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Found 3 results

  1. Hello you guys I once more need your honest opinion and maybe someone experienced this type of problem with their Greyhound as well Faye has been with us for a month now (whew, time really flies) and overall she´s a wonderful and easygoing girl, very calm and still anixous or scared at times but nothing like in the beginning - it´s already so much better and I can see her change everyday. She sleeps through the night and also got a hang of our daily routine or rather what´s left of it because of the pandemic She lies or sleeps in her crate all day...and this is where the not so fun part starts: she won´t come out of the crate unless I close it right behind her so she can´t go back in...which doesn´t work well for either of us because unfortunately she now knows that I might close the door so she becomes more and more hesitant to leave the crate and if I´m lucky enough for her to walk out completely chances are that she turns around right away - and there we go again...I tried to lure her out with treats or let my other dog walk by because normally that´s a sign for Faye that they are getting food or we are going for a walk etc. but there´s just NO reaction at all anymore... She´ll only come out when I prepare their food (I can´t prepare dog food everytime I need her to come out) but also very hesitant and she´ll even go back in the crate while she´s eating - it´s just IN - OUT - IN - OUT all the time if I´m not fast enough to close the door, which makes all of us nervous. And don´t even let me get started on going for walks...it´s not possible to put her harness on and simply go out, we play a literal "game" of how to get her out of the crate long enough for me to close the door from that point on it´s alright for her, she´ll let me put on the leash, coat or whatever needed and we just leave for our walk... BUT there´s another much bigger problem that comes with her crate obsession...she won´t even leave it to go potty in the garden anymore but she´ll rather pee INSIDE her crate than come out!!! I don´t get it at all...she´d always come out of the crate and I´d open the back door for her to go outside in the morning or whenever she had to do her business - never a problem until a few days ago and I can´t figure out what happened because I was always out with her or both dogs, so there were never any noises etc. that scared her...yes there are people walking by and my neighbours talk to each other sometimes but most of the time it´s pretty peaceful and it never concerned her before. So I´m getting pretty frustrated at the situation right now because she does it more and more often and I have to wash EVERYTHING which takes time and she doesn´t pee a little bit but a freaking LAKE So originally I got the crate because I was thinking it would help her adjust and give her a safe space...as well as contain her while I´m out for work because I don´t want to leave her alone with my small dog yet and I´m afraid that she´d start peeing everywhere while I´m gone or start some trouble. I don´t know her well enough yet and I don´t want my flat ruined when I come back! But if I don´t find a way for her to come out of the crate when I need her to, I´m thinking about getting rid of the crate and I had to force her out of the crate for the first time today because she peed in it right before my eyes rather than coming out, so I dragged her out in the garden but I opened the door and calmly told her "outside" before I released her and as she finished peeing in the yard I praised her a lot and let her back in...but I feel so horrible about it as I really don´t want to make her leave the crate by force but I couldn´t just stand there and watch her pee! I had to clean behind the crate the day before yesterday and when I pushed it away to gain access to the dirty area Faye wouldn´t come out of the corner the crate normally stands in but she tried to lay down there instead and I had to push and lure her out of there. So maybe a dog bed would be the easier option but I´m afraid she´d close herself up even more... I just can´t keep washing all of her blankets nearly every day and the smell of urine makes me naseous, I feel like it reeks of it everywhere I could get rid of the crate and replace it with a large dog bed, muzzle her or put my small dog away in another room... Has anyone experienced something similar or knows how to cope with this? Should I give her more time and see if she comes out on her own? I´m just so overwhelmed right now...
  2. Needing some advice. Got my greyhound five days ago, and he is overall doing very well. However, when we leave him in his crate, he always pees (even if we are gone for a short amount of time). He never pees/poops in the house, and he doesn’t pee in the crate if we are home. This leads me to think that he has separation anxiety. We tried giving him a kong with peanut butter to occupy him when we left, but he never touched it. I just don’t want his peeing in the crate to become a habit. Any ideas on how to help?
  3. I have spent endless hours reading the great advice on this forum. I have tried just about all of it. I should start from the beginning. I have had Moonie since the end of Oct. 2014. Before that he had been off the track for 6 months. One month of that was with a foster. He will be 3 in July. He never raced. The foster said he was fine all day in the kennel while she and her husband worked. He was fine all night in the kennel and didn't make a sound. However they had 5 other dogs and many animals in their house. As the first month went on I noticed a lot of anxiety. I tried melatonin, a suggestion from the rescue. I couldn't even take a shower with out him barking the entire time or peeing/pooping on the floor. So I started the alone training right away. I couldn't go 5 minutes with out him getting into a frantic mode. My job was very helpful and understanding and let me take him with me to work. I work in an car dealership and kept him next to my desk. He had a nice bed set up and everyone loved having him there. I thought this would be perfect since he could see me come and go through out the day, and he would get some attention from my coworkers. I rarely spend more than an hour my desk, and am constantly passing him by. I could pick up my keys 50 times a day, stand and sit back down, put on my coat and sit back down just to get him used to all of that. A month in I took him to the vet to make sure he didn't have a UTI or anyother medical condition that would cause him to go to the bathroom in the house. No UTI but he did/does have hookworms. That also has been a constant battle from day 1, but that is another topic. The vet and I decided to start prozac at 20mg. He is now up to 40mg since last month. I put him in the kennel when I had plans and he was frantic, I recorded him barking and panting, chewing up his bed, and biting the kennel bars so hard he chipped a tooth. He didn't care about the peanut butter kong or marrow bone. With more alone tranning he seemd to do better. So, I left him out while I left for short periods of time. He tore down cutrains, chewed door trim and door knobs. So I still left him out but just added the basket muzzle. Then he started peeing and pooping in the house. April I started taking him home half way through my shift because he started to regress being with me. Sounds weird right? He would stand and pant ALL day. Once he looked right at me and started to pee right on his bed!! And he started barking again when I left. That's when I upped the meds. So the past 2 weeks he has been peeing in the kennel. I know he doesn't have to go. He can hold it all night, and he does let me know if he has to go out. We are on a good potty schedule. The only thing I can think to do is feed him (again) in his kennel, I did this in the beginning to get him to like being in it, he is fine going in with out hessiation. We take a quick walk in the morning and a longer one when I get home. I could also try different meds, or add xanax??? I don't want to make him lethargic. I am currently waiting to hear form the vet. He is back to standing, panting, whining, chewing what ever blanket or bed I put in there for him. The barking has stopped becasue ( I know) I resorted to a correction collar, ( the sonic machines, and collars didn't work, the citronella spray collar or plug in didn't work, and the 3 dog DC's didn't work). The neighboors and my roomate can't take the barking, everyone has kids and it keeps my roomates kid up if I have evening plans. I DO NOT want to give him back. I understand I need a lot of patience. I am wondering if he will always be like this. I was hoping I could have him medicated so the training would be easier, so we could have good days of training. I am hoping he will not have to be medicated his whole life. I am just up in arms with why he is so nervous again and peeing. It seems like things are getting worse again. I am not sure what my next step is to over come this. I do feel sorry for him that he is so anxious, but I can't be by his side 24/7. And another dog???? What if they also have anxiety, I can't have both dogs like that. Do I give up and tell the rescue that he need to be in a home where someone is with him all day? Sorry this is so long. I am at a loss and any advice would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance!
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