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Found 15 results

  1. Forgive the length of this! My greyhound Molly is 11 and quite small (45 lb). We go to an integrative veterinary practice and her regular vet does not do surgery; in fact, outside vets do many of the surgeries. My girl has had previous dentals without problems. Her teeth needed a clean, so we scheduled one for Jan. 11th. I was allowed to wait during the procedure. She was scheduled for 8am and so we went. I was told at 8:45am that, due to her being a greyhound, with "notoriously dirty teeth," her dental needed to be last in the surgery suite. I could leave her there, or take her home and return at noon. So we went home and were back at noon (still no food or water for her). She was sedated and taken in. We were given updates by the surgical vet tech (whom I know, and works there). But it was taking an hour to scrape here, an hour to scrape there, and finally she needed a large molar pulled. At 4pm, she was carried out to us, still very loopy. In 30 minutes, she was up and walking. She was discharged at 5:30p. Some of this seems like just rudeness and poor planning (they knew Ms. Dirty Teeth had the 8am appointment!), and some like something else was going on alongside of her dental. I understand that emergencies happen, but no one said a word. I saw very little of the vet after the dental. My girl is now peeing like crazy (every 2 hours -- she can hold it overnight for about 6 hrs). She was on soft food for 2 weeks, it’s cold and dry where we live, and she isn’t getting out for her usual walks with the snow. But – am I missing something? Her two week follow up (different vet) was fine. I had her tested for a UTI (neg) and her kidney values are okay. Extended anesthesia? Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I adopted a 3 year old male greyhound five days ago. First day went really well great on walks, toileting fine all was good. Second day started freezing on walks and sometimes refusing to go outside. Third day was difficult to get him to go far at all. Fourth day followed advice from the rescue centre about being firm and in control using gentle pressure on lead and we got on great all walks went well but then couldn't get him to go out last thing at night. This morning I managed eventually after his breakfast to get him to go out and then at 10.30am we went for another short walk. Since then he has gone to the back door several times and let me get us both ready but then he won't go out the door or will only stand on the step just outside the door. He won't even go down the steps into the garden so he hasn't been to the toilet for about 8 hours.
  3. Our new hound (4 yr old male, former racer, gotcha day Aug18 2018, second grey we've had) has been such a great dog so far, EXCEPT for first thing in the morning. He waits for our alarm to sound before he gets up (and wants us up), but when he does he's so uncontrollably excited that he's a bit of a hazard to himself and us. At first it seemed more about getting fed because he'd calm down quite a bit after his breakfast and calmly go outside, but lately he is developing a habit of beginning to pee (dribbling or even just giving in and going), before we feed or can even get the coat on to let him out into the yard! We're right there to do the big "NO" and open the door sans coat, but definitely need some ideas for the best way(s) to remedy the situation. We've switched to letting him out immediately (and breakfast afterward) but he remains a maniac. Before this, we'd been working on calming him down by asking him to lie down (into sphinx) before we'd fill his bowl/open the door. He does pretty well obeying the command but now the pee will start flowing while he's in sphinx so that's a non-starter. It's getting cold here (Wisconsin) so we need to be able to get the coat on before he pees and we'd obviously like for the pee to happen outside. Secondary to that, we'd like to figure out how to train him to calm down during this time, because it is only a matter of time before his morning antics cause an injury to himself or one of us. My first thought is to put a belly band on him before bed and to take it off right before we open the door for him in the morning, but is the belly band going help train the "don't pee in the house" behavior? Or is it just a band-aid to save our floors? How do we train "calm down" when the only time the command is necessary is when he's so amped up that he can't focus and pees in the house? One thing that concerns me is that when he pees (outside) he takes FOREVER, longer than any dog I've had or known. This guy could win contests, I swear. His stream becomes weak & slow right away and then it's like he's peeing in morse code, starting and stopping (he doesn't move around or mark). He's not a marker on walks or in the yard (or in the house), he just stands and waits for it to all come on out. He's been that slow that since we got him, which concerned me initially but the urinalysis done in Sept came back clear. It feels behavioral because it is only happening at one time of the day, but his slow flow also has me worried that it could be medical, despite the uneventful test and nothing else of note. Thoughts?? Hopefully anticipating some questions that might be asked (can you tell how much time I spend on GT?): He seems to drink a normal amount, the dish is usually not dry at feeding time when we refill, but we'll start keeping better track of how much water we're giving/he's getting. He had a urinalysis in mid Sept which did not show anything significant. He definitely has the ability to hold it for 8-9 hrs, and does not get this hyper or leaky at any other time, like when we come home from work, etc.
  4. Hi all! We just adopted a 3 year old greyhound on Monday and it all has been going well so far, until last today. She peed in the house, even after we took some hefty 15 minutes walks! Is this something that is occuring because she wants to mark her territory? Or do you think that its because she is nervous? Any tips/tricks will help! We are first time dog owners :0) Thank you!
  5. Our boy Kingston is a sensitive soul, and this 4th of July was more strenuous than usual. The big boomers are not legal in our area of Colorado, but they persisted nonetheless. Since the beginning of July (they seem to start earlier every year, like Christmas adverts), the pops and bangs have been throwing him off. The 4th was the worst, of course, and caused him some real anxiety. We knew the 4th week was going to be difficult (he joined our home in June 2016, and we handled our 1st July without too much trouble), and tried to be prepared (music, blankies, some all natural calming gels). We had our basement open to him, and he spent a good portion that week and weekend in there on his blanket, panting (not unexpected, same reactions to the bad thunderstorms). But now, he's been having issues with messing in the house. We've gotten back to the same routine as far as evenings go, and our day-to-day hasn't changed at all (I work all day, 7:45-5:00, DW gone 8-12:30 or so, then from 1:30 to my getting home at 5:00), but he's been having issues holding his pees. Sometimes it's in the morning, sometimes after lunch before dinner. A few times it's been overnight, when he's refused to go out after dinner, and we haven't forced him outside. Not sure we have access to high-enough value treats to get him out on these nights when he just WON'T. We've had a heck of a time getting him outside in the evenings since then. We reward him when we do get out and he does his business, but have read about caution around baiting him to get outside. Right now it's just been a struggle with a month of cleaning supplies, pee stains, and less than adequate sleep (when trying to catch him getting up so we can get outside). This change in behavior has been giving us a lot of grief, especially with the heat every day and DW being pregnant. Does this increase in messing sound like a stress/behavioral issue that may resolve with time, or do we need to take some specific action to get everything back on track?
  6. Help! Our 5.5 y.o. has started peeing in the house after being housebroken for a year and a half. He has been checked out by the vet w/no medical issues. He doesn't ever lift his leg when we're with him, but he seems to do it the minute we leave the house (even if we're just in the garage or yard). We know that the problem must be separation anxiety and we are working on that... but I find it so odd that he is lifting his leg after a year and a half of being totally housebroken. We have not had any lifestyle changes. Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts?
  7. Hello all! I have had my wonderful brindle boy for a year and a half now. Sometimes he would drink a lot of water (excessive, without stopping) and then we'd have to take him for a walk afterward. Then, he urinates for a very long time when outside. (On regular walks, he prefers to mark everything we pass). He only does this when we are home, and we are able to time his next walk for him to relieve himself. Once in a while, we didn't notice him drinking excessively and he peed in the house (usually on our living room rug that is easy to wash). When it happened indoors a few times, we took him to the vet, testing his urine and blood and they found nothing (no signs of kidney issues or diabetes). However, it has gotten worse to the point that he has peed in the house 3 times this week. It's honestly not that much more water than he normally drinks, and yet he goes in the house. He is so good about holding his bladder normally. We've talked to the vet about it this week, and because we did tests, we all seem to think it's behavioral. Does anyone have experience with this? Anything we can do to help him? We think it could be a habit that we can break, but we aren't sure how to remedy this. I appreciate any experiences, thank you!
  8. I have sooooo been avoiding starting this thread. Partly, I wanted to try to narrow down the behaviors (get to the root and all that) and partly because I didn’t want to have to catalogue all of it but….. Main issue: peeing (his not mine) where it isn’t appropriate, namely inside house, crate and car. (You want a laugh about the car – check this outWithout too much detail, maybe I can streamline this discussion. There seem to be two factors at work here: (1) his drinking habits and (2) the combination of his subtle signs (“excuse me, I glanced in the direction of the door, twice what more do you want me to do?”) and his nonchalant attitude of “hey, if you can’t read my mind, then you can mop the floor”. This is coupled with a relatively high intellect, a placid disposition (we’ll be in training for therapy dog soon), and a high desire to go to work with me whenever possible. His drinking habits (which seem to mirror the track) are camel-like, large quantities, twice a day (followed by several pee sessions. If I let him drink what he wants in the morning and let him have a couple long piddles before I leave for work, I could not be gone for more than two hours before he pees again in or out of the crate, with or without a belly band). On days when I take him to work, I limit his water (as much as he wants the night before, some in his kibble that morning, some available in my office – which he has no interest in). I hate the thought of limiting any animal’s water intake but he truly seems uninterested in his office water dish. Then, we came home. He drank a lot. We both took a nap, during which he got up and peed on the floor – a lot. It was so light in color and odor it I couldn’t identify it as urine until I had eliminated (no pun intended) every other possibility I even checked the ceiling for a leaky roof! Mercury has been with use about 7 months. He’s 3 years old, seems very healthy (complete with some SA and greyhound stubbornness), and just had a urine culture which came back normal except low specific gravity (some days his pee is nearly waterlike, other days quite dark which fits his camel-like tendencies). Can you change a dog’s drinking habits to better suit your preference for his bathroom habits? How can you strengthen his desire to hold it or his misgivings about peeing in the house/car/crate? (Even catching him in the act seems to have no effect.)
  9. A year and a half ago, my wife and I got two very young rescue greyhounds. They are brother and sister and also litter mates. Next month they will be four years old. Over the summer we put up a very large fence and put in a very large dog door so they can go outside anytime they wanted. We had a problem before summer of him peeing in the house. He did it for about a month and then stopped. He would have his accidents every now and then when we would change furniture around or broke our routine. We just thought it was the boy not liking change. Now that the fence is up we didn't have many accidents until late last month. Every since then, it seems to be a daily thing with him. He has his spots he likes to pee in. One is under our coats by the door and the other is right in front of my media center computer which is now rusting from his pee splashing on it. We thought it was because of the holidays at first. Our routines were all over the place. But now, everything has settled down and he is still doing it. I even went as far as cutting out the square of carpet he likes to pee on and replace it. Thinking there was some scent left over, I cleaned the floor underneath as much as possible next to using industrial cleaner. Considering he can go outside anytime he wants, we just don't know why he is do it. My wife and I are out of ideas. If it is anxiety, we really don't know what to do about that. He is more or less indifferent to his sister and there is no way we can bring another dog into the house because he would kill it. Maybe if I know why, I could try to fix it. We really don't want to crate him again. Any ideas on why he is doing this?
  10. Sparks underwent a light general anaesthetic on Wednesday for another epidural steroid shot (for LS). He is *so* much brighter and moving so much easier already, so I'm delighted. I'm a wee bit concerned (pardon the pun) that since the anaesthetic he has been peeing like a racehorse. I mean literally for a minute or more, several times a day... and for his evening "last call" walk he didn't even bother doing his pee on everything trick, he went 5 metres from the back door to the nearest patch of grass and thoroughly drowned it. I hadn't noticed an increase in water intake, but this afternoon he was slogging it down. And the other worrisome bit is he suddenly appears very ribby. He was at his ideal weight when we took him in (29.5kg). Is it possible something in the anaesthetic had a diuretic effect? Is this normal? Need I be concerned about his kidney function?
  11. This topic is just an observation we've had in hopes it might help someone else. I don't know if there has been a topic about this already. Our Ambi has continuing peeing accidents indoors. If he has to go out he needs out RIGHT NOW otherwise there's an accident. He can not go more than 5 hours during the night and usually wakes us up to let him out. The evening routine was to let him out at 6, 8, 10 and midnight to try to empty him out. He has had many tests, it's not a UTI, or anything like that, we had decided it was behavioral, until his recent annual exam. Sitting in the waiting room it all of a sudden it popped into my head that maybe the salt content of his kibbles might have something to do with it. I mentioned it to the vet and we decided to check into it. Sure enough his kibbles had SALT listed as one of the top 10 ingredients! So in the last week we have changed his food. This long weekend we got to sleep in! He did not wake us up at 5 AM - we had to push him out the door at 7 AM- and there have been no accidents. It's in the early days, but I feel that the salt content of his kibbles was the culprit to the peeing accidents! Tin
  12. Hi all --I've been reading this forum for a long time but this is my first post. Thanks for all your wisdom so far and for reading my long story! My wife and I adopted a grey in January of this year. We got a sweet 6-year old female, who had been racing up until October last year. She loves people and is generally very mellow and quiet. In the months after bringing her home we experienced the usual greyhound separation anxiety. She would follow us from room to room, and when we left her alone she'd cry and pee on the floor. But we worked trough it with alone training, and after about two months month got her comfortable enough to leave alone for the day; usually from 10 am to 6pm, with a 2:00 visit from a dog walker. She hated being crated while alone, but she was ok if we left her on her bed in our living room: I leave a web cam running while we're gone, so I could see that most of the time she slept all day, and never seemed particularly anxious. But about once a week she'd get anxious late in the afternoon (after her walk) and would pee on the floor. After we'd had her about 6 months, she settled into the daily routine, and only had "accidents" maybe once every two weeks, usually only when we came home from work a little late. The web cam showed her sleeping and relaxed the rest of the time. We were happy with the progress, but still had a problem: She got very upset if there was a deviation in her schedule and we tried to do something like leave her home alone at night; she was fine being alone for 8 hours during the day, but if we left her for even an hour after dark, she'd spend much of the time pacing and staring at the door --and inevitably, peeing on the floor. Then, four weeks ago, I changed jobs and started working from home. I'm not home every day, but the change in routine seems to have wrecked her progress; now, when I do leave her during normal work hours, she gets upset and pees on the floor. Before I go, I give her a kong full of peanut butter; she quietly eats it, and then about ten minutes later, she gets up, walks around the room, and pees on the floor, usually in the same space. Then she spends the rest of the day taking short naps, pacing, and staring at the door. Finally, last week I went out of town, and while my wife was still home and we still had the dog walker, my absence seems to have really upset our girl; on Friday, she took a poop in her usual pee spot. She's never pooped in the house before. I got home on Monday, spent Tuesday working from home, and then left her alone again today; once again, she took a poop right in the same spot. I watched the web cam video, and it wasn't an "accident" -- she did it right after I left for the day, after finished her kong. We've taken her to the vet, and she has no medical problems that might be causing her to go. We plan to keep working on alone training, and I'm trying to keep to a schedule where she's alone for the same hours every day. But in the meantime, I don't know what to do about her going to the bathroom in the house. I live in a rental unit with hardwood tile floors, and the tiles are turning black and curling up on the edges in the spot where she always goes. They've gotten soaked so often over the last six months, I'm sure my regular dosing with Nature's Miracle doesn't really work; her urine has likely seeped down in the cracks between tiles and collected on the concrete underneath. I can't always smell it, but I'm sure she can. I'm telling you all this, because I'd like to know: Has anyone else dealt with this kind of long-term SA, and things getting worse after they'd been looking much better? What did you do? Until her behavior changes, what can I do to keep her destroying our floor? Would it hurt her progress if I put down a puppy pad? Any other advice you have is welcome!
  13. So my GH has learned a new trick... she pees on our bed when I have to leave her in the house. Its happened two times in the last week. I know she doesn't have to go and I know she is still a bit anxious when I leave (barks for a bit then gets quiet). Suggestions? She doesn't eat when I leave (haven't found one she loves yet...she isnt interested in peanut butter) and I was thinking of crating her at this point. We havent done that because I do leave her infrequently. Could this do more stress than good? Other simple cause? Its gotten dramatically warm... could be the issue.... who knows! Thanks! pj
  14. Good grief. We've had quite the week with our newish (6 weeks) greyhound. So far in the past few days, we've had gash on leg, loose poop on rug, trip to the vet, put on antibiotics, and now, she peed in the crate today. She was only in there a couple of hours, but she is muzzled, and I am wondering if she was just bored/frustrated since she can't chew or anything. There is a tiny possibility that our other, smaller dog went in there and did it -- but I don't think so. I just happened to walk by and notice it was wet/stained. The only other time she peed in the house was first thing in the morning when she came downstairs and couldn't hold it. I have let her out a ton - so wondering what gives. Any words of wisdom? I am feeling depressed. The first month went so well!
  15. I caught Jack marking the couch. He has usually been clean in the house, with some exceptions when I first got him (and he was afraid of the neighbours, long story) and an instance of fear-peeing himself. No idea what to make of this or how to stop him-- he showed guilt upon being scolded in the act, but not much.
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