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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Our Grey is about 4 years old, and has tested negative for parasites. She poops and at first it's hard and "normal" and then the last bit is just super runny and she strains to get the rest out. I have Psyllium Husk powder I was considering giving her (not sure how to give it to her yet, though) but was curious if there are other OTC solutions? Do you give your grey a daily probioitic or anything to help firm things up? Sometimes she lays around like her belly might hurt so I need to find something cause it's not getting better. Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, We've had Cody since mid May or so, he's had runny poops from day one, never had a normal one. We had at least two stool sample checked for worms, negative. He's been on two different probiotics sprinkled on food, and I think we did the worm pills as well, even though negative both times. Foodwise, we've tried Orijen Fish (which our other dog happened to be on), then Merrick's Bison, then California Natural Herring, and now Royal Canin Large Breed. I also put him on brown rice ONLY for a day and a half, and have tried sprinkling ground flax on his food, and adding some canned pumpkin to his kibble. The best we've ever managed is "soft but formed" poops, just barely pick-uppable. And it never lasts. And that was after the rice only, which obviously he can't stay on for long. All of the above having come from reading these forum posts (and thanks!). He's happy and seems otherwise healthy and well-adjusted. We've not even had any "accidents" in recent days, but whether that's down to the Royal Canin or not, I can't say. The RC does seem to have helped his dandruff, which is almost gone. I'm not sure we want to go the "raw" route yet, but I'm holding it in reserve as a future strategy. Any other tips for how to proceed? Or a simple way to feed raw, if it comes to that? (Haven't researched that as thoroughly as other things, yet. Our boy raced in the Texas / Oklahoma area and is three years old. We're up in Canada, so the summer hasn't been as hot as he's used to, I expect. (Our other dog, a "Valley Bulldog" (boxer/bulldog) is enjoying a custom blend of all the rejected foods, and is doing perfect).
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