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Found 5 results

  1. We have had our lovely grey since December 2019. He settled fairly quickly on a night, sleeping in his crate downstairs. We went away in February 2020 with him and he was allowed to sleep in the same room as us. Since our return he has been crying on a morning, sometime as early as 02:30, but more often 04:30/05:30. I know the obvious solution is to let him sleep in our room again, BUT, our go to dog sitter if we are to go abroad later in the year will be my parents and they can't replicate that at their house (due to already having a dog and not enough floor space for 2 in their bedroom). So we had hoped to have a system of crated at night both at our house and theirs for some consistency. Can anyone advise how we can get him to sleep the full night again. We usually go to bed around 10pm and up around 7am. I know he can hold his bladder this long, as he used to before we went away. Thanks for reading this far!
  2. OneOnly

    Sleeping Beauty

    From the album: OneOnly

  3. Hi everyone - second greyhound. 4 days in with Edge who is my two year old foster. Problem is he is so dead tired at night he is asleep by 8:30! I have not been waking him up before bed so he sleeps right through until almost 5am in a crate in the living room. I let him out to pee but he is so excited and hungry that I let him eat and drink a bit. This morning I put him back in the crate and went back upstairs and he howled and barked for another 20 minutes. I poked my head down twice and said, "no". Then when he got mostly quiet I came down - darn I was awake!! So tired but want him to sleep until 6 or so. Am I doing this right? Should I wake him up at 10pm before I go to bed to pee??? Help! Susan
  4. We have had our current dog Essie for about a year and a half, we recently adopted her sister Abbey this past week. They got off to all things considered a good start with a couple barking incidents but not much else. Our current dog is possessive of her kennel while our new dog is a toy hoarder. Now Essie doesn’t mind Abbey taking toys from her she is actually doesn’t care. Except that this time the toy was in her kennel and this caused and issue leading Abbey biting Essie and leaving a gash under her eye. Needless to say we are stressed out thinking that we have ruined our old dog’s life by bringing a new dog in. Reading this board however we realize that however unfortunate this event is it has happened to several people and they have stuck it though and have dogs that coexist. Things we have read on line from time to time contradict each other so I wanted to get advice of what has worked for you on several topics. They are fine on walks so we will continue to walk them together and we will go with muzzles going forward. Our current dog sleeps in our room; however our new dog sleeps in her kennel down stairs. There were suggestions of the new dog should sleeping in the room with us so she bonds with the pack quicker. Should we allow her to sleep in the room outside her kennel? During the day when we are away they stay in crates. Is it okay that their crates are in the same room? Our new dog loves toys, if we have muzzles on should we allow her to have toys? When is there a time we can allow toys? Maybe have a play time when they are separated where we give them toys to play with? Our old dog seems a little traumatized by last night events any ideas on how to get her back to normal? Should we pay more attention to our older dog? Who do we feed first?
  5. Hello everyone, So, Cora's first training session with my service dog trainer was Saturday, and she thought it would be a good idea to concentrate on the building blocks of task-training first - one of those is waking me up when a certain alarm tone goes off. The only thing I'm supposed to be doing this week to work towards that task is training her to pay attention to the alarm tone, shaping towards her making physical contact when she hears it, but when my trainer asked me if she sleeps with me, it got me thinking - she sleeps in her crate for now because she's only been home a week and I'm not confident in her house-training, but even when she's loose in my room she won't get up on the bed. Today, she put both paws up on it to try and get at a baked potato (mmm, bacon ), but when I lifted her back end up on it she just stood there, refusing to lie down, and eventually very gingerly stepped off it. She's a petite girl, 52lbs, but I'm sure that she can get on the bed - it's just that neither she or I know quite how to get her up there on her own. I would try steps of some sort, but my room's so small that there's only a few feet of space between my bed and her crate and that's used to put her bed there during the day, not to mention I've heard pretty bad things about accidents with them. I'd also try food, since that seems to motivate her, but if even a potato full of cheese and bacon couldn't make her get more than her front legs up on the bed, I'm not too confident that treats could either. Lowering the bed isn't an option either, due to space issues, plus the frame I've got currently is about the lowest you can get without plain putting the box springs and mattress on the floor. I'm going to be asking my trainer more about this in depth at our next session this coming Saturday, but in the meantime, anyone have any advice or suggestions?
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