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Found 1 result

  1. We have a sick pup on our hands We've been trying to diversify Sam's diet a little by adding some large, raw bones. We started with turkey necks, he loved them and took them well, no GI issues. Yesterday afternoon, we gave him a relatively large beef joint. He enjoyed chewing slowly on it, no gulping or choking, and he left the majority of the bone itself uneaten. The first stool he passed afterwards was normal, and we gave him 1/3 his usual kibble dinner that evening. This morning, at about 1am, he threw up, and has been doing so about once an hour (it's 7:30 where I am now). He first threw up meat & kibble, and then mostly bile with small pieces of bone, and finally just water. During that time, he also began having completely liquid diarrhea, also ~ once an hour. The diarrhea seemed pink-ish or red-ish, but it was tough to say, and because he passed it on grass we couldn't really check. We tried giving him a little bit of food to help with the bile, but he would not take it. We were also giving him a water, which he was VERY interested in and drank quickly, but he just threw it up afterwards, even when we tried only letting him have a little bit at a time. He seemed most comfortable when he made himself a little dirt-bed in the soil in the garden and has been lying down when not standing up to be sick. He alternates shivering and panting, but still seems well enough to perk up and follow a squirrel and a cat along the back fence. He's sleeping on his bed now. He's breathing normally and his stomach doesn't look distended. We called the emergency vet, and they told us that they didn't think it was anything that needed immediate attention. They suggested we withhold food for 12 hours and water for 6, and that if he continues to vomit and have diarrhea under those circumstances, we should take him to our regular vet to take a closer look. We'll probably still call our regular vet once they open this morning to get their input. I knew that some vomit and diarrhea were par for the course if we started introducing raw diet components, but this is beyond what we were expecting. Is this within the realm of normal? It breaks my heart to see Sam feeling so sick.
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