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Found 3 results

  1. Just adopted a 7 year old greyhound from NGAP in Philadelphia. She has done beautifully over the past 4+ weeks. Prior to getting her, she was spayed and had 3 teeth removed. My wife and I have noticed that she is getting thinner, although she is very healthy. Loves to play with her toy, going outside and meeting people. She has a great appetite and we have been feeding her Purina Smartblend Chicken. Her stools are formed but loose and goes 3 times per day. We just started adding Alewa carrots to her food. I know that she is still adjusting to her new life and had the above surgeries but we are concerned about her weight and soft stools. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  2. My boy, 4.5 yo Desmond, adopted June 2013, had a bout of very urgent diarrhea early this past week (Tuesday). Water consistency poops with immediate urgency to go. (I suspect he may have gotten into something in the snow - he currently likes to put his whole head into a snowbank on walks and while I usually assume he's just sniffing who knows what he might have grabbed up to swallow - a good search of the house found nothing he could have gotten into inside.) I removed his food for 24 hours and then started him on the bland diet outlined in the "Greyhounds for Dummies" book - though after googling, I substituted ground chicken for the beef and oats for the rice. (This past summer, Desmond had a crazy time of itching - he scratched his head and face so badly he had scabs. Finally determined it may be a food allergy. When I adopted him, he was eating Purina Pro Plan Beef and Rice. Vet recommended switching the protein source and possibly going grain free. As soon as I switched him to Nature's Balance LID Chicken and Sweet Potato the itching/scratching stopped and hasn't returned. Hence my modifying the bland diet to substitute for beef and rice.) Anyway, the water diarrhea stopped once he had nothing else left in his system, and with the introduction of the bland diet it hasn't returned. Though, his stools are very soft still. Nothing that I'd call diarrhea anymore, but still very soft - cowpie or soft serve. Occasionally it is slightly more formed but still soft. He does not have the urgency he had with the diarrhea. Today I did start adding a little of his dry food into his bland diet food to hopefully begin to reintroduce it slowly. I am hoping the soft stools are just a slow recovery from the day of runs - and feeding a different diet. But I can't find anything that says what the consistency of stools should be on the bland diet. Thinking of adding pumpkin to firm things up but don't want to mess with his system if there is something else going on. When I first adopted him he had Giardia, which definitely came with the diarrhea and loose stools but did not come with the urgency he had on Tuesday. He is acting fine - completely normal. Only issue is the stools. He is drinking fine and doesn't seem to be dehydrated. Any insight? Should I give it some more time with the bland diet? Reintroduce his dry food faster - or cut back on that altogether for a little bit? I can bring a stool sample to the vet but was originally going to wait until he has his regularly scheduled checkup/vaccination appt in a week and a half...Basically looking for experiences with the bland diet and/or unexplained diarrhea recovery! Thanks!
  3. Oh look, another post about poop.... (Sorry.) Our new guy, Mika, has had various levels of soft stools since we adopted him in December. His foster mom said that she never noticed a problem, but she also has 5 other dogs and just turns them out in the yard, so I'm not sure she would have noticed. They've always been yellow and soft - sometimes partially formed, but usually more like a milkshake in consistency. He's always had control over the bowel movements - they're just soft. He did have tapeworms when we got him, so we treated those. Negative for other worms in two tests. His foster mom had him on Purina One Lamb & Rice, so we started with that, and after a few weeks, things had not improved, so I tried transitioning him slowly to our other grey's food - Iams Lamb & Rice (red bag). He basically just had more and more diarrhea on that, so we transitioned to a different protein and tried Nutro's Chicken & Brown rice. We occasionally got slightly better, but it was still very soft and yellow. So I figured I'd try a novel protein and grain free, and we went to Nutro Natural Venison & Potato. He'd been on that about a month and was gradually showing a little improvement, though 2/4 poops a day were still runny and always yellow. He had a dental about 3 weeks ago and was on a course of antibiotics, but that didn't seem to affect things one way or another. Then last Tuesday, he woke us up barking and carrying on in his crate. Got him out just in time, and he had explosive diarrhea in the yard. Poor guy. It went on most of the day, and so I took him to the vet. Stool sample was free of parasites, though a smear showed one organism that may have been a giardia cyst. Certainly not a big infection, though. Vitals were all OK, and we put him on Flagyl and Panacur (just in case). No real improvement last week with continued runny stools, so took him in again Saturday, and they did a blood draw to look at his intestinal & pancreatic functions, and also B12 and Foliate levels. Those results are pending. Saturday night I started him on a bland diet - rice and boiled hamburger. Sunday I added some beef baby food, and today started adding a little cottage cheese. The diarrhea stopped right away! Which makes me wonder if it's been his diet all along. This morning, he has the first brown poop I've ever seen! The vet is recommending Purina's hydrolyzed protein food - supposed to be hypoallergenic. It's CRAZY expensive stuff, though. $62 for a 16lb bag. If we end up having to do that, we can, but yipes! I'd also prefer something that was a little more widely available. Anybody have any suggestions for a food for a sensitive system? Clearly he's doing OK on rice and beef. Anybody tried the new Iams Simple & Natural? Thanks for any suggestions.
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