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  1. My 4yo ex racing greyhound was in our front yard and a small chihuahua mix crawled under our gate and well, my dog got the best of him. He had it in its mouth and I had to pry his jaws apart to get the dog free. we have no idea who this dog belongs to. It had no collar and we have seen him wandering around before. Other neighbors remarked that they have seen this dog in their own yards, in the alleyway, etc. I don’t get the sense that it’s a stray, it had nicely maintained long hair. we called animal control and they gave us the run around. Ultimately we dropped off the deceased dog at their facility. A report was filed and they told us that was all we could do. I feel so so awful for this dog. I know my dog was only acting on instinct. He of course has a high prey drive having only retired several months ago. He was unmoved by the situation, nearly prideful. I place no blame on either dog and I accept that I could have been monitoring him better in the yard given my knowledge of his prey drive. My roommate is worried about legal repercussions but even animal control said it was not our fault because this dog entered our yard. he walks on a leash at all times and we muzzle him when there are other dogs nearby. But in our own yard we just let him go about his business. I have a trainer that he works with but we had such success with him meeting another dog his size that I thought it was not so pressing to continue with that training. We still worked on his leash pulling and crate training. I have another session scheduled with this trainer who now knows the extent of his prey drive with small animals. I am devastated. I am frustrated and I am beside myself. We were told by animal control that they would reach out if they got any information on the owner - today I was told it had no microchip. they advised me to look on Facebook groups for people who report missing dogs… I guess I’m just venting at this point but I would love to hear any thoughts or advice or similar situations. Moving forward he will not be allowed outside without supervision. But even that feels futile because he is obviously faster than us and could get to another animal before anyone could stop him. Would training be hopeless? He is ok with other dogs that he meets, I believe the dog coming into our yard was a different trigger but I am now worried about any and all encounters(more so than I already was)
  2. Did a search, but may not have done it correctly. Didn't see too much addressing this. My new addition (have had about 5 weeks) has a very high prey drive. Cats and small dogs aren't an issue...but the squirrels and rabbits are. He recently went full force after a squirrel running across the top of the fence- with the speed and jump he actually broke the top 1/3 of the fence post clean off. On walks, he will pull, is on his back legs, and starts the horrible cough sound because his martingale tightens up so much (not that it slows him) I do hold my ground, say leave it, and give him ample praise when he gets calm again. If I see a squirrel or rabbit I "try" to get his attention...but I am sure you know how that goes. Unlike my other grey and non-grey, this fella doesn't buy into "will work for treat" unless in the house (and that is hit or miss). Many thanks in advance
  3. A little background info first. Mavis is a 2 year old lurcher. She is half Greyhound and half Irish Wolfhound, although she seems to have gotten more of the greyhound personality and traits and just the long wiry fur of a Wolfhound. We've had her since she was 8 weeks old and she was/is a handful - she has a ton of energy and a ton of personality to go with it. We learned last year that she loves to play frisbee and found it to be a good outlet for her energy and prey drive. We'll throw the frisbee like a normal frisbee but have also learned how to throw it to make it roll on the ground really fast - so it's like she's chasing something. She has a VERY high prey drive. She's fine with our indoor cat, but when she sees rabbits, cats and squirrels outside she goes bonkers. Oh, and she's leash reactive to dogs. We're working on counter conditioning and actually are starting a reactive dog training course on Tuesday (Nov 22). She is fine with 95% of the dogs she meets, but has told off a couple so we just try and avoid busy parks and have play dates with one neighbourhood dog who can handle and has the same crazy exuberance she does. So about the incident, yesterday evening my husband had Mavis out at the small off leash area by our house. There is rarely anyone there and if there is, it's generally dogs from the neighbourhood that Mavis has known for a while. Steve threw the frisbee, Mavis went to catch it and on her way back she dropped the frisbee and headed towards two small dogs that Steve didn't realize were there. He didn't think much of it though because she's been around lots of small dogs. But then she picked up one of the dogs (it was a yorkie) and started shaking it like a ragdoll, just how she does when she gets her frisbee. Thankfully Steve was close and he grabbed her collar and she dropped the dog. The dog was fine, no puncture wounds, and was walking around afterwards - Mavis was completely uninterested in it then and just was calmly sitting there while he spoke to the owner (who was rightfully horrified). I know where these dogs live, they're knew to the neighbourhood, and we're going to go check on them later today. We realized its probably best Mavis have a muzzle on in public. It breaks my heart because we did so much socialization from the get-go and she is a good, fun loving dog. So first off what kind of muzzle would you recommend for her? We still want to play frisbee with her but how can we do that if she's muzzled? We do have one fenced in school park we can use, but can only go during the evening when school is out and she definitely needs to get during the day as well. On weekends we like to go to a large park where they allow dogs off leash. It's so big you maybe only run into two or three dogs depending on time of day, weather etc. Will she be ok here with her muzzle on? Apologies for the long post. We're just feeling really down and hopeless right now.
  4. Hello! I hope this is not a repeat topic, but I had searched around the forums and I didn't find any discussions about Incurin's side effects (only Proin and I will never use it!). Are greyhounds more sensitive to Incurin and will the side effects mellow with time? Is there anything else it could be and and which tests should we ask for? It seemed to stop the leaking for a few weeks, so I guess it is a hormonal problem, but I'm wondering if it is triggering another health problem. She has been on it for almost 7 weeks with gradually smaller doses. She is 2 and a half years old, medium size, and she was spayed in November. She was leaking in her sleep (during the night and during daytime naps) when we adopted her. Her blood work was normal before taking. She has had two negative urine tests, so no UTI. She was not doing well on the higher doses. She is now leaking on the lowest one and still has some side effects. Her previously low prey drive was suddenly out of control 2 days after starting it. She was staking/whining to get at small children in the playground across the street, larger dogs, and obsessively "hunting" on walks. Other problems include drinking so much water that we had to take her out every 1-2 hours and she still sometimes peed by the door, gastrointestinal issues and weight loss (but still eating), and lots of discharge, but an infection was ruled out. For two weeks she has been taking 1/2 a pill ever other day and she started leaking 2 days ago. Her side effects are more manageable on this dose, but not gone. Her prey drive has chilled out and she ignores everything that is not a cat, we got her back up to a few lbs above her racing weight, and she is drinking less water, but still way more then before the medication. I'm nervous about increasing her dose again and the urine burns her skin. Poor girl! Incurin worked well for other dogs in my family, but maybe it is not for her?
  5. Hello Greytalk community! Have elected to post under a pseudonym for a number of reasons. I'm looking for advice about our dog, Connor, who we've had for 3 years. Apologies in advance for the long post, but I want to give all the information I can to see if anyone has advice or a similar experience. We have another greyhound and have fostered numerous greyhounds over the years, but do not purport to be experts. We have two cats, and therefore have worked hard on training fosters to be cat safe, or at least began their 'cat workable' training before they go to homes. We've relied heavily on this site for advice on how to do that with much success. When Connor came to us, he came with the understanding from the racing kennel that he was very timid and fearful around other greyhounds, and continues to exhibit this behavior regardless of how many meet and greets and greyhound-only playdates he attends in which we try and help him make positive associations. With that said, he does not approach or try to bite other greyhounds... he just hangs out and quivers, typically. We recognize that Connor has a prey drive and exhibits those signs at cats, squirrels, and small dogs: visually fixates, stiffened body, ears engaged, and whines. We cat trained him to a 'reliable' point with our cats for several weeks with his muzzle on, and after that time, allowed him to greet one of the cats. He bit the cat, who shrieked and ran, and he got the extreme voice of god and didn't attempt to chase. The cat had no broken skin, nor a misplaced hair after this incident. We started again from square one, and Connor has now lived freely with these cats for 3 years with no further incident, so we know he is indeed 'trainable'. Back to when we first got Connor, after several weeks we met a medium sized, smooth coated dog who our other greyhound is friends with on a walk, and Connor didn't display any of his usual 'prey-drive' warning signs... he was ears attentive and wanted to go to the dog, which I allowed. He then bit the dog, who yelped and moved away. The owner of the other dog and I inspected for injury, and again, no signs of injury and Connor didn't seem particularly interested in him past the initial bite. Of course, I offered for the other owner to take the dog to the vet at our cost, but she declined since he had no injury and she has been friendly with us ever since. We began restricting Connor from greeting other dogs on walks. My husband was walking the greyhounds several months later, and met a man with his dog who looks to be a large black lab cross. He wanted his dog to meet ours, mentioning he was told his dog was part greyhound, and my husband warned him that Connor isn't necessarily friendly with other dogs. He insisted, and again, Connor bit the dog who expressed a yelp, but no injuries. Connor again, exhibited no prey drive signals and this dog was MUCH larger than he is. Finally, a neighbor's bulldog was running off leash and approached while we were on a walk and while my husband kept Connor behind his legs, he did manage to again take a chomp at the dog. My questions are: a) Connor exhibits clear prey-drive signals with small fluffies of any species, which we've been able to train for in our home with our cats, but outside our home we steer clear of his triggers. When he "test chomps" (like a shark) non-greyhound large dogs, with which he has not giving any prey-drive signals, tension, reactivity, or other warning sign prior to the chomp... is this prey-drive? Is he confused? Does he not realize it's a dog until he takes a bite and sees the reaction? Why does he do this? Connor is very trainable and does well with 'look at me' training on his walks to desensitize him to small fluffies from afar. Can we ever truly trust him to greet other large dogs? We'd love to enroll him in training or agility classes but don't feel we can trust him around any breed of dog that isn't a greyhound, and yet he does poorly around other greyhounds. He gives no warning signs around larger dogs but does his non-injury bites anyways. How will we ever know we can trust him? Why does he bite non-greyhounds but then is scared of other greyhounds? Any insights, advice, or anything would be appreciated.
  6. I discovered last night that BB is totally into the laser pointer. I was playing with the cats with it and next thing I know, she bumps her head into the babygate and REALLY wants in to get it. So I go into her space and let her chase it around for awhile. My question is, her play seemed more like prey drive with the laser pointer, compared to when she does zoomies and throws her stuffies around- will she want to go after the cats? She was interested in one of them last night after I put the pointer away, and perked her ears at the cat when he jumped the gate and moved like she was going to stand up off her bed. I immediately corrected her. So far she has been very low prey drive and still won't make eye contact with a cat, but I don't want to possibly teach her it's okay for her to 'hunt' things inside the house, if that's a possibility? Should I ditch the laser pointer?
  7. Hi! I’ve had my boy Iggy for almost a year now, and recently he has discovered a love for hunting and killing groundhogs. When I adopted him, he had very little prey drive (gets along fine with my cat, small dogs, etc.), but once he got his first groundhog, now he can’t stop. He also enjoys the occasional squirrel or bird, but he definitly has more success with groundhogs. Other than his blood thirst for giant fuzzy rats, he’s a very well behaved boy. I often hike/bike with him off a leash and he follows me just fine, but once he focuses on a chase, he will not stop. Luckily, he never follows the chase deep into the woods or gets himself lost, but i’m still fearful that he might run away at the wrong time, to the wrong place and get hurt. Also, sometimes the groundhogs he goes after are huge, and he ends up getting his butt kicked. Before anyone yells at me for keeping my grey off leash, I’d like to clarify that on many occasions when he IS leashed, he manages to spot one that I don’t even see, yanks the leash from my hand (ouch) and dives on his fuzzy prey. So, he manages to get what he wants with or without a leash. Does anyone have any advice on how to break his interest in hunting groundhogs?
  8. I have a 2.5 year old, smallish male (~65 lbs). I adopted him 2 months ago. He has virtually no prey drive that I can discern. He is terrified of my indoor cat, and shows no interest in cats or squirrels when outside. He has been exposed to large and small dogs. Very small dogs he sniffs and then completely ignores. He tends to ignore most larger dogs too, and any dog who wants to roughhouse. He is polite and tolerant of puppies but again will walk away if they get mouthy. His real preference for playmates are dogs who are a bit smaller than him, but not really small; in the 35-50 pound range. Most of the dogs in this category he will play-bow to and mutually chase back and forth. So long as they know to stop and play-bow back, or show their teeth to make him back off when they're finished, all is well. However, a few of these dogs (I would say maybe 15%) he will give chase to in a way that doesn't seem especially playful. These are dogs who tend to run very fast, are on the submissive side, and when he chases them they will not engage ... only tuck their tails and try to run away more. The trouble is, he's a greyhound and they can't outrun him. My dog has never bit or snapped at one of these dogs, but he does growl and he won't give up the chase until I grab his collar. Is this prey drive? Is this my dog being a bully? I hesitate to call it prey drive because he never exhibits that behavior toward any really small animals. But, maybe smaller animals just don't catch his attention because they don't run fast enough? But then again, if he thinks dogs of this size are "prey," why would he only bully 15% and play fine with the other 85%? I would like to break him of this habit if I can, but if it's prey drive I recognize that that may not be possible. If anyone has encountered behavior like this and can give me some insight that would be great. This is my first greyhound.
  9. I took Coe with me to pick up my son from summer camp at our main public park, and these squirrels -- these urban park squirrels that have lost fear due to a lack of predators -- they are all over, but one was so bold. It came scampering toward us and came within five feet of us as we were waiting on class to let out. Coe went nuts. I held him by his collar. If I hadn't, he would have gone for it. He could be held as I talked to him calmly, but I couldn't move him away from the spot. He's uninterested in the wild rabbits we see on our street! What do you do when your greyhound is fixated on a squirrel and wants to get it? I can't take Coe to this park. That's today's lesson.
  10. Hi, We are currently on day 3 of a weeklong "sleepover" trial period with our first grey. He came straight from the kennel, so we wanted to be able to see what his behavior is like in a home before we decide he is the one. We LOVE HIM. He has been so sweet and well behaved. We are already so attached. My question is related to prey drive outside the home. In our apartment, he has so far coexisted pretty well with our housecat. We mostly keep them separated or have him in a muzzle, closely supervised, when they are allowed to be in the same room. When she's around, he is curious, but mostly just wants to sniff her butt and go back to sleep. It is easy to break his gaze when he stares and we are hopeful they can live together peacefully (but it will take months for me to feel comfortable). When we take him outside, he is like a different dog. We walked past a sleeping cat tonight and I had to forecfully push him away as he got way too excited. Then a few minutes later, a very, very small fluffy yappy dog on a leash started barking like crazy about a half block away. He immediately froze and then started tugging and jerking HARD on his leash to get over to it. All I could think was "oh god, I hope this harness is on tight enough because if he gets out, that dog is dead." I was genuinely very rattled. I dragged him away as quickly as I could, but he was definitely on high voltage after that. I guess I should be encouraged that he allowed me to drag him off and was able to calm down in a few minutes, but I'm really nervous now. We live in an urban area and our plan was to let him run in the dog park (with a big dog area) since we don't have a yard. He'll be encountering other types of dogs and some cats daily on walks. He seems fine with big dogs that he's met in our building and on walks, but the cat and the little dog were completely different. I'm so scared that we'll turn a corner and be face-to-face with a dog he wants to kill, or that he'll be able to overpower me if he gets too excited on a walk (he's 70+ lbs). My questions for you are: Is this something that can be managed with training? What should I be doing to minimize it? He is obviously completely untrained since he is fresh off the track, so I am at square one with commands. What needs to be our training priority to get him safe for walks? Thank you!
  11. We're a month in to GH ownership and I love reading through the forum. Many topics and comments help me understand our new dog and this breed which is new to me even as a lifetime dog owner. I have a couple of questions for those who would be so kind to answer: I read a lot about prey drive, people describing their dogs with low or high drive. I'm trying to figure out where our boy fits in with this. We have 4 cats, one of whom (ironically the smallest, whitest and youngest of the 4) who can walk up to him, jump around him run next to him to greet me and sniff his mouth without a reaction. The other 3 are shyer but as they emerge he's gotten less inclined to chase them and usually either ignores or watches them from his bed. At first they excited him a little too much for comfort but he seems to be getting the idea that we all live here. Bunnies in the yard get chased but not with much intent and he's easily distracted, when I tell him to "leave it alone". He does like to munch what they leave behind. Birds barely turn his head and land nearby unchallenged. Squirrels, however, piss him off, lol, and will be chased and barked at, territory will be marked and there's much scratching afterwards for emphasis. So, low or high drive? Medium? Next question is dog parks. They scare me (losing or having a dog injured) but we keep meeting GH owners who tell us that we should take him. Do they mean to let him off leash in them? I've never taken a dog (non GHs) to one because I've never trusted previous dogs on their recall. I know off-leash is a hot-button topic among GH owners, but when people discuss it, are they referring to dog parks or just in general? Last question: Does anyone use sports wrap on their dog's legs when they go hiking? It seems like it might offer protection from cuts.Or would this just be silly and useless? Thanks!
  12. My greyhound-pit mix Smokey was the quietest dog at the shelter: he never barked, never played with the other dogs. Since he has come home with me, he has built up a lot of confidence, which is generally a great thing, but also has the urge to constantly search out and chase prey. He is attracted by squirrels, birds, rabbits, and small dogs (never was an issue at the shelter, which happens to have acres of hiking woods right across the street from it). I understand that prey drive is a natural instinct in dogs, but since he's half grey, he is even more attracted to motion. He always sniffs the ground and the air. I used to play fetch with him, but now I can't trust him off-lead due to the lack of fencing on the sides of the house. 1) Do head collars (i.e. gentle leaders) act as a good deterrent for lunging and fixating when going on walks? 2) What exercises do you do with your dog to help tire him out?
  13. Hello, I recently adopted my first greyhound from an adoption agency and was informed that he was cat safe and low prey drive. He has always seemed interested in my cat who does not have the temperment to swat at him but instead prefers to maintain distance and slowly retreat. When she jumps over the baby gate that creates a safe room for her, he would initially get up and chase her back into the bedroom. Lately he has gotten better with their interactions but I always keep him on a leash when allowing him in the cat safe room for meetings. I recently went to a local dog park during off hours so we could run around when no other dogs were there. There was a boxer/pitbull mix and they played/danced for a minute and then hung out together very peacefully. Then a small white fluffy dog came into the large dog area off leash. I immediately put a leash on him upon seeing the small dog knowing that I had only had him three weeks and did not know him enough to entirely trust him with anything. The dog quickly approached him as we were trying to exit and without any signs of agrresion (growling, barking) he lunged at her and caught her lip. I had to pry his mouth open to release the dog's lip. There was no damage done but for a loss of a few hairs and my trust in his low prey drive status. He was then completely fixated and would not divert his gaze from the small dog. He even tried to get out of the car as we drove away to get back to the dog. I am not naive enough to think he wanted to apologize for his malfeasant (it's not his fault but my own and the other dog's owner). I am now rethinking his status with my cat knowing that he has this switch that can be triggered so easily. Everyone I know also has small dogs. After talking to the adoption agency they want to re-home him and switch dogs but I would like to be completely informed before I make such a large life decision for both of us. I put his and my cat's needs before my own and want what is best for them. I know that training does not trump prey triggers, but does not small dog safe always equal not cafe safe, or is there a complex stimulus discrimination that would allow him to live peacefully with a cat but not small dogs? He also has pretty bad seperation anxiety and cries for ten to fifteen minutes after I leave. He has been on a very strict schedule for over a month and knows it enough that he crates himself at the appropriate times when I should leave for work. I have tried systematic desensitization (alone training) and putting an old worn shirt of mine with him in his crate. I also ignore him for ten minutes before I leave and ten minutes when I get back. I can't try flooding and just let him bark it out most times because I live in an apartment with close neighbors. We also go to a soccer field and run/race every morning before work so he is tired (he is still very athletic). Does the not small dog safe and having a cat, as well as the seperation anxiety warrant switching dogs as the adoption agency wants? It might prevent possible future tragedy and angry neighbors but I am trying a lot at my disposal to make this work because I have become attached to him. What is best for him and the cat comes first though. He was a modest winner at the track before an injury sidelined him. I'm not sure if that helps in trying to understand his psyche better.
  14. I took Hillary lure coursing last weekend. She really surprised me, since she has shown zero interest in small things or chasing anything since I have had her. Both Michael and I figured she would hang out with the other hounds and that would be about it. We were even joking about where they set up the napping tent. Wow! Were we wrong. From the minute we pulled into the lot she was on full alert, every muscle tense & shaking from the rush. We all had a great time, watching her do what she was designed for, and are excited to do it again. Since we came back from the meet, she has been interested in anything she sees- squirrels, birds, falling acorns- that we encounter on our walks.But today she went to get her nails trimmed, and started to hyper focus on the house cat. This is brand new behavior and it made me curious. She is not acting agressive, but after I saw her "kill" that lure, I have great respect for what she could do. Since we live in the city, all her outside activities are on lead, except for the dog run in the park, and I can muzzle her there if need be. Has anyone else had dormant prey drive re surface? Is there a link to the lure coursing? Or is it just one more phase of her getting comfortable & settling in? (She has only been off the track since Februray). Very interested in your responses-TIA
  15. Jack has discovered mice. The recent cold snap got the local mice running into the neighbour's pile of hedge clippings. Hound heard them/saw them rustling about and went into Greyhound Predator Mode-- it took a very firm 'LEAVE IT NOW' to get his attention prised away from his potential prey. Now, for most wildlife, I am very firm with Jack that hunting season is closed, and he does listen to me about leaving the squirrels and bunnies alone (albeit with an exaggerated HUFFF or a big sigh ). However, I do NOT want mice in my flat, which is a ground-floor flat with nearby bushes plus the neighbour's brush-pile, and would be happy if he 'dealt with' any mice which got inside. My mum's dogs (all huskies) have all been mousers, which my mum encouraged as we lived in an area with a major mouse problem, but unfortunately also took this as license to hunt all kinds of other small things, including birds (!!!). Anyone have similar experiences/thoughts?
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