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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! We have been discussing possibly adding another greyhound to our home and are in the process of vetting a few candidates. Today, we met a little black and white spotted girl, who Max seemed to like, but she would relentlessly snark at him whenever they were close enough to sniff. (She whipped her head around to snap at him twice during mutual butt sniffs). I'm assuming this reaction is NOT a great sign of compatibility. We also met a brindle boy that sniffed Max politely, but didn't seem terribly interested one way or the other. Is it too much to hope for more of a visible reaction than this? I really want a companion for Max - someone who will want to engage with him.
  2. Hmmm... I planned on swinging by PetCo this weekend so Boomer could spend some time with other greyhounds during the meet n greet. But I just saw a pic of one of the beautiful greys up for adoption that will be in there and he is SO CUTE. I tried to shake it off. I mean, Boomer and I have a good thing going. I am trying to sell my house. I am not sure if a Prius wagon is good enough for two greyhounds. I should be happy with what I got. But like a mother who sees a new baby and then starts feeling that urge to have another kid herself-- I am really starting to think that I want a second grey to keep me and Boomer company. I mean, I am done grad school. I have a decent job and a quiet stable home. My daughter is a teen and not really into dad time anymore (unless we are roller skating). It isn't like I am dating to take me out of the house much. Where did this sudden urge come from?
  3. My husband and I adopted Fonzie back in July of this year (2012) and he does not seem to like us much. He goes up in our bedroom all day and refuses to come downstairs or go outside to pee or poop.He also doesn't seem too interested in eating all of his food, unless we just introduced it. He loves new food, but gets bored of it easliy. He doesn't respond to his name or anything. Well, the only thing he responds to is treats. It is a night and day difference. You bring out the treats and he can't get to you fast enough. We wanted to adopt another one, but not for a while. We have 2 kitties as well and I wanted to keep our house at a 3 animal maximum, but I am starting to think that if we find him a friend, he will come out of his shell. I wanted to find a little girl grey, but I would like some thoughts on whether or not others think it would help at all. Based on the research I have done, they say spookies do better with other dogs in the home. Has anyone else been in this position? I refuse to give him back. I would imagine that it would only make him worse. Please help!
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