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Found 2 results

  1. We've been having some potty training issues lately, so we're working on many strategies to hopefully help with that. However, there's one thing I'm hoping people here can weigh in on. When our guy does have his accidents (pee and poop) they are usually happening in one particular room in our house. We have a tri-level house, so this level/room is not 1)where our/his bedroom is 2)where the going outside door is 3)nor is it where he spends his time alone - by his own choice. When we first brought him home it was one of the later rooms we introduced and gave him free reign in, because it is carpeted and most of the others are not. However, now we (and he) spend a lot of time down there in the evenings, and there is even a couch he is allowed to be on down there. I'm assuming the accidents are happening in this room because it seems the least like his "home" but I'm conflicted as to how best deal with that. Do we move his food/water bowls to this room? A sort of "don't sh!t where you eat" strategy? Do we move his main daytime bed to this room? Sort of all but force him to hang out in this room so that it becomes part of what he thinks of as his home? Or do we lock him out of this room unless we are home? We clean up with an enzyme cleaner every time, and he's not a big pee marker, but we also aren't professional carpet cleaners (and I hesitate to pay for one until these issues are resolved). Do we lock him out until we can really clean out the smells of his handy work? Any tips or tricks for untraining this area would be greatly appreciated!
  2. About 4 months ago I adopted my best friend Bolt from the McGregor Greyhound adoption cent in Birmingham, AL - seriously best decision I have made in a long time. My carpet disagrees however. There are neon yellow stains everywhere no matter what cleaning solution I use - even my carpet shampooer doesn't do much good on them. I need help training my dog! I am a PhD student and do most of my work at home however I am gone about six hours a day during the morning/early afternoon. It never fails that I come home to a pee spot. At first I thought I wasn't taking him out often enough but this morning before I went to work out at the gym (5:30am) I took him out to go potty. He took a solid pee. 45 minutes later when I returned (no food or water given) he had peed again right on the carpet. I came home after school ~ 4 hours later and he peed on the carpet again. 30 minutes before writing this I took him outside and he went number 2. We walked around a bit more and nothing happened. 15 minutes later he pees on the carpet. Generally he usually only messes the carpet when I am not home, unless I haven't taken him out enough (guilty a few times). Rarely does he go number 2 in the house. Some people suggest crating the dog while I am gone, but when I put him in his cage he freaks out and usually goes number 1 and 2 in the cage and kicks everywhere, destroys whatever blanket is in there, and ends up making a bigger mess than if I left him out of the cage. He has the most concentrated pee I have ever seen - I'm surprised it doesn't eat holes in my carpet. I constantly keep water in his bowl bc I am afraid he is dehydrated; he seems to rarely drink water though. Is there anything I can start doing to try to stem this problem? And crate train him? Desperate student here.
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