the garden. We have tried everything short of crate training but as my husband is currently scrubbing our one and only area rug as I write... We are going to break out the crate (which Charlie has certainly peed ON before). The other thing I think worth noting is that Charlie would tell his old owners when he had to go out by stretching and doing the yoga "downward facing dog" pose. He would do this when he wanted something like dinner or a walk. Since we have adopted him he doesn't tell us any of that because we just keep a schedule as someone is home with him all day. Also, Charlie never poos in the back garden/yard where he is let out. Can someone help us? We have cleaned up pee about 30 times in 5 months and are tired of fearing what waits for us downstairs when we wake up in the morning! We want to get a Christmas tree but would like to keep the presents dry... Hannah
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