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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I have had my greyhound for 2 months now. She is 6. She has had no accidents in the house until recently. We have been at my parents for two weeks now - the past two days she has peed inside. Once in the AM and once in the PM. I am wondering if this is cause to be concerned since it is something she has never done or if it is a new environment / more house (we live in an apt) . Also concerned maybe it is a UTI... I am a new greyhound owner so I am not sure!
  2. Hey! I adopted a greyhound last week and I've never had a dog before, much less a greyhound! I feel very nervous about getting things wrong and right. Yesterday he was a charming thing that slept all day and didn't make a peep. Today he got up promptly at 7am to pee in my plant pot and has been restless and frustrated all day. He snapped at me a few times (I don't think it was aggressive though) and whined and even barked at me! No idea why, we'd been out plenty of times, he had water and was fed not that long ago. I also give him a LOT of cuddles and attention. He wakes up very early in the morning. When he whines I try to ignore it but I'm hoping not to have too many more pee accidents first thing. I've started feeding him some raw food and he loves it but he also seems totally ravenous after a few hours. When he barked I gave him a half cup of kibble and that calmed him down, but I know I'm not supposed to let him train me into getting what he wants! That being said, he won't empty his kong when I give it to him so he can't be THAT hungry? I love him to bits and I'm very excited to have a greyhound, but I just feel like I must not be getting it right.
  3. Our 4yo guy came down with some kind of bug over the weekend, which had (what seems to us) an odd presentation. I'm hoping someone here might have an idea of what it might be. Short story is that it started Saturday as a couple of peeing accidents inside (not explained by long interval between outside visits or anything like that), drinking tons of water, having to go outside many times per night/day (considerably more than normal), and transitioning Sunday to cow-pie poops and borderline diarrhea (fortunately all pooping occurred outside). He's definitely not himself, he hasn't been sleeping on his bed in our room, does a lot of pacing around, getting up and down - clearly trying to get comfortable, has no interest in playing when outside (very out of character), and didn't do his normal rooster routine at the alarm this morning (also very out of character). We started feeding boiled and rice today and we'll probably throw in some pumpkin and/or Olewo carrots since we have it. We figure if he doesn't improve in a day or two we'll take a fecal and urine sample to the vet and go from there. My main question, though, is does anyone have any idea what kind of bug would potentially cause urinary and bowel issues? I normally assume they would be separate, but maybe not? Would a UTI cause bad poops? Would a stomach bug make him want to drink and pee a ton? I want to try to make sure the vet checks the right things if it comes to that. The only other thing of note (that I can think of) is that he caught a rabbit in our yard a week ago - he didn't have a chance to eat it but obviously could have picked something up from it, or from its poop that was no doubt in our yard.
  4. Hi All!! I adopted a grey near the beginning of the year and she's been doing great! She really latched onto me and misses me so much when I leave for work. I've got two issues I am trying to work out with her and I hope you guys could weigh in. She's been peeing in the house every other day or so and its really hard for me to tell when she has or hasn't because by the time I get home it is completely dry. Our carpet is very old also so its hard to tell sometimes where one stain starts and another ends or if its new or old. The other issue is she does not like my roommate. The thing is, my RM actually works with dogs for a living at a day kennel and she has a small sheltie/beagle mix who lives in the home as well. Her dog is very sweet and her and my grey get along just fine! They love spending time sniffing each other and sleeping together. My RM can be a bit gruff sometimes and her dog is used to her commanding voice. She works well in the dog kennel setting because she has become "Top Dog" there where she works but my grey does not respect her or listen to her. I can get my grey to do what I need if its something she'd rather not do, whether its to jump into the car or "come" with repeated asking in a calm voice but my RM uses her "i'm telling you what to do and you better do it" voice and my grey will not have any of that. (Which I completely understand ) but my RM doesn't get why the dog won't listen to her. For an example, here's what our day looks like: Get up, let her out to pee, I get ready while she eats her breakfast and lays down on her bed, I walk her so she can pee and poo and then when we get back she always gets her treat and I leave by about 8:45. My RM doesn't leave until 10:30ish and usually she tries to get my grey to go out and go pee in the backyard but not only will she sometimes not go out, but when she does, my RM has a difficult time getting her back inside the house. She has to slip a collar on her to get her back in the house. I usually get home at about 6pm. She has access to water while I'm gone. I would just go home on my lunch and let her out but if I come home and then leave again she will cry the entire time until I return and my next door neighbor is annoyed at that. My RM is wanting me to get a kennel for my grey so that she doesn't pee in the house but I really don't want to do that. She doesn't ruin anything(besides the peeing) and basically sleeps the whole day anyways. I am considering maybe putting her in my room w/door shut (with access to water) while I'm away, hoping she will treat the room like her kennel since she sleeps on my bed with me, but don't know if thats a good idea or not. And the only solution I can think of for getting my grey to like my roommate is perhaps having her take my grey for a walk every once in a while or something? I am unsure of how to approach it since she knows a lot about dogs but not much about the major differences in Greys compared to other breeds. I don't think she's got much patience or wants to learn about them, but rather expects my grey to conform to what she thinks other dogs are like? She is always commenting about how my grey is so weird compared to other dogs and she doesn't get it LOL (I've loved the breed for 10 years!) Also, my RM was here about 4 months before I got my grey, in case you were wondering. Please comment with ideas! I'd love to hear what you all have to say.
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