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Found 5 results

  1. My grey recently started tucking her tail and not coming for her treat when I wipe her down after being outside. Tonight she snapped at me and was yelping when I would come towards her to dry her off. Once i put the towel on top of her she started yelping like she was hurt even though i wasn’t touching her. She has never done this before. We have dried her off many a times with a towel after the beach or the pool and today she wasn’t even super wet and acted like something was wrong. Now any time I walk by her she tucks her tail and runs into the other room. Any advise on why this may be happening all of a sudden? She also doesn’t like her thunder jacket anymore and has the same reaction when we tried to put it on her before we leave the house. We haven’t put it on her in a week since that started happening.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum a lot over the past 6 months and have already learned a lot from this community. I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I'm having. I have a 2 1/2 year old female greyhound that LOVES people and other dogs. She has never shown aggression towards another human and very rarely with other dogs (always a clear reason why like trying to hump her or standing over her while she was dozing on the floor). However, something happened yesterday that I am hoping for some help with. My brother adopted a greyhound as well about a week ago and he is a shy 3 year old boy. Yesterday I took my dog to meet his at my brother's condo. We had them meet outside and everything went great! A lot of sniffing and we went on a short walk before heading inside. Once inside things were fine at first. My dog followed my brother into the kitchen and was standing next to him as he made coffee, and when my brother's dog came into the kitchen mine started to growl. We told her no and she stopped. I called her into the other room and she came. My brother's dog followed her over towards me and when she was standing near me she started baring her teeth looking straight ahead. Again we said no and separated them. I brought her to the couch and sat down next to her. My brother's dog approached me on my right and while I gave him neck scritches my girl started growling again. We told her no again and she stopped. We let them lay down and relax across the room from each other for a while. Then we put their leashes on and tried an introduction inside again. My girl was fine for the most part as the other grey came up and started sniffing. When the other dog started sniffing more towards the front of her very quickly she bared her teeth and snapped at my brothers dog. I took her to the corner and scolded her (she didn't really react or seem to care). From there we just let them lay separately across the room until it was time to go. We all went outside as we left and outside my girl was completely fine and friendly. A complete 180 from inside the condo! I'm hoping that I can get some advice on how to get these dogs to get along because I see my brother a lot and I am supposed to watch his dog when he goes on vacation in a month. Some other pertinent information that may help: My girl has been to the condo before and stayed overnight there two times (before my brother had the dog). She has gone to my fiancee's parent's house for the weekend and gotten along great with their dog (non-greyhound) My fiancee's parents and their dog have stayed a weekend at my house and again, no issues with the other dog My dog was recently started on Proin for spay incontinence and pyrantel for hookworm. She was panting and getting a racing heart on Proin so we are playing with lowering the dose and she is finally acting normal on a low dose. She was panting and I think feeling kind of crappy yesterday. Thanks for any help you can provide because if there is any dog I need mine to get along with, it is my brother's dog!
  3. Hi guys, I'm having a little bit of an issue with my sister's greyhound - 5-yr old ex-racing male - that I'm going to be looking after for a few weeks soon while she's on holiday. My family originally had him as a foster dog, but we all fell head over heels in love with him and only last week he was officially adopted! He's had two minor issues with growling at my mum (when she tried to move him off my sister's bed, where he wasn't meant to be), and snapping at my sister when she tried to stop him licking his paws, but other than that he's been a sweetheart! That is, until he scared me today. The thing about our little guy is he shadows my sister EVERYWHERE - even into the toilet. He is extremely attached to her as she was the one who adopted him, took him away from the adoption centre, feeds him, lets him sleep in her room, etc. So when she's gone he flips out a little. So today I was alone in the house with him for around 4 hours. He was fine for the first three, reasonably independent - sometimes taking himself off to her room to have a lie down, drinking some water, or just lying on the ground while I watched TV from the couch. But on around hour three, he went and picked up one of our doorstops and started chewing on it - I then had to take it away from him as my parents had instructed me to make sure he doesn't take those. Everything goes back to normal, I'm lying down on the couch and he's far away from me lying on the floor. Then he suddenly starts breathing heavily and makes a strange, sort of howl-y vocalisation. When I got up to check on him because the noise concerned me (it was almost the same as when our old dog - not a greyhound - used to whine when she felt lonely) as I approached him, his neck swung back to look at me and he snapped his jaws a few times while wagging his tail. I hesitated, and he made this sort of growly noise which frightened me, so I ended up going into my bedroom and shutting the door. I feel like that was probably the wrong move, but to be honest I've seen Cujo and it flashed through my mind at that moment! Does anyone know what those particular behaviours might mean? My mum suggested he might have just been lonely and was trying to get me to pay attention to him, but it was scary! Cheers in advance, Glitter
  4. We got Baxter in September and he's been the sweetest dog. I swear most of the time that he wouldn't hurt a fly. A while ago, I was relaxing on the couch and invited him on the couch with me. After a couple minutes I stretched my legs out. I thought I heard a growl but I wasn't sure. I stretched out my legs again and he started full on snarling at me. I told him no and made him get off the couch. I was really confuse because I had only nudged his belly(which he enjoys to have scratched) and wasn't even close to his private area. I let it go and didn't think much of it until it happened again. Last friday Baxter stepped on a beer bottle. The cut went right to the bone, cut three arteries and almost took his pad off. He was in surgery for and your and a half and got 10 stitches. The vet taught us to rebandage his foot. And that was what I was doing when he snapped the second time. I positioned myself on his bed and made sure I wasn't sitting on a leg or his tail. I was pretty high up on his leg when he yelped, tried to bite me twice and then stood up and growled. His one attempt scratched my arm. I was no where near his foot. I told him no, let him cool off for a minute, then rebandaged his foot without a hitch. If someone could maybe give me a couple pointers as to why this it happening that would be great. By the way I frequently sit on his bed with him and he doesn't seem to mind. Thanks in advance! I'd really like to resolve this before it turns into a problem.
  5. Hi all, We got our first greyhound a week ago today, and for the most part everything has been wonderful. We had an existing 12 year old mixed breed (small- 30#) who for the most part has taken everything quite well, but a couple of his buttons are getting pushed and he got snappy with our grey twice this morning. Once it was when she got frisky and wanted to play with a squeaky toy, and once I think I have deduced was over some dog cookie crumbs that fell when she was eating her cookie. He has always had good bite inhibition so I don't think he is biting, but he is definitely snapping/warning her. We did have issues with him and my son when my son was 4 or so with some food aggression (same issue - kid dropped food, dog wanted food.) At the advice of a trainer, we have always just made sure since then that potentially bad situations don't come up. Like, he sits outside the room when we eat, we don't have snacks around him, and he hasn't had toys in the house because he is possessive of them. So, our grey girl is a laid-back girl, and seems pretty oblivious. Even a few seconds after both incidents she is tail-wagging, etc,. but I am not sure how to approach this. Is there some amount of them just working it out that has to happen? Do I work on reinforcing for him that when she gets treats, that it is a good thing? (I have been "treating" them right next to each other with no issue so far.) Obviously I interject when these things happen, and make sure the situation is diffused and give a stern "no" to the older dog. In general I tend to overreact to these things, but I do want to do the right thing. Thanks for any advice.
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