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Found 5 results

  1. This handsome, silly dude walked through our door with an outside wind chill of 25 degrees below zero. He promptly peed on the artificial ficus tree in the living room because it was too cold to pee outside, and that tree then decorated his turnout area for years. Happy Gotcha Day at The Bridge, buddy. We miss you every day, Rocket. (Not a sad remembrance post - he still makes us laugh every day remembering his antics.)
  2. I came home from a trip last night and found a large bump on Rocket's nose. He has a vet appointment coming up so I will have it checked further there. Was wondering if anyone has an idea what kind of growth this might be. There has always been the feeling a small bump under the fur there, but this popped up through the fur sometime in the last 4 days while I was gone. It is not hurting, as he always has me rub his nose and there is no reaction when I go over it. The bump in the center of the nose. The other little pink spot near the tip of the nose is just the color of the skin there.
  3. Rocket has been licking more than usual, primarily along the points where his "tuck" meets his torso on both sides and toward his manly area. I'm suspecting that pollen is the culprit since he lifts his legs on every bush and leans into the bushes when we walk, and in the back yard. Right now Ragweed Pollen is very high here, and in the past his ragweed allergy kicked into high gear when we lived in the Midwest. He is currently on Tylan twice a day for his stomach, and Rimadyl twice a day since he started having a great deal of stiffness when getting up and walking. His normal med for the ragweed issue is Chlorpheneramine (Chlor-Trimeton). In searching online I haven't been able to determine any interaction since Rimadyl is not a human med, it is not in the drug interaction databases. I will put a call in to the Vet tomorrow to see if he can be given the allergy med, but was wondering if anyone had a source where I can check for interactions online between these 2 since one is exclusively a Veterinary medication. I would like to give him some relief from the itching tonight if I can, but won't until I know for sure about the safety of doing so. Thanks.
  4. Rocket has a small growth that I thought was a big chunk of dust when it first appeared a few months ago. It is basically a small bump right on the edge of the outer eyelid. A couple of months ago when he kept rubbing the eye I took him into the vet and they said that they needed to sedate him to take it off. They did it that day and I was subsequently pretty unhappy, as it seemed like he was given a huge dose of knockout juice based on how he acted for a couple days afterward. He could have also just been overly sensitive to it but either way, and for more reasons than that, we are checking out a new vet who is more greyhound savvy. Our original greyhound vet at this practice left, and I just have not been overly happy about using them since. I know that others have had those same small growths on the eyelid. I'm wondering if sedation is always necessary to take something like that off. I understand why it would be, but the thing seems so miniscule that I feel like sedation could be overkill if there is some other option that I just don't know about. If sedation is necessary, I feel like I should also go ahead and have his teeth cleaned and checked out if he has to be knocked out anyway. He has never needed a dental since coming off the track, and other than some staining of a few teeth, it seems as if Bully Sticks have kept his teeth in pretty good shape. He turns 10 next week, so if we are going to ever need a dental, I'd prefer to do it sooner rather than later. Any thoughts or experiences with the eyelid thing would be appreciated.
  5. I'm curious if anyone here has experienced an abrasion or cut inside the mouth or throat and what may have caused it? Rocket is always in my face when I'm sitting, and late yesterday I noticed a small vertical red line at the back of the mouth / beginning of the throat area. it looks more like an abrasion than a cut, but is dark red. It was not there previously. He did have a marrow bone last week, but it was not splintered and there was no sign of an issue that day. He pretty much licks the marrow out of the bone and doesn't do much chewing, so I'm doubtful that was the cause. He only gets a marrow bone once in a while, and i am with him the whole time. I need to establish him at the new vet since we moved, so will call for an appointment in case he needs to take an antibiotic. Just curious if anyone else has dealt with something similar and what, if anything was done for it. The only other thing that could have caused an abrasion is a Milk Bone, which is my real suspect since he wolfs them down. Thanks.
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