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Found 17 results

  1. Gabe is 9. He is developing a few black discolourations on his belly and inner thighs. They are irregular in shape, but completely flat. He shows no other symptoms or signs of discomfort. Could these just be age spots?
  2. my grey had a small rash on her that has since faded but she has this dark lump on her stomach. is this a tick?? or any ideas on what it is? i tried to remove but no luck. she doesn’t seem bothered by it.
  3. I noticed this odd rash on my greyhound tonight, she’s not itching it or anything...any ideas on what this could be?
  4. Hi all! We have had our greyhound for almost two months now and things are going great! We took her to the vet and the only issue we found was that she does have hookworms and we are on medication for that and she still has an occasional accident but way less than when we first got her. One thing we noticed is that her skin is looking pink and she seems to lick it a lot. Normally she has tiny little nicks on her leg/feet and she licks those occasionally but this is different as it is her whole foot or her leg and her skin looks pink. Any ideas? Or am I just overthinking?
  5. Hey all, us again 🙃 Annie is settling in great. We figured her playtime roaching was just a sign for "give me bum scratches" and complied (not the actual butt, just the meaty part of the legs). Anyway, new issue! We are $250 deep in collars and harnesses that don't work for us 😬 We've tried a cotton martingale and it's not made well so the hardware twists on the fabric. But previous grey experience taught me that the synthetic woven styles rub off fur We've tried the following harnesses: EzyDog quickfit in XL - goodish but she's between sizes and can easily back out of it when she does her kangaroo leaps. L is a smidge short in the chest strap but somewhat more adjustable, but same backing out issue. El cheapo $2 store harness which is step through, and she's backed out of it. PupCrewPro Pathfinder in XL - great, excellent, well fitting, soft chest triangle...except she's now got a raw nipple from where the belly strap rubbed. And I'm fairly sure it's rubbed a bald patch on her belly too. We've only had it for less than a week. I'm at my wits' end! Soooo much money spent on these and not sure where to turn. We'd like a harness, and a good fitting martingale, ideally that won't rub her raw or rub her fur off (also a common occurrence with anything that goes onto this dog). Tips?? We're in Australia. Also open to ideas about how to diy them to be more comfortable! Ty
  6. Noticed this on my pup's inner thigh. Vet friend has no idea what it is but doesnt think its Lyme. It's not tender or itchy and doesn't bother her. There's no swelling or drainage or moisture. Anyone ever see anything like it? Thanks!
  7. Almost a year ago i adopted my greyhound, when we adopted him i noticed he had a crusty nose, vets just said it was properly due to poor kennel diet and it would improve over time. Nearly a year has passed and his nose is still the same, sometimes the skin flakes off in big chunks and his nose looks normal again, but then it always goes back to being hard and crusty. I've tried changing his diet, oil and ointments and nothing seems to work... he doesn't seem to be in discomfort but it can't be very pleasant for him! Does anyone else have this problem/ know what it could be? here is a link with some pictures of his nose - https://postimg.cc/gallery/2332xls5k/ Thanks
  8. Hello: I am a new poster here and, true confession, I don't have a grey, I have a weimaraner. But I am looking for information from an active caring forum and this one seems to fit the bill more than any other. Plus Greys and Weims are all short-haired and speedy so likely to have some commonality in their issues. I hope it is okay for me to post here! My weim jumped a ditch about six weeks ago and dislocated a metacarpal bone on the front paw, extremely swollen etc. He has been in a splint to the shoulder until two weeks ago at which time he went to a cotton batting and vet wrap and duct tape wrap to the shoulder with no splint, to give him some support as he began using the foot again. He got it wet and I was not sure if that happened or not so I cut a piece out of the bandage to test it and it seemed dry, but no, it was wet inside. It's not too too bad, but it could sure use some improvement ASAP. He has several areas that are red and irritated, places on his toes and on his entire leg. Do I try honey or other goopy things that I know promote healing or is it more important to let it just totally dry out for a few days? Athelete's foot powder etc? Any suggestions/input/anecdotes would be appreciated.
  9. Has anyone seen anything like this? We're wondering if it's some sort of insect bite, since we found one on Joy a couple weeks ago and then just the other day we found this one on Gilgun. They're both in roughly the same area (lower back). Joy's healed after we clipped the fur around the wound, but Gilgun's still looks pretty bad, as you can see. Any advice on treatment? Or what might have caused this? Thanks!
  10. I have a male greyhound, Dixon, who will be 12 in April. He's doing really well for his age and is generally very healthy. On Sunday, I noticed a small, crusty spot on his side, about the size of a quarter, that looked like he had glue stuck to his fur; the fur seemed stuck to his skin. There was no wound that I could see, and it didn't bother him. I just figured he rubbed up against something. Over the last few days, it's gotten bigger (about 4" x 3"), and now it's definitely a sore. It's still crusty, his fur is still stuck to his skin, and it's very painful. It's not swollen at all (you can feel his rib cage directly under it), but it's very smelly. He's got an appointment at the vet tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm worried about him! I've never seen anything like this before, so I thought I'd post a couple pictures and see if anyone has any ideas. The only ideas I have are horrible things like cancer... Thanks for any help you might be able to share! Dawn
  11. Right around the holidays, Jack got what looked like a largish zit on his thigh. It seemed to pop, and now is a raw round spot. It doesn't seem to cause him pain (he lets me touch it) but he's been grooming at it on and off. Does this look like something that should be worried about?
  12. Hello all, I am a new owner and member with a few questions about my hound. As soon as I brought Veggie home back in March I noticed some itching, shedding, and dandruff, but I thought that would die down after shedding season had passed and she settled into her new home. Even though she was vetted prior to her adoption, I took her to my vet after a week to get her vaccinations on record and get a wellness check. During her visit my vet suggested 50mg of Benadryl twice a day to help with the itching and she claimed the dandruff would stop when the itching/shedding stopped. It has now been two moths and I haven't seen much improvement. She no longer has bald spots due to the scratching, but she still needs Benadryl 3-4 times per week despite daily brushing and weekly wipe downs. I have noticed that the itchiness is worse right after I apply her flea and tick medication. Yesterday Veggie got brushed, was thoroughly wiped down with water, and was then given her flea/tick/heart worm meds. She was up the rest of the night scratching, pacing, tossing, and turning. I gave her 50mg of Benadryl last night and this morning and it hasn't seemed to help. I am now concerned about the cause of these skin issues. I suspect that her flea and tick meds are causing some irritation, but what other options are out there? Are there more effective methods or products to relieve her symptoms? Thanks for any input!
  13. Hello all, I have a new greyhound. Our last one has been gone for 10 years, and it was past time for another. her name is Daisy, and she is great so far. But the skin under her neck seems very red and raw. Probably from her collar, but is there anything recommended for this? I keep her collar off inside, but it has to go on when we go out, so it just gets worse. Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone, Winnie and I just moved to Chicago from Rhode Island, and I'm now exploring the dog park situation in the area. We're actually just back from Prairie Wolf dog park in Lake Forest (http://www.lcfpd.org/preserves/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.view&object_id=27649&type=P) the most fantastic dog park I've seen so far -a 44-acre fenced area including ponds, woods, grassy meadows and fields for dogs to run, swim, and play off-leash. Winnie was in heaven. On the bright side, I'd never seen her enjoying herself that much. I was delighted to see that, even though she disappeared in the woods and fields for short periods of time, she'd always come back to me when I called her. On the not-so-bright side, she is now covered in cuts and abrasions all over her legs, including a badly lacerated pad (the top layer of skin is about to fall off, though it doesn't seem to bother her too much). Winnie always runs like crazy when I let her off the leash and always comes back with cuts and nicks, but obviously not this bad. My question is: (1) should I worry about that pad laceration or just let it heal itself? I washed it, applied some Neosporin and some Columbia vet powder, and dressed the wound. (2) Should I be at all concerned by those dog park injuries, or just assume they are normal in greyhounds? What can I do to speed the healing of those cuts and promote hair regrowth on those areas? As most greyhounds, Winnie has very thin hair on her legs, and her skin is ridiculously thin and delicate, but I'd obviously rather have a scarred, happy dog than a pretty, repressed one! Any thoughts? Thanks!
  15. Guest


    When we adopted our male he had quite a few scars, and during his time with us I've noticed that he often has small wounds on his legs that are healing. Our female has no significant scars, and rarely any wounds. Just wondering if some greyhounds genetically have thinner skin than others, or would that difference be more accountable to levels of play?
  16. As the cold weather has rolled in, Jack's been getting dry/flaky skin. It doesn't seem to be itchy (he's not scratching) or otherwise irritated. He also gets regular fur-friendly supplements (fish, etc), and his coat is shiny. My suspicion is it's from having the radiator on much of the day. Any tips on how to combat the dryness?
  17. So my Greyhound, Dillon, recently came down sick. I took him to the Vet and they checked him out and said he had Hook worms and also a virual or bacterial infection. I went ahead and had them do the full blood work check including the T4 test. Everything came back great on his blood work and the T4 level was great the vet said. So they sent us home with Panacur paste for the hookworms and Cephalexin for his "cold." Three days after I took him to the vet I noticed that he was covered in bumps. They were all over his torso and really reminded me of Chicken Pox (which they weren't but for illustration purposes I used that term.) So to make a long sotry short, I took him back to the vet and they said he was having an allergic reaction to the Anti-biotic (Cephalexin) and they switched him to Doxycycline. They also put him on Prednisone. Since then he is back to normal, eat very very well and very playful. BUT where the bumps were they have scabbed over and the hair falls out with the scab. So needless to say he is covered "pea-sized" bald spots all over his torso. Where the worst cluster was located, his fur is super thin in the area around the bald spots. Does anyone know what is going on with the fur loss? And what can I do for his skin? Since the reaction, his skin has started flaking really bad... Any suggestions?
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