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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone! We adopted Simon the wonder greyhound almost two months ago and I can't believe we got so lucky with this special pup. He came to us missing most of the hair on his bum from some severe fleabite dermatitis, worms, ticks, and missing half an ear from I'm guessing his racing days. In two months his hair is probably 80% grown back in, he is calm and happy and all around doing really well. I have a couple of other questions around helping him interact better with babies and small dogs, but a more pressing issue came up over the last couple of days- With the exception of two incidents during a short round of prednisone to get his flea allergy reaction under control, he has been taking potty breaks like a total champ. We have never come home to an accident, We take him out every 6-7 hours, sometimes more like 9 over night, and he never seems distressed or like the pee is urgent when we take him out. Our vet assured us that the peeing in the house with prednisone was very normal (heck, I'm pee every 15 minutes when I'm on prednisone) but up until yesterday he had no more issues with potty time. I noticed a damp spot on the carpet yesterday morning, nothing too bad but definitely pee. I cleaned it up with our anti-odor disinfectant and left it to dry. Several hours later i came around the corner to Simon letting out the BIGGEST pee on that same spot. This wasn't a 'marking' type of pee, this was a full bladder, cant even bother to lift one leg kind of pee. Poor buddy was making eye contact with us while we tried to tell him to stop! We didnt reprimand him, I just scooped him outside while my husband got the floor cleaned up. My only thought is that he may be stressed because he has a tiny dermatitis blotch on his leg that he licked raw, and we had briefly put him in a cone to let it heal. Maybe the stress of the cone/discomfort got him worked up? Maybe he hates the cold THAT much that he realized he could just pee the rug? ( I am in Boston and we've had our first round of cold weather.) To be clear, he is not on any medications right now. All of his other behaviors/poops/general tail waggyness are normal, and we keep him pretty bundled up outside to negate the cold. Do I need to be worried about this? Is it possible he can still smell the pee from the first time in the carpet and it signals 'this is a pee spot' to him? Any guidance would be great! I don't want him to lose his confidence because I know he knows he is supposed to go outside. Thanks for any advice! I've been LIVING on this forum during our first couple of months gathering the great advice here. I'll post a picture when I figure out how!
  2. We adopted 3 year old Pixie at Easter this year. She tried one pee indoors and we told her no, and after that she was entirely brilliant in the toilet training department, never soiling indoors at all. However, about six weeks ago she did a pee on the bed in the (carpeted ) hallway on the bed she eats her biscuits on. This has been followed by several pees and poos in the same area. I have tried my best to clean it all up using enzymatic cleaners and all, and once caught her in the act of peeing and told her no, took her outside, complimented her on going outside, all that. At that stage I thought we had overcome, but no, she often pees and poos indoors now Practical solutions are in progress: we are going to have vinyl laid in the hallway as the carpet has pretty much had it. One of the problems is that she hardly ever vocalises. Have only really heard her bark a couple of times in six months. It has been suggested that we confine her in the lounge where there is no carpet, using a stairgate, but then all 3 dogs would be confined and one of the others is blind and would be very confused (and whine his head off!) if he couldn't go where he wanted in the night. Both the other dogs know to whine or bark and let us know they need to go out in the night, which is better than finding a pile of poo in the morning! I think if she was confined she would not tell us she wanted to go out, she would just "go" in the lounge where she was. We are in the UK and we don't generally use crates here, we don't have one and if we put her in one I'm sure she would be even more confused. She would probably go nuts to be let out of the crate, but it would not teach her any toilet training I think. Pixie just seems to have lost the plot and doesn't know it is wrong to do her stuff indoors anymore. Any suggestions?
  3. My greyhound Archer, who is newly rescued (nearly 2 months at home), started off very mild, house trained, sweet, and a great listener. Now that he's learning more about being a dog and having some amounts of freedom, things have gotten a bit out of hand. I believe a few turning points have caused him to start acting uncharacteristically: -He started to pee and poop in the house out of separation anxiety after having him about a month. I RARELY leave him at home, he comes to work with me, goes places with me, but if I have to go to the supermarket or to a place where he couldn't go, like the mall/doctor/etc, I could expect a mess when I got home. So, even though the foster mother I adopted him from advised against a crate in his case, I decided that crating him would be safer for all of us. He would still pee in his crate, sit in it, then when we got home, be so scared of his crate, he wouldn't eat or drink water if it were anywhere near it. He'd rather starve, and still mope. So, I got rid of the crate because I didn't want the rift in our relationship, I didn't want him to be uncomfortable, and it wasn't like he was chewing up my stuff (he isn't a chewer AT ALL) or pooping in his crate, so I hoped it would change. Now, he simply pees right in front of the door when I leave him home for even an hour. As soon as my keys jingle, he goes CRAZY in front of the door, as if it's time to leave, and if I leave him inside for even FIVE MINUTES and I'm outside, I hear him YELPING like someone is beating him. And it's just him, alone, with my cat. The two get along swimmingly. -He recently had a UTI, which was causing him to pee in the house as well, so when he was put on antibiotics, and I had to administer them, he began to be afraid of me when I had a treat, or when I had a spoonful of delicious dog food, or even when I called him over because he feared he would be eating an antibiotic, I think. But he will eat it FINE, for my fiancé, from whom (or who) he will also take commands willingly and happily. -Especially now that my fiancé has a new dog, which we may be fostering or keeping, we aren't sure; (he was going to be put down if SOMEONE didn't take him), it's as if Archer is constantly vying for my fiancé's attention, even though he doesn't spend very much time with him. My fiancé is just naturally the 'Alpha Dog' wherever he goes, so I feel like I don't have a chance. Archer was doing so well, learning to come happily when I called him, excited to get a treat from me and follow me everywhere and enjoy my company, I just don't know what's happening or how I can fix it and be better. I wanted to soon move to training him with a clicker so I could teach him to be a service dog and be very well behaved in public, but whenever I try to work with him at all, he gets very agitated with me and will walk away, even when I have treats. It's not like I haven't been frustrated with him, or told him no, or scolded him for pooping and peeing on the floor and running down the street when I asked him to come to me in the yard. I've never hit him or yelled at him, so I'm flabbergasted that he has changed so easily. I know this is a training forum, and I'd like to at LEAST be able to train him to come when I call him so he can be SAFE, but he treats me as if I'm this evil person who only wants to shove pills down his throat and tell him what to do, when I, in fact, feed him, pet him, coddle him, cuddle him, and take him everywhere (including dog parks, play dates, the beach, all things he loves), and bring him all his favorite things. But when I try to become the 'Alpha Dog' and be kindly assertive (he never responded to assertive in the beginning, and we worked fine without it, but everyone and their MOTHER suggests it when they hear my dilemma), I am the bad guy. I don't want to have an estranged relationship with him because I love him like a kid, but I just don'y know what to do. Any advice from greyhound owners would really, really help. I know greyhounds are VERY different from other dogs, as I can see the VAST difference between my greyhound and my fiancé's new pit bull; they get along, but are POLAR opposites. So please, any advice or help, or even just refer me to someone who can, would be great.
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