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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, My new Grey girl just refuses to go in the rain and I live in Seattle! She goes just fine otherwise and gets a treat but even with rain coat on and me holding an umbrella she won't go in the rain. Then when we come inside she immediately goes on the carpet Any suggestions? Think she will eventually go if I am persistent?
  2. I just adopted my perfect *little* brindle girl. She is five years old and basically house broken. I've had her just about a month. However, occasionally, she will pee the MOMENT we leave the apartment door, right in the hallway. I tell her no, get her outside, where she often goes number two, but then an hour later she will pee again in the house. These are the only 3 instances where she has peed in the house. Any suggestions on getting her to stop peeing in the hallway? We live on the 3rd floor. She is 98% of the time fine (she has done this about 3 times now,) and makes it outsid
  3. My fiancee and I have had our beautiful greyhound girl for over a year now. It's our first greyhound and we've learned a lot. Our dilemma that has continued throughout the year is the fact that our girl will pee, sometimes poop, when we leave her home alone. She never does it when we're around. We also never leave her for longer than five hours. Here are the things we have tried: -Crating her (she tried to chew out of the crate and would injure herself and/or have explosive dihhearea from nerves) -Walking her beforehand. She will still go on the floor even if she was well exercised. -Lea
  4. Hi all, Been a very long time since I've posted, but I'm starting to feel like bringing home our most recent pup may not have been the best thing to do. I'm writing this as I'm upset, so I'm trying to give myself a grain of salt, but here goes.... My 13yo male passed last month (arthritis eventually got the best of him), and my 9yo brindle girl isn't really good at being the only dog. So we got her a friend; a 5yo male, who, like his predecessor, is outgoing, and a silly boy. Everyone in the home (me, the missus, and my 22yo son) love him. He's a bit of a marker indoors, so it's been
  5. I adopted my fist grey a week ago. So far, she has been an angel. Curious, sweet and well behaved (I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop actually) But anyway... One question I have is about leaving her in her crate in the mornings. For the first few nights, she cried some but has since stopped mostly. In the mornings, however, she starts crying around 6 am. I assume that she is just used to being let out to go potty at this time and it is sort of her routine. I have been trying to make this time a little later, as I would rather her not wake up quite so early if we don't have to.
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