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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, Following on my thread about Greta going to vet for limp, weird scaling issues in her ear, I'm wondering about Vectra flea medicine. Our vet, whom I trust empirically, recommended Vectra today because Frontline didn't do anything for our poor girls' fleas this month! Coming home after we'd already given them the dose of Vectra (which, btw, is $$$), I see on Greytalk that there's some controversy abt the safety of Vectra on greys. That aside (it's too late), it does get me concerned about how toxic these topical flea medicines are. I'm 5 mo pregnant and was so reluctant to expose MYSELF to chemicals and poisons in my first trimester, that we let the spring go by without putting topical flea meds on our dogs until June. Then at a friend's today, I learned that their dog takes a pill form of flea preventative. I'd never heard of such a thing! What brand is the pill form? Does it work on greys and do you need prescription? I'm all ears. The Vectra liquid makes such a big deal about not getting it on you, your clothing, your furniture, etc. It must be really poisonous. And of course now I'm paranoid about "did they jump up on our bed while we were gone?" "did she just rub against my leg?" How many hours/days do you have to wait before feeling like you can hug and kiss on your greyhounds again? That residue seems to take forever to dry up /evaporate :puke
  2. Hi all. Since I found out that Brady has hookworms, I've been looking for ways to disinfect my yard safely and came across this product in my research. It's all natural, but effectively kills bugs, including parasitic worms. I had planned on dusting my yard where Brady 'goes' and his bedding with it, but then I found this food grade supplement at Tractor Supply (my new favorite store) and was wondering if anyone ever heard of or have used it as a dewormer or supplement? It even kills fleas and, I think, ticks, so it might be a good idea to dust the fur with it before hiking, etc. http://new.vetinfo.com/treating-dog-hookworm-diatomaceous-earth.html http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/red-lake-earthreg%3B-diatomaceous-earth-with-calcium-bentonite-20-lb I would never give Brady any supplement without first discussing with his vet, but was curious if anyone else has heard of this product.
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