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Found 5 results

  1. My 4yo ex racing greyhound was in our front yard and a small chihuahua mix crawled under our gate and well, my dog got the best of him. He had it in its mouth and I had to pry his jaws apart to get the dog free. we have no idea who this dog belongs to. It had no collar and we have seen him wandering around before. Other neighbors remarked that they have seen this dog in their own yards, in the alleyway, etc. I don’t get the sense that it’s a stray, it had nicely maintained long hair. we called animal control and they gave us the run around. Ultimately we dropped off the deceased dog at their facility. A report was filed and they told us that was all we could do. I feel so so awful for this dog. I know my dog was only acting on instinct. He of course has a high prey drive having only retired several months ago. He was unmoved by the situation, nearly prideful. I place no blame on either dog and I accept that I could have been monitoring him better in the yard given my knowledge of his prey drive. My roommate is worried about legal repercussions but even animal control said it was not our fault because this dog entered our yard. he walks on a leash at all times and we muzzle him when there are other dogs nearby. But in our own yard we just let him go about his business. I have a trainer that he works with but we had such success with him meeting another dog his size that I thought it was not so pressing to continue with that training. We still worked on his leash pulling and crate training. I have another session scheduled with this trainer who now knows the extent of his prey drive with small animals. I am devastated. I am frustrated and I am beside myself. We were told by animal control that they would reach out if they got any information on the owner - today I was told it had no microchip. they advised me to look on Facebook groups for people who report missing dogs… I guess I’m just venting at this point but I would love to hear any thoughts or advice or similar situations. Moving forward he will not be allowed outside without supervision. But even that feels futile because he is obviously faster than us and could get to another animal before anyone could stop him. Would training be hopeless? He is ok with other dogs that he meets, I believe the dog coming into our yard was a different trigger but I am now worried about any and all encounters(more so than I already was)
  2. Hello. I recently rescued a retired racer down here in Florida named Polly. She has been a little skittish but nothing that I felt was unusual for a retired racer. That is, until this last weekend when we had a large storm pass through. Although she seemed fine with the thunder, the sound of the wind rustling the palms seriously alarmed her. Unfortunately, when I took her out for a walk that evening, a palm frond fell out of a tree and landed near us, putting her into full panic mode and she yanked and nearly choked herself trying to get home. Now she's extremely reticent to go out the front door and continually pulls on the lead to get back in. I've been feeding her on my back patio so that she can hear the wind and palms and she seems fairly calm back there (even laying down on her dog bed), but no noticeable improvement on getting her out the door. Since I live in a condo, I have to take her out to do her business, but I'm afraid that forcing her to go out is only making matters worse. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi Everyone! I adopted a retired racing greyhound just over a year ago. She settled well with little needing done when it comes to toilet training. I have tried training to sit or lie down but she just kind of stares through me when I give any kind of command almost as if she doesn’t understand English. She’s very timid and loves nothing more than to be petted and cuddled but sometimes even saying her name it’s like she doesn’t understand us. Has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you overcome it I’ve tried all I can think of with no improvement. thanks in advance! Courtney
  4. Just two retired racers having a little chase: https://vm.tiktok.com/Xjj8mD/
  5. Hello all, When I began this journey, it was shortly after I lost a dog (Chocolate Lab) of 15 years. Even prior to his death I knew that I was going to find a dog within the world of rescues to become my next four-legged friend. My search Ultimately led me to the Team Greyhound Of Ohio website. I attended a meet and greet the very same day (July 12, 2014) and was pretty much hooked on greyhounds. After little more consideration, I submitted an application to the Team Greyhound website for consideration to adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound. A week or so later I was contacted, discussed what I was looking for and why I was interested in adopting a Greyhound and subsequently scheduled a home visit. During the home visit the coordinator from Team Greyhound received an e-mail notification that one of the dogs which was currently in a foster (with intent to adopt) was being returned due to an incident within the household. Interestingly, I had met this dog at the first meet and greet I attended. However, even though the Greyhound seemed to be very tuned into me on that first day, he was not available for adoption. I was asked, “how ready are you for this?” To which I replied, “I am ready.” The coordinator explained that when a family has the intention of returning a dog they do not hesitate and will get the dog back as quickly as possible. She said she could go get the dog immediately and would return to my home in about 40 minutes. When she returned we did some simple paperwork with the understanding that Andy would be temporary and considered a foster with intent. However, I fell in love immediately and knew he was here to stay. The adoption of The Andy Dog was finalized on September 13, 2014. He wasn’t immediately right at home and would howl wheneverI left him alone. Because I live in an apartment I was initially worried about my neighbors complaining about his noise. However, those I spoke to were very understanding. I assured them that this would only be temporary and that I was working to make him feel comfortable when I am away. That part of the process took about two months. It did not take long before Andy felt right at home and was consuming as much space as possible on my couch. I try to attend as many meet and greet functions as possible especially those that are close to home. It’s a nice way to get out and socialize as well as be around other Greyhounds. I would like to contribute more to the organization and Greyhounds in general and have high hopes that the future will present plenty of opportunities to do so. Andy is young at just two years when he first came to my home. He had a short 7 race career at the Mobile Greyhound Park..
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