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Found 4 results

  1. Our 10 year old Greyhound River is healing from an amputation of her outer right toe on the front left leg. Her bandage got wet. More context is below. What do I do?! About seven nights ago, she came inside limping. I checked her and thought maybe she stepped on something but didn't notice anything aside the limp. We called the vets and despite greyhounds being notorious for cancer in their legs and paws, they told us to wait another day and come in if she was still limping. Her left front paw was swollen the next day. We took her to the vets last Wednesday and the outer right toe was broken. She has surgery on Thursday and came home a few hours after. A splint and bandage would take 6 to 8 weeks of miserable healing and the doctor suggested a toe amputation, which would heal much faster and be better for her in the long run due to her age and the fact that limping around in a splint for 8 weeks when we are moving to a property with 2 acres of land would torture her. They amputated the toe on Thursday and she has been wearing a thick bandage since. I woke up this morning to rain and put on a sandwich baggy as best as I could, but it fell off and now its wet. I called my mother, whose away at the moment, and she told me it would be fine. I asked her to call the vets since I'll be going to a doctors appointment at 10 am. She said it would be fine and I told her it wasn't suppose to get wet, that it could cause infection, make her more uncomfortable and miserable, etc. Its only been four days! She has been taking a pain pill once a day and an antibiotic twice a day. What should I do? I'm so scared! I feel like an idiot.
  2. Hi Friends, it has been awhile, but I was hoping someone could help. Not sure if this should be in health/ or behavior... In May, my boy passed away, leaving my girl as an "only" grey. (I had Lexy and Gunner for 8 years) I knew she would not do well, so we got a new boy to keep her company. Within a few weeks, my girl, Lexy was diagnosed with Osteo. Lexy went to the bridge on July 31st. Leaving my new boy all by himself. My new boy is four years old. I am working on getting a friend for Clipper, but it might take a few weeks. In the meantime, just after Lexy died, Clipper had a very bad bout of diaherria. He was on Metronidozole, and it seems to have cleared up. We did blood work, and poopy testing, and all seems fine. What I don't like is his mood. When he first came he was happy go lucky and bouncy. I don't know if this is depression, or something else, and I could use some advice. He only gets excited when we go for a walk, or go in the car. He barely plays. His stamina seems to be way off, as is his appetite. A short walk in the park, and he comes home and sleeps. When he lays down, he grunts like he just ran a marathon. He is no longer on any meds. We are actively pursuing getting Clipper a friend, but it may take a few weeks. Does anyone have any advice?
  3. On Thursday, Lucy jumped up on our fence after a squirrel and got a big, ugly gash along the back of her leg. It required an e-vet visit and several stitches. The vet told us to restrict her activity, but after trying (and failing) multiple times to get her to do her business on leash, we (stupidly) caved and decided we could let her go in the back yard, closely supervised. Of course, "closely supervised," means nothing when a greyhound sees a squirrel, and yesterday afternoon she saw one and tore across the yard after it before we could react. She not only ripped all of her stitches out, but she also tore a wider gash. Four hours at the e-vet, a minor surgery and several hundred dollars later, she has even MORE stitches and is on HIGHLY restricted activity for 2-3 weeks. NO unleashed activity, NO actual walks - just short trips to the yard to (please, for the love of #$#@#!) pee and poop. The problem is, she's still absolutely refusing to go. We've tried hooking three leashes together to try to give her some privacy - nope. We've also tried leash walking her in the back yard, circling around the spots where she always goes - nope. In the last day and a half, she's gone...one full pee and a short "marking" pee, and that's it. She usually pees 5-6 times a day and poops once or twice. She will (usually) pee and poop on command in the back yard, but on leash, she just ignores us. She's VERY independent and stubborn. She's not at all food motivated or a people-pleaser, so big parties or treats when she does go won't work. Any tips? Anyone else faced this with an extremely stubborn dog? We have 2-3 more weeks of this ahead of us, and I'm going to Lose. My. Mind.
  4. So my Greyhound, Dillon, recently came down sick. I took him to the Vet and they checked him out and said he had Hook worms and also a virual or bacterial infection. I went ahead and had them do the full blood work check including the T4 test. Everything came back great on his blood work and the T4 level was great the vet said. So they sent us home with Panacur paste for the hookworms and Cephalexin for his "cold." Three days after I took him to the vet I noticed that he was covered in bumps. They were all over his torso and really reminded me of Chicken Pox (which they weren't but for illustration purposes I used that term.) So to make a long sotry short, I took him back to the vet and they said he was having an allergic reaction to the Anti-biotic (Cephalexin) and they switched him to Doxycycline. They also put him on Prednisone. Since then he is back to normal, eat very very well and very playful. BUT where the bumps were they have scabbed over and the hair falls out with the scab. So needless to say he is covered "pea-sized" bald spots all over his torso. Where the worst cluster was located, his fur is super thin in the area around the bald spots. Does anyone know what is going on with the fur loss? And what can I do for his skin? Since the reaction, his skin has started flaking really bad... Any suggestions?
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